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Is a registry cleaner necessary? Reward $2
Created by kathy, 1626 days ago, 2543 views

Is a registry cleaner necessary? Which registry cleaner are you using?
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ckoch1625 days ago

wisecare 365 can be set to fix the registry daily
I think you all are wrong. It is what keeps my
pc running well.

To tell you the truth I bought one from hp
the one I am on it crashed 3 times brand new
I even sent it back once. Wisecare got it up
and running.

Don't listen to nonsense when you delete a program
you have to clean out your system and check
the registry.

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zrodfects1626 days ago

It is not necessary, Microsoft even does not support this option, so I would leave it alone...

Registry cleaners don't and will not speed up your PC if this is your reason

The reason is common sense why Microsoft even says not to clear it. If a registry cleaner makes a mistake and deletes wrong keys, it could make your operating system unbootable! A damaged registry can lead to excessive CPU utilization, longer startup and shutdown times, poor application functionality or random crashes or hangs or even data loss! Moreover, some of the programs available free on the internet can even contain malware. For these reasons, Microsoft does not support the use of registry cleaners!

Since your not gaining anything here and more so loosing or damaging I would highly suggest you leave this alone..

Hope this helps

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maren1626 days ago

No, but it's necessary to clean registry, manual or with some programs, its not matter.

Its only matter to save registry from dead keys,

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Aravi1626 days ago

Hi @kathy
Just use register cleaner once in blue-moon. Product is Wise register cleaner (under recommended mode).

Their could be some malicious keys / bad keys in the register. Which can be cleaned once in a month. However, it is optional.

Daily usage of register cleaner may kill your pc performance.


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Dipto1626 days ago

Yes it's important. In short it helps to run your pc fast and smooth. Plus there are many more reasons. I use Auslogics Registry Cleaner.

Download Link :

And this article will clear your doubts about reg. cleaner :

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BTW1625 days ago

It can speed up your pc. I use Wise registry cleaner.

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Angel27161625 days ago

I use register cleaning once evey week in order to keep up the speed of the computer.

Am using Wise Registry Cleaner.. The best help app you can get.

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yangjikai1623 days ago

Reason # 1: protect your registry expansion
Clean up the registry on a regular basis can help you to prevent accumulation of unwanted junk data in the registry. This will help you prevent registry expansion and maintain a streamlined registry. Streamlined and stable registry can significantly improve the performance of your PC and help you enjoy error-free computing for a long time.
Reason 2: to delete the corrupted registry entries
Because the registry is your Windows system to access and the most frequently used components, registry errors is very high. Registry will be damaged and incorrect registry entries and the registry file fragmentation and error. You can use a registry cleaning tools to easily fix registry errors and organize the registry fragmented, more consistent and easier to access the registry files, so as to prevent and fix many registry errors. Registry cleanup tool also allows you to create a backup of the registry. So, if you modify the registry after the measures do not work, you can restore the original registry backup, your computer immediately back up and running.
Reason # 3: improve system boot speed
Cleaning the registry in order to maintain the registry free of unwanted, obsolete and corrupt registry entries can help you improve your computer's startup performance. Regular registry cleaning, maintenance and picking up the pieces to make your PC more stable and better speed.
Reason 4: fix Windows errors
Errors with your computer often caused by registry problems. DLL errors, ActiveX errors, driver error and many Windows error code error can clean and repair the registry to repair. When you use a registry cleaner tool to scan the registry, all with a shared DLL, registration of driver-related errors can be detected. Therefore, when you clean and repair the registry when you by addressing many of the Windows error repair your computer. Therefore, regular cleaning of the registry is a system error-a very important activity.
Reason # 5: improve the efficiency and stability of the system
Registry errors can cause Windows frequently publish error information, slow system performance, reduce speed and frequent system errors and system crashes. In addition, registry error seriously slow system boot and shutdown process, sometimes so that your system will not start.
Therefore, in order to prevent these problems, speed up your computer, improve operational efficiency and stability of the system, is very important to keep a registry without errors. You can use a reliable registry cleaner tool to periodically scan and clean up registry.
Reason 6: removal of malicious software
Cleaning the registry helps you clear the hide malicious software embedded and registration data. Your computer's antivirus and anti-spyware tools can sometimes be left out this malicious software. Advanced registry cleaner tool can scan the registry in more depth after programmatically. Remove all malicious software from the registry and corrupt data.
Cleaning the registry computer maintenance is a very important step in the activity. Cleaning the registry on a regular basis can not only help you maintain a healthy and without error the registry and also allows you to maintain optimum performance of your PC.

Recommends that users regularly use cclearner or wise care365 for cleaning the system registry, to ensure the stability of the system registry.

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pustoi111619 days ago

Windows does not work with registry errors. the registry itself takes up very little space. therefore, cleaning the registry does not have a great need. cleaning, incidentally, also carries certain risks. Many anti-virus software for registry cleaning enough.

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SakinBeen1619 days ago

yes this is necessary and I would recommend. RegistryWizard

PC care whether rigor for best performance.

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alekos1619 days ago

wise care 365

Just download the wise care 365 and all problems will be

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Togekiss_40111615 days ago

The more crap you got in your registry, the more slower your computer gets so it's highly recommended. I recommend Wise Registry Cleaner, it's insanely fast to clean and fix problems. I have it.

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SoulMan1151615 days ago

microsoft pushes registery cleaners

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SoulMan1151615 days ago

wise care365

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