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Are you shy when talking with strangers? Reward $2
Created by realtrain, 853 days ago, 1328 views

Are you shy and embarrassed when talking with strangers?
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Pravy853 days ago

Yes I am, but mostly with the opposite sex. I am a little bit of a introvert and this shit mostly comes out when talking to females. It maybe because of my upbringing, had no chance at all talking to girls during my childhood.

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Aravi853 days ago

Hi @realtrain
Nope, I was working in customer care service. Hence, I overcomes that problem. But previously, just like Pravy , I too had that problem when I take to opposite sex.

Now I have realized that it is meaning less to be shy while talking to strangers. It is mandatory to interact with people for gathering necessary details and for development of our social life of a person.

Person learn personality related stuffs while interacting with others. Hence, it helps us to develop our personality.

The modern life style and globalization of world provides strong importance for interacting with other people irrespective of rational, nationality, sex, age difference, etc.

In today's world, you can't grow in your carrier if you can't interact with strangers.

The dangers part is often few young people get anger sometimes.


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SoulMan115853 days ago

No that is because of the fact that I am the president of the tenants association club

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pustoi11852 days ago

shy is not self-confident people.

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maren851 days ago

No, why I should be shy with strangers?

I'm with strangers whole open, and wanna say everything what asked. There is no reason for fear or shy.

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only_god851 days ago

I am shy in talking only with Girls stranger..Hardest for me..

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handymandmore851 days ago

i am a very straight forward kind of guy, in fact people like friends or family would normally be the ones that get shy when they are with me and i talk to strangers, or lol the strangers would be the shy ones... i just say it like it is.. i cannot bend the truth, dunno if its a blessing or a curse but i say it exactly the way i think it... has been good and yet it has also landed me in some very deep trouble lol... but hey, that's me either they like me or they don't at least i know i am not acting or licking ass lol, i am simply just being me.. the only time i am ever shy and u can ask anyone that knows me.. is when i'm on the toilet, that's a territory you just don't trespass on ha ha...

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realtrain851 days ago

What if you two use different languages?

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handymandmore851 days ago

to be honest i am only shy when i am naked

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realtrain851 days ago


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akhil_raj001851 days ago

I'm always like to interact with strangers and making new friends.

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handymandmore851 days ago

i dont have a problem speaking in English or Afrikaans and can sort of get by with a bit of Zulu and Fanigalo my bf on the other hand can add Zulu, Northern Sotho, some Xhoza, Changaan, Dutch, German and finally he is totally fluent in Torrocrapology.

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Yuulinshi851 days ago

Yes most of the time ! In the Internet that's not the same, but irl it's kinda weird when talking with strangers for the first time. It get better with time, I think.

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maren851 days ago


two different languages? I hope that you will find one common between a lot of world languages, English, Spanish, France, German or Chinese etc...

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ralphfurgason850 days ago

No! I certainly am not. If I was shy with strangers it would be because I am telling myself that they are somehow better, or more important than I am. We are all the same, no better or no worse than each other.

To be famous, successful, a high achiever, a poor person, or a billionaire, it is all the same.

No matter how humble your role in life, what you do for work, or how popular you are, as a person you are equal to every other human being without exception. You have just as much value, and you deserve the same recognition so stand tall, speak loud and clearly, and look the person right in the eys that you are addressing. Make them listen to you, respect you, and want to hear more from you!

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Yuri850 days ago

If your shyness prevent you live, then read this article. it may well help you

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Pravy850 days ago

@ralphfurgason I think your mistaken bro. For me shyness is actually being afraid of what others think of me and not knowing is what makes it even scarier. Unless your a introvert kind of person I don't think you will ever be able to understand what shyness is. Extrovert don't have shyness at all. Or maybe their definition of shyness is something different entirely. Isn't that why they are called extrovert... Expressive and unafraid?

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Togekiss_4011850 days ago

Not only am I quite shy but there are countless people who just need to get used to the new person little by little. I mean, I used to be shy around new people but I'm still shy when it comes to calling new companies, because I'm pretty much diving into something new. You just gotta be brave and just talk to the person!

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realtrain848 days ago

Thank you very much.

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aman123846 days ago

No, i am never shy if you are try using it helps in removing shyness while talking to strangers.

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Ravindra_2846 days ago


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