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 What to do after dropping my phone into the water? -

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What to do after dropping my phone into the water? Reward $2
Created by babyrain, 860 days ago, 1174 views

What to do after dropping my phone into the water? Is there any method to save my phone... I can't boot-up ...
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pustoi11859 days ago

first of all, remove the battery faster. second, blow out all holes,except the speaker and microphone. Finally, leave at a temperature of about + 25 ° C. The longer, the better (depending on the residence time in water). but at least two days. Plug another phone flash card,(With the same OS).

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Jeffnaija860 days ago

Here’s What to Do When You Drop Your Smartphone in Water

But even if your phone takes a dip in the drink, there’s a chance you can save it, but only if you act quickly.
1. Grab it!
Whether you drop your phone in a pool or it goes for a swim in the porcelain throne, the most important thing to do is grab it. The longer your precious handset takes a bath, the more likely water is to get inside of and ruin it.
Get your phone out of the water right away, and there’s a good chance it will be fine.
Of course, if your phone falls into a well or something like that, cut your losses and forget about it. I don’t need anyone blaming me for some kind of Baby Jessica situation.
2. Turn it off
If you grab your phone and it’s still turned on, turn it off as fast as you can. Keeping your handset on while its wet is a surefire way to short its circuit board and ruin it for good.
If your phone’s screen was off and when it hit the water, but you’re not sure whether the phone powered off or the screen is just blank, see if you can wake it by quickly pressing the power button.
Should your phone wake up, shut it down immediately. If it doesn’t wake up, keep it off.
3. Dry it off
Now that your phone is off and cleaned, you’ll have to dry it off. If your handset has a removable battery or removable microSD card, take it out. Similarly, if your phone has some kind of port cover or even a removable back panel, open it up to let your handset air out.
4. Don’t blow dry it
Do not try to dry your phone with a blow drier. The heat from the drier could damage your handset’s internal components permanently.

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Aravi860 days ago

Hi @babyrain
You can troubleshoot in 2 steps

Step1: Open the phone and keep it in a table at normal room temperature (above 28 C to 34 C) normally for a half day. > And fit it back when it got dried. If the phone is out of charge, just simple charge and start the phone.

Step 2: If Step1 don't works go to authorized service center.


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ZzMrXzZ860 days ago

disassemble it and then put all of them into a rice bag to dry it overnight. Then reassemble it and enjoy. If it still can not work, then buy a new one, you cant do anything else now

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ftariq123860 days ago

One way is: when you dropped your phone into water, take it quickly and put into the uncooked enough quantity of rice covering all of your phone inside for 24 hours, and after 24 hours, the rice will suck all of the water and your phone will be back to normal. I hope it will work. If you want more detail how to do it, just go to youtube and search and you will find different kinds of water damaged solutions.

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charlielan859 days ago

I heard submerging it in rice will speed up the drying process, since rice has a tendency to absorb surrounding moisture. I had a friend who put it in rice and it worked.

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babyrain858 days ago

Thank you all!

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