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How to grow hair thicker? Reward $2
Created by akhil_raj001, 901 days ago, 1298 views

How to grow hair thicker?
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Aravi901 days ago

Hi friend,

Their is some cool and simple techniques in our tradition.

1) oil bath once in week.

2) Use coconut oil (if possible mix 50% almond oil with it). Avoid usage of gel.

3) Some people also apply white yoke of egg before bath. Some apply Ghee. This also help to grow thick hair.

4) Don't use chemical and die on hair.

5) Keep healthy practice of 6 to 8 hours sleep. Keep yourself stress free. As they also affect the hair.

6) Avoid daily usage of shampoo.

7) As much as you can stay away from pollution and radioactive substance too.


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yas901 days ago


Try Silidyn, simple and natural: take 10 drops in water each morning before breakfast.
You can order this online.

Best regards,

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yangjikai901 days ago

Many people's hair is fine and soft, so hair is often present problems. Is something that many people want to know. End, we introduce the following methods. First of all, under normal conditions, our hair is to have a certain degree of hardness and toughness, of course, different people, possibly because of individual genetic differences, has some differences in the hardness and shape of the hair, but similar, healthy hair is a very high degree of hardness. However, some human hair due to genetics, nutrition, even for physical reasons, hair is fine, thin, this time should be how to make the hair hard? This problem we can from hair growth of angle to for everyone for analysis: hair main ingredients is angle protein, contains variety amine base acid and the dozens of species trace elements, if deficiency iron and protein hair on will variable yellow, and variable fine variable soft and the points fork; deficiency vegetable oil, and vitamin a,, and protein and iodine Shi, hair will sent dry, and no gloss, and hair variable fine and the easy broken; deficiency vitamin b group Shi will appeared fat leak sex dermatitis and the hair off phenomenon. We can find nutritional intake and hair with hair form are closely linked, so how do we make the hair hard questions need to be addressed from a nutritional point of. Specifically, is the need to replenish the hair sufficient nutrition! Adequate and balanced diet is the most important, usual intake should contain a lot of protein nutrition food for hair growth. Such as meat, eggs, milk, soybeans, and undaria algae and sea food. In addition to the protein beyond this essential nutrient, hair needs vitamins and nutrients such as carbohydrates. Vitamin foods from milk, eggs, liver, spinach and food intake. Also available from sweet potatoes, okra and other moisturizing polysaccharides food such as nutrition, these are all good ways to solve! Also, usually in wash hair of when, appropriate of for hair for massage, also can makes hair on nutrition of absorption effect double, once scalp blood cycle good, cell activity of, hair draw nutrition sufficient, hair growth of speed natural speed up, sent quality on will became more health, hair on can variable rough variable hard, such of problem also on get has effective of solution! Above is the solution, natural hair that is soft and fine friends also do not lose heart, follow the above method can alter the hair's texture, perseverance will be a tough good hair.

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chakramed901 days ago

hi ,

How to Grow Your Hair Thicker Naturally
Do you long for thick, gorgeous hair? Hair extensions and weaves offer people the chance to get thicker hair, but there are ways to thicken your hair naturally, too. It's a lot less expensive, and the results will last much longer. Read on to learn how to get thick, glossy hair the natural way.

source :


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ramp16900 days ago

You can use things that commonly have at home, there is a very easy formula to do , you just need egg , olive oil and avocado , it can be a bit unpleasant hahaha, but it is very effective, apply between 15 to 30 minutes 3 times week, better at night when you go to take a shower , or also use treatments that you can buy anywhere like supermarkets.

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pustoi11900 days ago

Probably the most popular food item among those who contribute to the rapid and healthy growth of hair is, of course,kefir. As well as other foods fermented milk properties such as ayran, mare's milk, fermented baked milk, sour cream, cottage cheese and natural yoghurt. In all of these products contain a shock dose of calcium, which is known to be beneficial for the health of bones and teeth, and is important for women strengthens hair and nails, making them healthy and shiny. external influence on the hair creates the risk that weigh down your hair. the very hair bulb remains weak. and this leads to hair loss.

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Aravi899 days ago


Thank for choosing my answer as the best.

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