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What is your favorite weather? Reward $2
Created by finefin, 669 days ago, 1391 views

I like rainy and snowy day. What about you?
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Noland669 days ago

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only_god669 days ago

like thunderstorm Weather.

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Whiterabbit01669 days ago

It really depends on my moood. Sometimes I love crisp, mornings with hoar frost coating everything. There's nothing like going for a brisk walk early morning as the sun is rising, with a light coating of hoar frost on everything. The light you get feels pure and unadulterated. At other times I've loved the dark clouds of a rain storm, especially when I'm out on the moors. Sheltering behind a dry stone wall watching the squalls of rain fall from the heavens, feeling safe fron the battering wind and rain. It's such a beautiful sight. Even better is when the clouds break to let shafts of sunlight through, creating fantastic rainbows. I used to be a motorcyclist and loved mixed weather. One of the most beautiful sights I ever saw while travelling from Liverpool to Manchester while working for Pony Express (a courier service) was a myriad of rainbows, created by the splahes of cars while they sped through pools of water running off the carriageway, literally thousands of them, with a massive rainbow curving across the sky in front of me. I've only ever seen the sight once but I live in hope to see it again.

I also like walking in the countryside after a snowfall. Everything looks so beautiful and clean. The sun, reflecting off the snowflakes, creating thousands of glittering sparkles while I'm walking to my destinations and the crunch of the fresh snow as you stride through the snow drifts. They remind me of my childhood when I imagined a fairy like world exisiting amongst those scintillating reflections. The luminous quality of the light was like a million diamonds reflecting the lights from the stark white of mercury lamps or the garish yellow of sodium lights that I used to pass on my way to my grandmothers, while being carried on the shoulders of my grandfather. I love those days also because during the day the atmosphere is bright and crisp, with views seemingly extending for many miles compared to the hazy days of summer, with no heat reflections to contend with, everything, even 50 miles away, can clearly be seen (I refer to looking at the peaks of the lake district from my favorite hill - called Pendle hill, where you can also spot the famous tower at Blackpool). Finally there's nothing like a good thunderstorm. Watching the forked lightning shoot across the sky lighting up nearby trees briefly and outlighning the clouds in searing blues, purples, pinks and reds.

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HRIDOY08669 days ago

i like winter most

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Aravi669 days ago

Rainy season. It is good for body building + planting plants.

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SoulMan115669 days ago

cool dry weather is great for working outside

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not_a_robot669 days ago

I am partial to the weather of the inbtweens- like spring and fall. Fall is comfortable and beautiful, a lot quieter than summer.
Spring is a sign of new life, undoes fall, but everything is still light jacket weather.
Keeping from the extremes.

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giorgos30668 days ago

you'r like me :)

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naspro77668 days ago

I like cloudy weather with little rain drops especially when I was travelling in car

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ckoch668 days ago

precipitation causes pain flair ups but we need rain so I often pray for it anyway.

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finefin668 days ago

Me too !

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finefin668 days ago

Wow! I like your beautiful words!

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pustoi11668 days ago

first spring thunderstorm.

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Yuri667 days ago

I love spring, when all the flowers and smells.

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nihal29667 days ago

i like rainy weather and overcast condition after hot summers.

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Dipto667 days ago

Rainy season , winter and hardcore thunderstorm. Blows my hair back. I get a "not so hot and not so cold" feeling. In this types of weather spend all day sleeping.

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nunitak666 days ago

15 degrees C to 66 degrees F
Mostly Sunny tapering to Partly Cloudy on every 3rd Day and some rain that night.
During Winter and Fall I like to see some Fog every once ion a while.
Unusual cloud formations are interesting provided it is not overly windy.
Some light wind is fine before and after the rain every 3rd night.
During winter it can get down to 34 degrees F, but only at night (about 1 degree C)

I would call this ideal bear weather. Good for some fishing and sailing as well.

Not a fussy bear.

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zrodfects666 days ago

I love the beginning of summer, where it is comfortable to do any activity, not where it's cold and your freezing, and not when it is boiling hot, so warm enough to go hells yeah...

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akhil_raj001666 days ago

I love rain, wind and just stormy conditions in general. I actually prefer that over a sunny day lol. Love the sound of rain ;)

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listen665 days ago

I love rain. I want to move to England. HAHA

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Flashwind663 days ago

The nature has no bad weather.
Each weather - good fortune!...
Weather - reflection of the Nature.
Mood - reflection of weather.
Rain - the satellite of reflection of mood.
Reflection - the movement of thought.
Thought - reflection of the world...

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Hasic007663 days ago

Jasno až polojasno, kolem 25°C

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Cgoding657 days ago

nice and sunny and warm

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Solaris655 days ago

Personally absolutely adore the crisp spring weather - the sun already shining bright, but with cooler temperatures, comfortable for walking around without ten layers of clothing, but not hot enough for being willing to take even my skin off to cool myself off a bit.

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berdysh655 days ago

i like winter most

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martinlemmy655 days ago

i like winter

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Eduard1969850655 days ago

я люблю весну.

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redaoumomen649 days ago

a sunny day begins with an amazing sunshine and end withe a colorfull sunset

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Togekiss_4011633 days ago


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Atirudra619 days ago

any weather I 'm in

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khaledmus613 days ago

winterrrrrrrrrrrrr is my lovly weather.

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tppackage1540 days ago


I like the fall like weather in the 70,s

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