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Doing Nothing and Nothing to do? Reward $2
Created by The_PyroMania, 908 days ago, 1432 views

What is the significant difference between having nothing to do, and actually doing nothing?
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charlielan908 days ago

"Having nothing to do" means there is no task to engage in. "Doing nothing" could mean there IS a task but choosing to not do it.

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JerryT907 days ago

doing nothing is the result of nothing to do

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deathrow015907 days ago

This shows the attitude of one's person.. having nothing to do can be interpreted in diff ways.. either you already done things you need to do and there is none left or there is no work for you to do.. However doing nothing means you are just dumb lazy..

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pustoi11907 days ago

in the first case it is boring. Second relax.

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Aravi907 days ago

Hi @The_PyroMania
Both the word means nearly the same that you are free and not working at present but they can produce different meaning at different condition.

having nothing to do: Their is no work left. Free and board. Willing to do something but nothing found, etc.

actually doing nothing: Currently I am free. I have work but relaxing for some time. Work is their but not will to do now, etc.


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ddanger1907 days ago

Having choices

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maren907 days ago

Nothing to do - when yo have nothing to do, what you can do today? Nothing. So, what you can do? Sit here and share your experience wiht us.
Enjoy in life. That is one view.

Doing nothing - well, maybe you can doing something. For example you have farm, land, fruits, you can work on this land, but you prefer to
doing nothing. You prefer to share your knowledge with us, and I like your choice. Yes, you can work your job, but you have choice to do nothing.

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The_PyroMania900 days ago

Hi @deathrow015
I know who you are. I know where you live.

Kiss kiss bang bang!

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ZeeshanAhmad3494895 days ago


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LavenderStar876 days ago

""What is the significant difference between having nothing to do, and actually doing nothing?""

One word: LAZINESS

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brendaniel858 days ago


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khaledmus851 days ago

doing nothing it propably means u work but nt that big one,hav nothing to do it means u r empty of work.

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