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What is the most sensitive organ in human body? Reward $2
Created by akhil_raj001, 1672 days ago, 11790 views

What is the most sensitive organ in human body?
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Xx_Kurama_xX1672 days ago

It is different in each people... some of people sensitive at ear/nose/neck/stomach/feet/chest/any else... But majority people are sensitive at their reproductory organ such as clitory for female or glans penis for male..

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pustoi111672 days ago

certainly eyes.

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pustoi111672 days ago

the eye is the most important, most useful, and why he is the most sensitive organ.

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nihal291672 days ago

@akhil_raj001 Brain

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lightSS1672 days ago

it must be the skin

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mocksone1672 days ago

It's an Eye

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Tadakii1672 days ago

agree with Xx_Kurama_xX

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ha141672 days ago


the lips

Erogenous zone

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Masum1672 days ago

I can say its your Eye (cornia).you don't have any nerves on the bits of your eye you can touch ( cornea ).

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Aravi1671 days ago

Hi @akhil_raj001
It is human brain. It don't require to take direct hit. Even high frequency infrared shock-waves can damage it, which is highly secured part of out body.

You may have even experienced the same when some one hit you on your backside of your head. A loud horn blows loud near you.

It never sees light / direct external elements. If happens, their is high chance you will develop heavy infection.


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pustoi111671 days ago

eye retina is sensitive even to light. no, other, body, sunshine, can not hurt. what to say about the mechanical action.

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Jock1671 days ago

Teeth - is the most sensitive organ. Any pain in the teeth is haunted.
Another sensual body is the soul, especially during love. The separation from a loved one feel bad.

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Togekiss_40111671 days ago

The nerve endings in the reproductive organs are the most sensitive since that's what triggers... You know.

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maren1671 days ago

Your hart work 24 h/day, every day, seven day in week.

Brain also work permanent, but have some time for rest, in night.

What you think, what is more sensitive?

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Rak19781671 days ago

i would say Skin as Lips /Earlobes and Erogenous Zones are all skin or covered in it.

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handymandmore1670 days ago

Yes i agree with most whats been said here, the eyes, the reproductive organ, blah blah... But tell me? Is it not said that the entire body in all of its physical appearance, is actually... One...

I have learned from The Bible that God Blessed Man by giving us our reproductive organs and each other and the Capability of Intimacy, through Intimacy we can experience as we reach orgasmic heights a small part of the Emotional Bliss, Joy and Absolute Pleasure that Heaven holds for Us...

I have learned about the eyes being the windows that leads to our souls, I have learned that it is said that without the right hand working with the left hand and the left foot with the right, we would be incomplete and struggle to function normally...

I know that our bodies are connected internally to our nervous system and that means everywhere... So how can one put aside a single feature of what us so unique? Can the eye not feel what is done to the reproductive organ? Or the reproductive organ not feel what is seen by the eye? Surely if these two are the answers, what should be said about our brain then? For our brain receives the signals from our nerves in the same way a pc user would send a DNS signal for a internet query, were it not for the other servers out there, no internet or pc user would get any search results or feedback whatsoever...

So if you ask me? I would say my Brain! For without it i would not be able to enjoy a warm wet intimate kiss, a cuddling loving warm hearted hug, the thrill of being able to believe in the unseen, have faith in myself or others and i most assuredly would not be able to see the wold from my own two eyes or my spiritual eye for that matter, there would exist no link for us between the physical, mental or spiritual lives that we so often take for granted... And i wont be able to stop there... Now that i have put some thought into the question, i can say for certain - my answer is --> All of myself!!! Every little Bit!!! In Every Possible Way!!!

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Togekiss_40111630 days ago

@handymandmore I think you may be right, you seem to use more logic than I do, I believe you have the best answer because it is true that without our brains we would feel nothing and not be able to even live without it! Kudos to you for such a great answer! I try to think outside the box but boy, I concede defeat on this one!

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Valentin84211628 days ago

The most sensitive body in a body of the person is a brain. It reacts to any irritants.

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