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 Why ? there is not justice in the world.?! -

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Why ? there is not justice in the world.?! Reward $2
Created by only_god, 851 days ago, 1563 views

Most people have a hard life.
But some billions of money....

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pustoi11850 days ago

Why should there be justice? the world is ruled by people, and people are mostly unfair.

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only_god850 days ago


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Pravy850 days ago

Doesn't this question depend on the viewpoint of the person in question. There are people born with silver spoon in the mouth while some people lose a lifetime building their wealth. In this regard who is justified?
Let's first accept that this world is unfair. Because there are people in it. While some might see it justifiable others will say differently. That's how this works.

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Aravi850 days ago

Hi @only_god
The justice and the injustice in the in the world is decided by the people who rule the world.

It is first depends on the people of the nation to whom they vote (politics). Mostly people are derived by self interest then common social interest when it comes to politics.

The another most important factor which drive the world is the business. Business itself runs in the base of self interest.

The easy way to understand this is "What you SOW today is What you GET tomorrow".

You can't expect social justice when self interest drives your politics / business in the society.


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srgtun850 days ago

there is no justice because you have to care your own ass

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pustoi11849 days ago

Take for example this website. chosen is not always the right answers. it all depends on the subjective point of view of the person asking the question ...

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yas848 days ago

This world is not based on justice. At least not justice as we can perceive it. But if you learn more about the ways of Karma, what it is and especially what it isn't, you will understand a litte more about "justice". Karma has nothing to do with guilt, nothing to do with a punishing God. Karma is a law of nature. Nature seeks to be in balance. Whatever we do will have consequences in this life or the next. Remember, no punishment, just consequences. If I do good things, good things will one day return to me. You will reap what you sow. Also, I will have to make up for all the harmful things I have done. No punishment, no guilt involved, just consequences.

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dukhnovskiy847 days ago

С праеведливость мы сами составляем себе! и бо человех эгоистичный и алчное существо! и он даже в мелочи будет искать несправедливость! а сам не захочетни чего изменить! И самое главное просто делай что ты делаешь и иди своей дорогой!и бне смотри по сторонам и несправедливость сама исчезнет! так как весь мир очень суров! и не только для людей он для всего живого на земле очень суровый и беспощадный!

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maren846 days ago



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rembanad810 days ago

I do understand what you mean. If you plan your life well and do what you can best, you can also move from nobody to somebody. It is not always that you must begin up. Again, if there wasn't anyone who was rich would we have known poverty and if there was no poverty would we know rich people. Now that's for you to find out and accept life as it is . Remain contented with it.

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Atirudra804 days ago

no justice is only in an ignorant state of mind. There is always justice going on in the Universe. Only people cant comprehend it full so they think its not right. In every second of life of each person the next second of life is determined by 3 things : your past action , the moment action , and your plans . All this goes in to a bucket and what comes out is your moment of life right now! If think about oh why he got that or that in his life , he was so good man ? You dont know what He has done before that :) so He and she and everyone gets in life EXACTLY what we earned . The truth is many times painful to accept

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