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Do you close windows when using air conditioners? Reward $2
Created by bootup, 1667 days ago, 1791 views

Do you close windows when using air conditioners?
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DSG_UA1667 days ago

AC cools the air in the room. If the window is open, this cooled air is continuously goes out and the warm air is continuously supplied to the room, and all the work of the AC wasted. Conclusion: when AC ic running, window needs to be closed.

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Aravi1667 days ago

Hi @bootup
Yes it is recommended to close windows when using air conditioners, otherwise your electricity bill will go up. The reason lies in the method how air conditioner works.

When air conditioner switch on, through exhaust fan, air circulates in and out of the room through air conditioner machine. Thus a air conditioner also maintains fresh oxygen supply and carbon-di-oxide exhale itself through exhaust fan.

The air conditioner use to cool the air passes through it to the particular temperature which you select. As per the name "air conditioner" it try to maintain room temperature with respect to the temperature monitor meter embedded in it. It stops to cool and only maintains air in and out when it reaches a particular low temperature.

This process of affected when you keep your window open, if the windows / door is open. The cold air generated will go out and the temperature will remain up always. Hence, the work of air conditioner increase. This increases current consumption of conditioner and frequent need to refill gas in it.


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Dipto1667 days ago

What AC does is to cool air-> reduce room temperature. Window is a medium to pass air. And it is a characteristic of air to pass from one place to other (High pressure place to Low pressure place). So if your window is open it will constantly pass air. As a result the air that has been cooled down by the AC will go out and warm hot air from the outside will come in. Hope the topic is clear.

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pustoi111667 days ago

the air conditioner operates on the principle of the refrigerator. if the refrigerator door kept open, cooling will be worse. so to keep cool, you have to keep all windows and doors closed.

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srgtun1666 days ago

i'm proud user of windows 8.1 and truly theres no reason to close it while using air conditioners

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yangjikai1666 days ago

Air conditioning influence the air conditioning cooling effect when you open the window, without opening the window does in terms of oxygen supply has a problem. A more appropriate approach is: after blowing the liangdaosangezhongtou refrigeration air conditioning replaced air mode or shut down the air conditioning window, letting air conditioning can take breaks and long-term air conditioning blowing also have disadvantages, such as the indoor air is very dry.

Air conditioning and refrigeration is transported to an outdoor indoor heat, and if you open the window, the place back to the low temperature heat.


(1) air conditioner power, the refrigerant in the refrigeration systems of low pressure steam back to the compressor suction and compression for high pressure steam condensers.

(2) the axial-flow fan draws outside air flows through the condenser, remove refrigerant release of heat, high-pressure refrigerant vapor condenses as a high-pressure liquid.

(3) a high-pressure liquid after filter, throttle body injected into the evaporator, and the corresponding evaporation under low pressure, draw around the heat.

(4) cross flow fan to make the air entering the evaporator fins of the heat exchange, and then radiates cold air to the Interior.

(5) such a constant circulation of indoor air, achieve the objective of lowering the temperature.

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zch0981660 days ago

Hi @bootup , regardless of what you are thinking right now. I just want you to imagine this two situations: a frozen cold beer being laid in the table, the first table is in the front row where all of the heat and noise of the surroundings is gathering while the other table is on the very last row in which there is a cold air breezing from the Airconditioning Unit. Now, I want you to focus on which those two will become hot first? The one on the 1st row or on the last row? I know you tend to answer the one in the 1st row. Well you are not wrong, but think of that situation and put it in your question, the airconditioning unit works on the principle of thermodynamics in which case we can say that the warm air travels from the warm surroundings to cold surroundings. Does if you let open your window while the air conditioners are on, then you'll probably end up wasting your electric bill and thus paying higher electricity for actually doing nothing. Hope that helps. Cheers for you mate!

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eclipse1660 days ago

yes, when windows open air conditioners don t works well

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maren1659 days ago

Air conditioners is not good for our environment, and that is reason why I don't use it.
Save our planet, go green, don't use it.

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sunrise1659 days ago

Laughing My Ass Off

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