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How to be a generous person? Reward $2
Created by MyWay, 1589 days ago, 1761 views

People always say I'm selfish. How to be generous?
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Dipto1585 days ago

Generosity ain't available in shops for people to buy. You gotta be born with it. It has to be inside you. Don't ask people those questions that your mind can answer. And the person who understands the true meaning of generosity shouldn't find it difficult to become generous. I think you've got your answer.

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Aravi1589 days ago

Hi @MyWay
You can start from:-

1) share some Embrace gratitude toward the people always. This can be wishing them on the birthday with some small present.

2) Never forget to re-gift the person who gave you gift.

3) Try to find some time for old people and the one who is close to you.

4) Keep a small amount in your pocket to help, a person if you find him really needed a help. spend a little money if required.

5) Try to be generous person for yourself, no need to show it to other.

6) If any one called you again as selfish, say that "Thanks for your feedback, I will try to be more generous next time."


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ZzMrXzZ1589 days ago

stop yourself from eating fish so you wont be selfish anymore

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charlielan1589 days ago

Doing nothing by way of selfish ambition nor by vainglory, but in lowliness of mind considering one another more excellent than yourself -Phillipians 2:3

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maren1588 days ago

Hi @MyWay

Can I ask yo something?
Did you in some way part of some share networks? DC ++ hubs, TORRENTS, and similar network for sharing files?

Do you share your files with others? If is answer yes, you are not selfish.

Second, I know many children who grow-up to boys and girls, but in his boyhood his parents don't have nothing to gave him except money.

I'm not sure that you get point. You can be generous person in more ways, not only via money, via material things.

Share something what you made, not only things what you buy, but try to make it nice.

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yas1586 days ago

A few things to consider.

First step, accept yourself just as you are.
Next, if you want to make changes, that's okay. But acceptance comes first.

The fact that you care about being allegedly selfish and wanting to be generous says something good about you.

Also, the people that are calling you selfish, are they generous, do you think? Sometimes, when we are criticizing other people, we are talking about ourselves. When you point at someone else, 3 fingers point back at you.

Be grateful for feedback, consider it, use it.
And if you cannot use it, just leave it and be happy with the way you are.

If you really believe you could be a little more generous, try thinking of others: "If I do this, how would this be for the other person?" If you practice this often enough, it could become a new habit.

Generosity is a quality of character that can be acquired in the course of one or many lives.

Good luck!

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mohamad11221585 days ago

Do not heed the words of the people were not hurt if one helps you with . People are always talking behind each other

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kdrex1585 days ago

one simple answer....LIVE BY THE GOLDEN RULE! Ask yourself would I want something done, or NOT done, to me/ for me? Nobody is going to say, "boy I wish that person would rob me, or I wish that person would not open the door for me while I am carrying all these packages" so the golden rule is a flawless way for people to live well with themselves and others.

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kdrex1585 days ago

so I guess I should stop eating crabs too? and all this time I thought these meds would help with my anger issues. Well I am stopping my subscription to "anger" and will stop eating crabs!! and don't forget, you can tune a piano but you can't tune a fish!!@ZzMrXzZ

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pustoi111584 days ago

until you realize that you need to be generous, especially to you.

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yas1573 days ago

If you want to become a more generous person, you may want to start by choosing a best answer and grant someone the 2 dollar reward. Taking into account others' happiness before your own... It's just a suggestion.

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pustoi111572 days ago

Relationship with family and friends. The man, generous to his family, loved, loved ones, accustomed to be generous and to everyone else.
Generous may be the one who has something to give to others. The more human knowledge - the greater the amount of knowledge he can share.
In order to share the material prosperity, it is necessary to achieve this prosperity. The man who found the case on the soul and actively working, more generously than slacker.
Care for others. Only one person is capable of generosity, which sees those who are currently required.

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Yuri1572 days ago

Just remember that helping the poor, you give a loan to God.

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yas1572 days ago

If you really want to learn how to be more generous and less selfish...

Being generous towards others means thinking of others, their feelings, their needs, being considerate and thoughtful. It also means being aware of the fact that YOU are NOT the center point of the universe. A selfish person thinks solely of his/her own needs ("My needs are fulfilled, to H... with the rest").

Just a simple example to make my point. It could mean that when you ask a question and others have taken the trouble to provide you with their answers, you take the trouble to thank them or let them know that you have read their contributions, or whatever. Not being selfish means taking into account the other person on the other end of the line.

I hope this will give you come clues. We are all learning to be the best we can be.

Good luck!

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Chryso1549 days ago

Every once in a while you might feel like helping others with their problems.
But you'll begin to think about planning to avoid problems for yourself.
Then, people might only perceive "Selfishness" ... Here is what you should do:

Register with a Multi-Level Marketing Network like this one: then donate $40 to the charity organisation, then explain to friends and family to donate. You do not need to buy or sell any products. Their Compensation plans includes a HP Laptop + $1000, a Brand new Hyundai ix25 + $3000, and so on

Now you'll have just enough to render all the help you need to help.

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Atirudra1534 days ago

one can give what one has , increase the inner richness and u l be able to give more ( there are different ways -I suggest Transcendental Meditation)

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