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Which is more harmful alcohol or marijuana? Reward $55
Created by pustoi11, 1619 days ago, 2761 views

Government multiply alcoholics but prohibit cannabis. why?
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grovec1616 days ago

I believe alcohol is more harmful.

Because for the longest time, countries and states have held marijuana in the same class as other drugs.
When you compare marijuana and to some extent LSD to alcohol we see stark differnces.
Alcohol today really shows no useful medical benefits cpmapared to teh other two.

Medical marijuana helps many who otherwise had no options. Nothing can be said of alcohol.
Alcohol can destroy a liver as well as other parts of the body. Marijuana can destroy brain cells and also over time produce a intense bout of paranoia. As from a reprodrodcutive side, marijuana can have an effect on impotence or reduction in sperm cells. Marijuana does not

In terms of criminal activiites, we can measure the impact of alcohol. Most people dont go to prison because of the use of alcohol but they can end up there because of the impact of alcohol and what bad situations it has caused
The use of marijuana can let someone end up in jail but nt so much the impact of it

People can die from alcohol; not so with marijuana.

Which one is more profitable? Alcohol is right now but as we've seen in Colorado, legitimate "pot' businesses can produce major cash cows but witht he caveat that it be a cash only business. Sometimes this profitability impact whether the lobbyists tout alcohol as worse or better than pot.

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Aravi1619 days ago

Hi @pustoi11
Alcohol is more dangerous then marijuana. More people die from alcohol use then marijuana.

Truth is the people pays more to the harm created by marijuana because of a case in late 1930.

The Harry J. Anslinger, commissioner of the Treasury Department’s Federal Bureau of Narcotics, poses for a photo on September 24, 1930.

He explained to the public what would happen if you smoked cannabis.

First, you will fall into “a delirious rage.” Then you will be gripped by “dreams... of an erotic character.” Then you will “lose the power of connected thought.” Finally, you will reach the inevitable end-point: “Insanity.”

Marijuana turns man into a “wild beast.“ If marijuana bumped into Frankenstein’s monster on the stairs, Anslinger warned, the monster would drop dead of fright.

Harry Anslinger became obsessed with one case in particular. In Florida, a boy called Victor Licata hacked his family to death with an axe. Anslinger explained to America: This is what will happen when you smoke “the demon weed.” The case became notorious. The parents of the U.S. were terrified.

First all the countries in the world refused to accept the same. But later when they record more mental illness cases because of marijuana had triggered ban on cannabis in most of the countries.

Reference used:-


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Aravi1619 days ago

Remember some governments do multiply alcoholics because of high level of revenue earned because of the same.

But Ideally alcohol should also be ban. This will not happen until their is widespread of awareness within people about the fact.

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pustoi111619 days ago

you believe it? I would like to know your own conclusions. no need to give examples of sick people.

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Aravi1619 days ago

Hi @pustoi11

Medical yes alcohol causes more damage then cannabis. Cannabis causes mental illness is also proved fact. But I know alcohol anonymous is more danger then that. In India few states do ban alcohol for the same reason.

The recent trial ban had proved alcohol link to crime. The state name is Bihar.

It is a medically provided fact.

I will like to further tell u that this fact is reviled due to recent studies.

May I know what you want to confirm in it?

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SakinBeen1619 days ago

Harmful with all degrees. The most harmful is heroin.

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Yuri1619 days ago

Marijuana is a harmful, because it is much faster destroys a person as a person.

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ha141619 days ago


here is a table of comparaison

Marijuana vs. Alcohol

Marijuana and Alcohol act differently on human body, both can be dangerous depending on the situation
people taking drugs or medications while drinking, the alcohol can increase or decrease levels of the active drug in the body.

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mohamad11221619 days ago

According to the American administration to combat drugs, marijuana from Schedule I drug.
This means that the likelihood of misuse higher than cocaine, methamphetamine, and can result in the use of psychological addiction or severe physical.

But hashish may not cause the same damage caused by two legal substances, alcohol and tobacco. Since 68 percent of tobacco users and 23 percent of those addicted to drink alcohol at the end of the day, compared to only 9% percent of the smokers of cannabis.

While connecting the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 88 thousand deaths per year addiction to alcohol, and 480 thousand other addiction cigarette smoke, the health effects of marijuana seem less burdensome.

Despite this, cannabis causing damage to the brains can during the growth phase. Studies indicate that users in their teens sometimes deteriorate IQ rates, may cause an escalation of marijuana in psychological problems.

So Compared to other similar material, at least the wines seem to impact on health. However, the law prohibits the consumption in most countries before the age of 21 years.

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Aravi1619 days ago

Hi @ha14

VVgood bro your table is good. But alcohol affect brain beyond that.

Kindly refer this youtube video's


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Aravi1619 days ago

Please also refer this study of Neuro Chemistry

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ha141619 days ago


In 2012, an Australian study concluded long-term marijuana use reduces the brain’s white matter by 80 percent
Heavy alcohol consumption over time can shrink and disturb brain tissue, too.

also marijuana’s long-term impact on the human brain is often limited by the fact that study participants use multiple substances, and there is often limited data about the participants’ health or mental functioning prior to the study.

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Aravi1619 days ago


Bro! Sorry, I still think alcohol consumption more big evil. This mentality may be due to current status in my native place. Noting personal.

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Nail1619 days ago

Считаю что марихуану нужно вообще запретить повсеместно.Кроме временного удовольствия ничего больше нет.Зато вреда стократно больше.А насчёт водки-то её запрещать нельзя-только нужно знать меру.

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pustoi111619 days ago

what harm is 100 times more? vodka, harmless?

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Togekiss_40111617 days ago

The one you smoke would do more damage to your life while drinking alcohol poses a threat to other people if you were to drive.

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yas1617 days ago

1) Both, if you use it as a habit or escape to suppress unwanted pain. If you cannot do without and will be needing more & more...
2) Neither, if you use it wisely for relaxation or enjoyment. And if you can do without.
Moderation is the key. If you use, but don't abuse...

But this is just from a psychological point of view.
Other people already commented on this question from a medical/physical point of view.

The fact that more people die of alcohol is simply because there are more alcoholics than junks. Drinking is socially accepted, while doing drugs isn't.

This is from someone who has never touched one drop of alcohol and does not do drugs...

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yas1617 days ago

What about smoking as a habit?

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ramp161617 days ago

Actually alcohol is in a very high rank as a dangerous drug to the human body , even more than heroin.

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healthymortal1616 days ago

Anything in excess is harmful. Be it MJ or alcohol :)

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lCandiVargas1616 days ago

According to what we know by what has been reported, Alcohol has caused more deaths than any other excess amounts of substances put into the body and brain! But as far as the moderation usage of both I don't have an answer until getting all the facts from reliable sources (other than testing in my own laboratory).

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J1M_B34M1616 days ago

alcohol by far

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support1616 days ago

Medically Marijuana is more harmful. But still, Alcohol is one of the few substances (or 'Only' Substance of abuse) that are licensed to kill. It's more than a 'common' drink in a large part of the world. The numbers of death records (in contrast to marijuana) doesn't come from it's health effect rather from Govt. & Social Policy support & recognition!
I can remember a verse in a Holy Scripture, where it is said "there are some benefits of alcohol, but it does much greater harm to you, so keep away from it" Even using alcohol bottle/container (empty) are prohibited in the scripture. Quite true! But I rather wondered, how could a 1500 years old scripture could confidently tell it!

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pustoi111615 days ago

Th for a nickname? Who are you trying to fool?

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pustoi111611 days ago

basic fact! smoke a lot of marijuana to death, almost impossible. but be drunk to death, simply. and what is more harmful?

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DavidBatson441608 days ago

Hands down, alcohol is more damaging to a person than marijuana. It is classified as a depressant and has led to more deaths than marijuana ever will. Not to mention the fact that the only real use it has scientifically is to sterilize items it comes into contact with, and that is only if it has been refined to a certain strength. As a recreational to it seems that alcohol is the world favorite but marijuana is fast becoming a contender, which isn't really saying alot considering that they are both drugs and should only be used in small amounts. I live in the state of Washington in the USA on the west coast and marijuana is legal to a point here so i have a very different perspective on things than most people in the world do. I see the positive effects of marijuana every day because i have two friends who have stage 3 cancer and it enables them to eat and to take away the pain from the radiation and chemotherapy that they have been put through. In that aspect marijuana is a godsend and i hope it will become legal throughout the world granted it is prescribed by a doctor to treat afflictions such as cancer. Alcohol will never be illegal because the government knows that it is one of the greatest tools it has to keep the general public docile and manageable. Anyways, i find myself heading into different tangents and i know i could write page after page concerning this. Suffice it to say that in the end alcohol is way more dangerous than marijuana will ever be, hands down.

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pustoi111607 days ago

totally agree with you. but the money already can not give...

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