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How to increase collagen in your face? 5
Created by boyz, 901 days ago, 1469 views

How to increase collagen in your face?
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iMikky873 days ago

My guess is that you either want to stop the aging process or you want to look younger. I'm not a dermatologist so I looked online to see what I could find. All of the answers seemed a bit tricky and like they only wanted you to throw away your money on "Magic" creams and pills. The one useful thing they said was that the sun breaks down your collagen so you should avoid overexposure to the sun. Black people and any other brown/dark skinned race have natural protection against this and that's called melanin. That's one of the reasons why tons of people say they look so young. I'm pretty sure you're familiar with "black don't crack."

So 2 things I'd suggest to you are:

1.) Don't get burned by the sun
2.) Moisturize with jojoba oil daily or every time after you wash your face

Jojoba oil is really good. I personally wouldn't recommend someone putting something on their face that contains a lot of ingredients. No Mystery fillers.

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Aravi901 days ago

Hi @boyz
Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables are natural sources of collagen production. Also their is many other source to increase collagen.

As the list is very huge, kindly refer this article by verdungal in

I hope you get the answer you are looking for.


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ha14873 days ago

Creams that contain Vitamin A can increase collagen production of your skin

dermal roller increases collagen induction
The tiny needles cause a micro trauma by creating minute punctures in the skin resulting in a
mild inflammation response that initiates collagen induction.

Botox. Botulinum A Toxin (BoTox)


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