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I forgot iTunes backup password Reward $2
Created by xakagiz, 1126 days ago, 2056 views

I never set a password for my iTunes backup and it asks me to input a password before restoring deleted files from iTunes backup. I tried a few password i used frequently but it was still wrong. My question is how to recover the password. I need it badly to restore deleted photos. Please help me.
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Riximis1125 days ago

If the password was not that strong enough (mixed with number, character, special symbol), then this tutorial may help:

It's not 100% guarantee but it works for simple password. Tested it before.

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Aravi1126 days ago

Hi @xakagiz
Kindly find this article:-

The DEFAULT apple password is '1234' / '0000'. Try this too. If you set your own password:-

Method 1:-

1. Go to Finder/Applications/Utilities/KeyChainAccess.

2. On the top right of the window Write iPhone.

3. in the search result look for "iPhone Backup"

4. Click on Show Password, Enter your Mac password

5. you will get your iTunes backup Password

Method 2 (not advisable):-


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ha141126 days ago

your password is your own NAME

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xakagiz1125 days ago

Thanks for the reply @ha14 @Aravi. The password is not my Name. Still not get back the password.

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ha141125 days ago


well you will need itunes backup crackers, otherwize you will not be able to get the password/

If you can’t remember the password for my encrypted backup

Asunsoft iTunes Backup Password Geeker

iTunes Password Recovery

UUkeys iTunes Backup Unlocker


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Aravi1125 days ago

Hi @xakagiz

Actually, It is too hard to get a Apple password.

Try the recovery tool mentioned in the below article.

All the best.


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Farrah771123 days ago

If you guys forgot your iTunes backup password, Apple don't and can't find your password because iTunes backup is a local backup file not iCloud.

so, if you forgot iTunes backup, iSeepassword iTunes password recovery help you!

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corayth1100 days ago

iTunesKey worked like a charm! Thanks!

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