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Can a man and a woman ever just be friends? 5
Created by akhil_raj001, 575 days ago, 680 views

Can a man and a woman ever just be friends?
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zrodfects575 days ago

Only for those who can truly be just friends without a thought of any further relationship, it is rare these days though but not impossible, I have done it and continue to do so even when i was single, I am loyal to friends and respectful enough to be friends and nothing more, it is always nice to have a friend of the opposite sex too as it opens up more separate interests to participate in to spend the day out somewhere and just have a great day..

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Aravi575 days ago

Hi @akhil_raj001
I think it is possible. It depends on various scientific , moral and sociological factors:-

1) Is they have any idea of future for that relationships? If yes what kind of idea?

2) Are the male and female have same type of antibodies. It is just like magnet. Same anti bodies create reflective sweet smell. Different anti bodies create attractive sweet smell. It is 100% true in animals and also plays important role in humans.

3) Their own individual social and moral values. This can overrides all the scientific & physiological reasons for attraction. The stronger the social value against the attraction greater they tend to remain friends.

4) Family background vs friendship background. Some people may fall in love if the family poor to share love and friend of opposite sex share kindness and love.

The list will keep on going like family life stability, individual mentality, individual way and thought process, etc.


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zrodfects574 days ago

Thank you :)

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nazooof572 days ago

No, But I think includes of fraindship service take sex :)

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sonystevens568 days ago

When you program your mind and thoughts to see anyone of the opposite sex as a sexual object,then the answer is a BIG NO.However when you learn how to interpret other people's values and purposes along your way,then you can have all available likable friends of the opposite sex without prejudice nor lust.I am a single man,and most of my friends are women.It has given me a very good chance to learn much about them and more so also to understand them well.They confide in me much and it feels good to have a friend of the opposite sex who confides in you.

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redhawk6656474 days ago

Yes male and female can be friends !
i'm in the entertainment business and i work with alot of females on set and socialize with them off set.
I have had scenes where me and the female were and item on set and had some very heated moments with females and after the scene its over the moment.
It really depends on the person and they way they are raised I think that either man or women just treat everyone with the same respect you want from them and everything else will fall into place!

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