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How often do you change your hairstyle? Reward $2
Created by landing, 908 days ago, 1457 views

How often do you change your hairstyle?
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Flashwind903 days ago

My hairdress is changed by a wind!
... and it is very frequent!

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sladek908 days ago

once a year

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Aravi908 days ago

Hi @landing
I never change my hair style.


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deedurden906 days ago

I change my hairstyle 4-5 times a year.

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only_god906 days ago

little.if need to change..

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Bexi_07906 days ago

When I get a girlfriend (Never :D)

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pustoi11905 days ago

many men hairstyle changes over time itself. bald engine hairstyles men)))

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zrodfects905 days ago

Practically every week because I shave it off haha, i'm a 0.3mm shave and hate long hair so I shave it every week or so, my hair grows stupid quick it's annoying, even shaving around my goatee, the next day you can feel the hair coming through again. But I made a promise to myself due to how short my hair is, if I ever get a hint of baldness or a incy wincy patch, i'm shaving it all off Bruce Willis or The Rock style......

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akhil_raj001905 days ago

As my best friends yelling at me that I'm looking like "The Rebellious Poodle..!" lol

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SakinBeen905 days ago

sometimes change is good. It makes positive people. 1 is exchanged for 6 months

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support904 days ago

Twice a year and that's good enough!

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Togekiss_4011903 days ago

I love my fuzz-buzz and I'm not changing it!

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ramp16903 days ago

never , I not even comb my hair hahaha

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gferus901 days ago

I change my hairstyle once a 4 year.

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bluemoon901 days ago


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