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Created by maren, 853 days ago, 1281 views

Hello to all

Everybody know how much is important power supply to be stronger than 400 or 500 W ?
Do we really need this? Today we all speak about green energy, energy savings, etc, and there we have
other way: Our machines have bigger and bigger power supply , did you remember your last power supply?
How much was last one, how much is today?

I know that is GPU biggest consumer of power, than HDD, motherboards, etc etc...
But my question is:
What is one optimal power supply for PC with one HDD, DVD-RW witch is rarely used, two memory slot used,
integrated AGP, and one external HDD (4 TB). Of course, PC have peripheral devices such as web camera etc...

So, what you think, and whats your arguments for your opinions?

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Aravi850 days ago

Hi @maren
I told that "The latest mouse and the keyboard consumed consumes energy 5V or less at nearly 100mA (each) like a zero waits bulb."

Kindly refer the below mentioned approx. energy consumption pattern in descending order:-

Old days bulb>fluorescent >CFLs>Led blubs (10 W) > Modern day mouses (5V or less at nearly 100mA) > zero waits bulb (5V or less at nearly/less then 100mA ).

These modern day mouse and the keyboard consumed somewhere between LED bulb and zero waits bulb. But mostly near to zero waits bulb.

Sorry I will try to give easy example next time. SQL + net-beans + wamp are the tools/ software I use during website development.

Optimum level of HDD, I was taking about the normal PCs

Example, people use to keep huge storage. collection of files, videos etc. But you may rarely use them. Such as your party videos, childhood videos, etc. But people use to see them all in once in blue moon. I too have such videos in huge. But instead of keeping such i video in HDD, we can transfer the to external hard disk and access them.

I have such external storage around 2 TB in my external hard-disk. It contains soft-copies of my collage work, collage videos, even video(HD) and so on. I only kept 500 GB HDD for useful data (few selective movies/ music collection only). For my usage I call 500 GB optimal level.

In short, it is . 5 TB approx. HDD instead of 2.5 TB HDD.


1) Less the volume of HDD less the energy consumption.

2) You have safe storage of your personal data.

Sorry I really know less about the server computer. But I will like to give you the below like:-

I hope this can solve the problem.


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Whiterabbit01853 days ago

If you know the ratings for each piece of hardware, it should be easy enough to work out how much your computer requires when it is idle. The problem comes when you start to use the computer. Power consumption will increase depending on what applications you are using, and the number of background programs running on your system; for example, a graphically intensive program such as a video or photo editing program, or an art program or a graphically intensive game may use a lot more energy than say a word document would. That said, from the description you give of your computer integrated graphics cards are not noted for their power, so I presume you don't use the computer to play games? If you did you'd be limited to games with low power requirements such as older arcade games.

The first modern computer I owned, and one of only two I've ever purchased for myself (not counting laptops and pads) was a single core 1.8GHz cpu with integrated graphics and audio, with one HDD and 1 GB of RAM and only one exhaust fan; (the first I purchased was a 368 back in 1990) That computer had a 250W cpu and was purchased summer 2001. The next computer I owned was self built about a year later and had a 400W psu and was similar to what you describe with respect to hardware, that said I was only using a low speed i.e. 2.0GHz dual core cpu at the time. If your computer is relatively new, it's more than likely got a quad core cpu with faster clock speeds so will definitely have higher power requirements.

I remember the first time my 400W computer wouldn't turn on after upgrading my graphic card, I initially couldn't figure out what the problem was. As the graphic card was the only change, I thought it must be faulty so removed it and the computer booted up okay again. I was going to return the graphic card, but reasoned that even if it was broken, the computer should still have turned on because the graphic card was not part of the main circuitry (I used to work as an electromechanical engineer, so knew enough about electronics to figure that out). I phoned the tech department of the shop I purchased the card from and they asked me what the power rating of my PSU was as well as details of other hardware. When I told him, he suggested the PSU was the most likely culprit. I was intending adding more RAM and a new sound card (as well as the new graphic card I'd already purchased), to replace the integrated chip, so reasoned buying a new PSU would be a good investment; so I bought a higher rated power supply. At the time anything over 500W was very expensive. Each extra 100W added an enormous amount of cash to the purchase price, but I figured I'd be wanting to upgrade most of the hardware and add more hard drives and fans, so figured that I should go for more than a 500W psu . The retailer pointed out that if I went over the 500W after upgrading everything I'd only have to buy yet another psu. I did want a 600W but they didn't have any in stock at the time and I was keen to get my computer up and running, so opted for the next rating up, which they did have in stock, a 700W psu. I reckoned that would be okay for a total upgrade in future.

It would be easier to give a more informed answer to your question if we knew the CPU model you have installed and the size of your RAM sticks to know whether a 400W or 500W PSU was needed. If you have a quad core cpu more energy is required so the 500W would be a safer choice. 400W may still work, but if power requirements spiked above 400W the power suppy may cut out and there would be a danger of damage to either components on your motherboard or the cpu itself.

I've still got one of my older computers running with a 500W PSU, that has a 2.4GHz dual core AMD CPU, four 1GB sticks, four hard drives (all older ones with the older IDE 40 pin connectors), an older NVidia (AGP connector) graphics card with only 256MB of gRAM , a older Sound Blaster Audigy X2 card and four exhaust fans, one RAM fan enclosure that has two mini fans installed and rests above the four RAM sticks to help cool them down, plus a hard drive fan for the main hard drive. The computer still runs perfectly with all of that hardware and the 500W psu, though i no longer paly graphically intensive game son it becasue the graphics card is too underpowered to play anything newer than about 8 years. I did a calculation when i was upgrading and the power consumption came to about 450W, so reckoned the 500W PSU was fine. I actually got the PSU included with another case I'd purchased for another build, otherwise I'd probably have purchased a higher rated PSU to be sure there would be no problems if power spiked above the limit of the psu plus also to add some more upgradability to the computer. Thankfully I have no need of that particular computer since I've built several more computers for my children and wife plus more for LAN parties with friends and family since that build, so have never needed to upgrade it further. It's now stored in the attic and the only time I've had cause to use it for the past few years has been when I've been upgrading our main computers, been spring cleaning them (I tend to strip all of them together to clean out the accumulated dust and fluff), or I've had breakdowns. When it has been used, it's only to play some of my older games that I've not bothered to install on my newer computers and for access to the internet and word processing.

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Aravi853 days ago

Hi @maren
Bro! I think that we need to less worry about the power consumption of a PC. Because all the latest hardware's of PC comes with energy efficiency. All the modern O/S comes with lot of option to save energy.

The truth is:-

1)The modern medium size LCD monitors of PC consumes way less energy then a light bulb.

2)The core processor with high end graphic card only consumes energy that too as per how the user use.

3) The latest mouse and the keyboard consumed consumes energy 5V or less at nearly 100mA (each) like a zero waits bulb.

4) Latest smart drivers of DVD, and Sound system keeps the hardware in standby mode (Which is ready to use state but not under use state) and don't utilize much energy.

5) Latest small size HDD gives you big volume of storage and consumes way less energy.

What a user can do? You can:-

1) Ensure you are using power saving hardware.

2) You have tuned power saver mode/ auto hybrid mode in your pc properly, if you have left the computer unused accidentally.

3) Make sure you turn off PC after use.

4) You may even disable some of the graphical effects player by your windows to save processor load.

5) You may disable junk / unwanted background programs to save processor load.

eg:- I uses heavy programs like SQL + net-beans + wamp + 2 to 3 browser to check a website which i have programmed. But while working with css / html / js. I don't require wamp with Apache which also consumed energy to run. So I will disable wamp that launches at start of windows.

6) Keep optimum level of HDD and for less used backup data use external hard-disk.

I today's world PC / laptop plays a vital role from entertainment to education to defence. I don't think the disabling the components of PC is the wise option, but I buy wise usage of PC is the correct option to save energy.


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ha14851 days ago

How Much Energy Does Your PC Use? (And 8 Ways to Cut It Down)
CPU: 55 to 150 W
2.GPU: 25 to 350 W
3.Optical Drive: 15 to 27 W
4.HDD: 0.7 to 9 W
5.RAM: 2 to 5.5 W
6.Case fans: 0.6 to 6 W
7.SSD: 0.6 to 3 W
8.Other hardware components: N/A

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maren850 days ago


More information about configuration:

CPU: Intel Celeron CPU G1610 2,60 GHz (Dual core)

GPU: Intel HD Graphics (integrated)


Well, I don't like Games too much, but I like to play sometime need for speed hot pursuit 2, need for speed underground

Power supply is 500 W and I hope that will be enough for all components, including external HDD (4 TB)
This HDD is plugged in via USB 3.0

Internal HDD is 320 GB ATA

Hello @aravi
There are two types of light bulbs: energy saving light bulb, and simple bulbs with worm light.
You talk about first type or second?
Advice about power saving is usable, thanks for it.
I can't always turn off PC, I'm big geek who share files via torrents, dc ++ and my PC is sometime ON MORE THAN 72 hours without pause.

5-I must confess that I don't know for what is needed SQL, WHAMP, and etc,

6- What you mean about this, optimum level

@ha14 good link, thanks!

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maren847 days ago

I would like to give five points to @Whiterabbit01 and two bucks for @aravi , but I don't know how to split reward into two answers, I think
that is not possible at this moment.
Booth of you are good boys, and give god answers, but I must decide from one.

Thanks for all in participation in this discussion. I learned something useful.

Thanks a lot.

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Aravi847 days ago

Hi @maren

Thanks for choosing my answer as the best.

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smurf667846 days ago

Just for your information @maren

I am running an i5 2.8GHZ multicore CPU, 4 gig ram DDR4, HD7750 ATI video card, 2 optical drives, three 1T Hard Drives. The rig is used mainly for gaming and it's all running on a 16 year old 500 Watt Power Supply

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maren846 days ago


Thank you for your participation in discussion

@smurf667 Do you wanna say that I have power supply not just enough hard, and much over I need?

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smurf667845 days ago

Not at all, I was just letting you know what set up my 500 watt power supply is running. Contrary to what a lot of people say, or assume, CPU power consumption, and therefore what power supply is needed, has actually got lower as most of the newer CPU's are released. That also goes for the other technology too, as new technology is taken up by users, the power consumption, AND the price for it drops.

I can remember having a Pentium 4 CPU that was rated at 96 watts. The best advice I could give anybody regarding what power supply is needed for a given set up, is go through everything that makes up your PC (CPU, Graphics card, Sound card, memory, hard drive(s), dvd/blu ray player etc) and write down what each of their power consumption is - you can easily get that sort of info off the net - Add it all together (the wattage) then add around 50% on top, so that:

1) it means that your power supply hasn't got to run at full throttle so will run cooler, and last longer.

2) it gives you room to add more hardware if you want to, safely.

Me personally, I don't add the 50% on top of the minimal requirements, I go even further, and actually double what the requirements are ( I add 100%), in case I decide to upgrade components (motherboard, cpu etc, or even newly released technology). I hope that helps you.

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