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Can dust damage your PC??? Reward $110
Created by maren, 542 days ago, 1006 views

Hello again! I would like to known your opinions about dust in PC.
Can dust in PCs damage something, and what, if can?
Also, if you have problems with dust in PC I would like to share this.
What dust damage in your PCs?
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Aravi542 days ago

Hi @maren

Yes, it can. The reason lies with how the BIOS circuit works.

Normally your BIOS RAM never shut down when you turn off your pc. It stores vital information for hardware boot-up and time synchronization. The BIOS RAM is provided with CMOS battery which keeps it always power on.

Unlink ROM, BIOS RAM is a volatile memory (just like normal RAM). It means, data will go away if you remove the CMOS battery.

The dust can interpret with CMOS battery and cause your BIOS RAM circuit to turn off.

Thus your bios got corrupted.

If your BIOS circuit get damage. Their is no other simple option then to install fleshed motherboard. If the BIOS circuit is good then you can simply update BIOS of your PC manufacture.


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Aravi542 days ago

Hi @maren
The answer is yes. It harms not only PC but also most of the electronic devices.

Dust is a problem from the standpoint of blocking fan vents, or, if deep enough, actually insulating parts, causing overheating, but unless it contains substantial amounts of corrosive or conductive material.

Due to heating your PC will work really slow.

Kindly refer this article how to maintain PC dust free:


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maren542 days ago

Thank you for your answer.
My topic is here just for sharing my experience.
When I started last topic about optimal power supply, I can't choose best answer couple days.
Reason: My PC won't start. When I press power button, cooler for processor just start, and
stop, and stop PC, and again start cooling, and stop, and infinity

I try to go in BIOS to see what happened, but I CAN'T go in BIOS.
Naturally I think that problem is in motherboard. I take tablet and search for prices for new motherboard.

I was secure that some chip, maybe AGP chip on motherboard blow up, or some other chip, or whole motherboard gone.

In service my PC cleaned from dust, and this is only one problem.
Fleshed motherboard, new version BIOS is upgraded and problem is solved.


This is what I want to share with this forum, and this is reason why I create this tipic.

So, save your PCs clean from dust.

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only_god542 days ago

I use the vacuum cleaner.for clean ..

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maren542 days ago

Good choice, interesting.

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Aravi542 days ago

Hi @maren

Thanks for selecting my answer as the best.

I am glad that I was able to answer what you are looking for.


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nihal29541 days ago

@only_god @Aravi i use bicycle pump , eco friendly . Clean India

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only_god541 days ago

very well..

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Aravi540 days ago


Bro!!! Yeap VVV good ... But make sure move any parts out ...

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nihal29540 days ago

@only_god @Aravi

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