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How do you deal with your old clothes that you won't wear any more? Reward $2
Created by bling, 947 days ago, 2438 views

How do you deal with your old clothes that you won't wear any more?
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Eh947 days ago

Throw them away

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sigit947 days ago

give to pople need it

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Bresuma947 days ago

Donate old clothes to those in need.

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Angel2716947 days ago

I donate that clothing to people who are in need

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bling947 days ago

I don't know where to donate.

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Dipto947 days ago

@bling I give it to poor people who can't afford to buy clothes. To them old clothes is God's gift. And specially in winter giving OLD clothes means giving NEW life. So don't throw it away. Give it to people who need them.

Give a google search of "donate clothes toronto". Replace toronto with your location. Keep donating. It feels good.

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Aravi947 days ago

Hi @bling
Instead of throwing such things in garbage, you can contribute to the people who need help like poor people in street or children in orphanage. They don't expect for new cloth, most of them just need 2 set of non-torn cloths which they struggle to get.


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iProdi947 days ago

What I used to do is give it either to some friends, sell them on ebay if they are in good condition or donate them.

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jstlouis947 days ago

I donate that clothing to people who are in need

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San946 days ago

I donate to Vietnam Veterans of America. If they have someone who does this in your area they will pick up your donation then sell whatever they can and use the money to help veterans. You can check their website ( to see if they have someone where you live.

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SoftGuitar946 days ago

I wash them and clean them then give to the Salvation Army.
They will give them to yhose in need.

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luiz0382946 days ago

doar as pessoas carentes moradores de ruas pessoas que nao pode comprar por falta emprego ou nao tem uma renda familiar

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charlielan946 days ago

Use them as rags, or give them to salvation army.

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serezha946 days ago

Hi! I take things to a church and children's community. My family and I go there time to time. It's so nice to see children's eyes when they get presents. There is so few bright moments in their lives. It's so pity. And we are happy to do something to them. But usually I see children are more needed in love and care than in clothes and toys.

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xAphex946 days ago

1. Donate the clothes to people who needs them most.
2. Use the clothes to clean dust.
3. Save the clothes incase i might wear them again.
4. Give them to a younger cousin or sibling.

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darkbrow946 days ago

Just donate who needs them

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kdrex945 days ago

Check your area for COMPANIES that RECYCLE TEXTILES/FABRICS,,,,,donate to a THRIFT STORE or HOMELESS/MENS/WOMENS SHELTER in your area because they are ALWAYS around if you really look. Personal things like socks and underwear can be used as other people suggested to do dusting or cleaning. You can also use socks mainly for storing delicate things like glass/china instead of using newspaper that breaks down over the years. You can always cut up underwear so it doesn't look like underwear and use it the same way. The elastic bands from the waist of mens underwear are good for re-usable ties or any place you would use plastic zip ties, rubber bands or velcro wraps.

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bling944 days ago

Thank you! Your answer is very helpful.

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finefin944 days ago

Many people take used clothes to HM store to change a coupon.
But I think it is better to give it to people who need help.

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bling944 days ago

Good summary.

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sangay944 days ago

Our country have some associations like Tarayana Foundation which focuses on helping the needy people specially the old ageded who can no longer work in the field, which is must to earn a living. I would suggest you to come up with small association like this, where by we can help needy people around us and serve our country in our small ways.

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not_a_robot944 days ago

Depends on the condition. If things are dirty, I turn them into rags and such.
If they're still wearable to someone-
We have a place called Volunteers of America- its a non profit thrift store. They'll take anything.

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zch098943 days ago

Hi @bling

How are you? I hope you are not feeling so rich today because of so many clothes you weren't needed. Just kidding
Dealing with old clothes are not that hard to do. Sometimes you just need spare time to arrange them or to separate the old ones to the new ones. After you have picked all your needed clothes for the longer time, the old ones will be needed to dispose. These are the following activities you can have in order to deal with those old clothes:

1. Donate them to the orphans in order to help others with their lack of clothing.
2. Make a garage sale at your available time to have an extra income.
3. Sell it to the nearest ready to wear stores.
4. Give it to your neighbors or relatives.
5. Use it as rags or wipes.
6. Recycle it. You can make other good clothing from those old clothes.
7. Give it to the needy. :D

Hope I helped you through my simple answer. Good day!

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support940 days ago

I just give'em to the poor. Yet, sometimes I cut it into pieces and use for cleaning/dust removal.

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Togekiss_4011938 days ago

I show my love and kindly give them to people in need.

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aman123935 days ago

Better give them to the needy , and buy yourselves a new one both helps in refreshing wardrobe and removes boredom from your existing clothes.

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pustoi11935 days ago

I have a private plot. there is a scarecrow every year I change his clothes. neighbors liked it, they too began to do so. and funny, and the birds get used less.

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MyWay935 days ago

Your answer is different. lol

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Atirudra894 days ago

the best is to BURN it !

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henlington890 days ago

give them to the charity shops clean and in good condition . or turn them into something else like an old sweater into a winter beret or a shirt into a skirt, or cushion cover a pair of jeans into a bag.

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khaledmus887 days ago

it depends upon f it able to wear or nt f nt it used for surface cleanin.

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