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Which celebrity's death shocked you the most? Reward $2
Created by Cheetos, 1616 days ago, 2687 views

Which celebrity's death shocked you the most?
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Solaris1606 days ago

I have to say that Robin Williams. I mean, have you seen any of his comedies? Those used to have me in stitches, and to hear and read that Robin had been suffering from depression... that was something I never realized, but after seeing the last few pictures of him taken in public, you can see the signs, how his smiles seem not to be quite there, how old his eyes look.

He was a rare person, those who knew him say, and not just because of the (often misleading) speak-about-the-dead-only-in-a-good-way kind of way. He was a rare person, who knew how to bring smile upon faces of others, who needed it. He was a rare person - who gave away all his laughs and smiles, so he had none left for himself. I sincerely hope that he's in a better place now, and I find it awful that some idiot of a reporter called him a coward.

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nihal291616 days ago

hollywood = the one and only Michael Jackson. every body still loves him.
bollywood =Divya Bharti .One of the most shocking deaths in Bollywood came upon the young and vivacious Divya Bharti who died at the tender age of 19.

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Dipto1616 days ago

Robin Williams. The day before he died , I was watching "Dead Poets Society". Next day he died. I couldn't believe my eyes and years. And most shocking of all is that he committed suicide. The man giving hope to all died without having no hope.

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deathrow0151616 days ago

the death of actor paul walker shocked me the most.. I saw the news on fb and thought that it was just a hoax.. But several news agency confirmed it..

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bluemoon1616 days ago

Amy Winehouse. I'll never get any more music from Amy Winehouse.

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pustoi111616 days ago

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, President of America 35.

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Aravi1616 days ago

michael jackson death shocked me the most. I was more shocked when I learnt that he died due to over-dosage of pain killer medicine.

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not_a_robot1616 days ago

David Bowie. The man knew he was dying but no one else did.
Figured if he survived the 80's he could survive anything. But cancer quietly got him..
Still hurts...

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crickettisme21615 days ago

prince shocked me ....way to early and finding out drugs for him . so sad

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goku1615 days ago

christina grimmie

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Cheetos1615 days ago

She was so young. What a pity!

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Yuri1615 days ago

I was struck by near-death experience atheist Professor Mark Ellis.

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OpenMind1614 days ago

Every celebrities death shocked me.

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mohamad11221614 days ago

When I heard were rumors about the death of Angelina Jolie was a big shock , it takes care of children of refugees but still shocking news after it emerged that a liar

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Ohayoua1613 days ago

John F. Kennedy. I was 13 at the time.

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J1M_B34M1610 days ago

robin williams

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COLLO1610 days ago

my mom, there is no celebrity out there more than my mum, her death changed everything in my life, you guys are always out they cheering for someone that knows nothing about you, forgetting that person the carried you for nine months in her whom, and almost died giving birth to you
my mum's death took me by surprise and that's my celeb,

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MarioninsBrown1610 days ago


The video of him dying (youtube). I saw it when I was little and I was scared.

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pustoi111610 days ago

Kennedy He was killed with incredible ease. in the state with the most powerful secret service. it was just a shock!

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Vinita1606 days ago

Michel Jackson. It still is a great shock..

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DavidBatson441602 days ago

I would have to say that the artist formerly known as prince came as a complete shock to me. I have had the privilege of being able to see him in concert once when he was known as"Prince and the Revolution" and later when he was "The artist formerly known as prince". Both occasions i was amazed at the talent and sincerity of his performances, so needless to say, when i heard that he had died from an overdose i was shocked. I have always enjoyed the style of music and the way that prince has always supported up and coming artists and helped them to get a "leg-up" so to speak. I never would have thought he would be one to suffer from a narcotic addiction. He will be missed but his music will forever live on in my heart.

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LOL_GAMING4341602 days ago

michael jackson. of course

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BigJ1602 days ago


I'm with ya there. I hate having to hear of any death, but for some reason, when Paul Walker died, it broke my heart in a way I can't even explain. I think it's mostly because we're both very similar in being caring, giving, and car loving kind of guys. He was SUCH a good guy. He gave SO much of his earnings back to the less fortunate of the worlds people, AND he even traveled to those places that needed his helping hands and "got his hands dirty", like I wish I was able to do. R.I.P. Brother Paul.

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edw3chrs1590 days ago

Elvis Presley

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awinner1191590 days ago

it was JFK that shock me the most.

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cfitch19691590 days ago

Michael Jackson. It was surreal to listen to the media reports saying the greatest entertainer of all time was gone.

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lexpan1589 days ago

Иэн Фрейзер «Лемми» -----Motörhead

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nashnosh1589 days ago

Christina Grimmie!i still can't believe!!(((

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advancedtechnologies1579 days ago

1) the murder of micheal jackson
2) the murder of whitney houston
3) the murder of john lennon

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tppackage11488 days ago


I would say Prince

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