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Which is the best season for losing weight? Reward $2
Created by walcott, 541 days ago, 1062 views

Which is the best season for losing weight?
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yas539 days ago

You burn more calories in Summer. For several reasons. It is warmer and the body needs to exert extra energy to cool the body down. In Summer people are more active. Winter is a time for turning inward. Your metabolism slows down. From an evolutionary standpoint it makes sense, in the days of the hunter and gatherer your body would want to store body fat so you can survive the winter and that's why you don't burn as many calories as during Summer.

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yangjikai540 days ago

Winter-fat best weight loss began with winter weight control

Winter is a dormant of season, this season often people of activities volume will greatly of reduced, people fear cold, always wear have is thick, this often can cover live not is satisfaction of figure, so this season on compared easy ignored has himself of figure, many people in this season relax has alert, no longer like summer as fear fat is on immediately effect to figure, so eat of also more has, and winter also does is a enjoy food of season, so many people control not himself of weight, fat has up, We should not forget about losing weight in the winter time the burden of need diet, control your weight, so as not to come in the spring when you try so hard to get angry.

Winter weight loss more effectively

Winter is a good season to lose weight, many weight loss methods are suitable for winter use, such as reducing diet, such as sports, such as liposuction slimming is more suitable for winter use. Reducing diets because it is shorter in the winter, so don't feel hungry, when they feel hungry often in his sleep, exercise could make him sweat, it also helps to keep warm for the cold winter, can be said to be two birds with one stone. Also needs to get in shape after liposuction surgery, require wearing a corset, winter wear together will not make you feel like the summer heat, and keep warm.

To sum up, winter-weight control is very easy and does not cause fat accumulation, compared to winter weight loss method is preferable, so winter is the best time to lose weight.

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Aravi540 days ago

Hi @walcott
Hot weather helps suppress your appetite. You tend to drink more water in summer. Hence, summer is the best season for weight lose.

But it is bad idea to shard fats in winter as it serves you as resistance to cold. naturally out metabolism also try to store more fats in the body during winter.


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Togekiss_4011539 days ago

Seasons Spring, Summer and Fall are best for people who can't tolerate cold like me, but if you like it cold, winter is best for you!

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ramp16539 days ago

Summer is setting in and being slim and healthy in this season does not mean you have to go on a strict diet, weather is such that it automatically changes people's eating habits. Drastic weight loss is easily possible in summers as compared to winters because one can exercise more in the season, does not overeat because of the slow body system and at the same time can consume more fluids that fill up the body.

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pustoi11539 days ago

the best season is autumn. you should follow a diet at the same time to obtain the necessary vitamins and minerals. autumn fresh vegetables and fruits. fresh vegetables more nutrients besides they are cheaper in the autumn. it is useful not only for weight loss,and for cleaning the body of chemicals.

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yas534 days ago

Hi @walcott
Thank you for choosing my answer.
Summer is here!
Best of luck with the weight loss activities.

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igor500 days ago

It is the correct answer.Winter.Many warm clothes and excess weight,move more,to warm up!

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