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What is the key of friendship?
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charlielan1591 days ago

Trust and mutual support.
You don't even have to like the same things. But a true friend is someone you can trust and go to in an hour of need.

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Jeffnaija1592 days ago

There are many keys to good friendship but I'll give you 10 vital keys to good friendship.

1. Pick people who have similar interests as you, so you have things in common, but don't rule out people who aren't exactly like you, it's good to keep an open mind.

2. Remember the Golden Rule - treat others the way you would like to be treated. If you respect others, others will respect you.

3. Realize that nobody's perfect, everybody has quirks and flaws, and accepting each other's flaws is key to a good friendship.

4. Value each other's opinions.

5. Realize that even the best of friends can't be together 24/7. Develop other interests and don't be jealous when your friend has other interests as well.

6. Communication is really important, your friend can't read your mind, if something is affecting your friendship, tell him/her.

7. Don't let outside factors like stress affect your friendship. A good friend will let you vent to them, but don?t just use them to vent?and you should be ready to listen in return.

8. Learn from each other.

9. Don't talk behind your friend's back.

10. Choose your words wisely, because you can never take them back.

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Aravi1592 days ago


I think sharing, common mutual interest and similar character wave length between person is the key features of friendship. One should also have decent level of trust, understanding and respect to his/ her friend to continue good friendship.


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pporiger23341591 days ago

I think [troll and crazy]

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zrodfects1591 days ago

Hmmm common interest seems to be a forced upon option, you don't have to have the same interests. The key to friendship is easy and simply being respectful, being there for what ever reason big or small or even crazy but obviously not stupid reasons that can be harmful etc but still being there for them regardless and guide them to a better path when or if their lives change for the worst, there should be no judging or hatred because everyone sees everything different, don't treat them as if their lives are yours to control, basically it is written in the first part of the meaning "friend", just be a friend, again it is as simple as that yet people find it hard to do so because they are too self involved in their own lives and not thinking of others at times, this is why some friendship clash and even torn apart.

It is pretty much that same as a partnership minus the romance, but with still the same principals, respect and caring etc, you take on a relationship be it a friend or more your taking in their lives that they create themselves, that as a whole should always remain with them, you don't just take in the person and you create a new world telling them what to do etc, be apart of their world let them be a part of yours, don't destroy it because it is who they are or how they do things, it is not what you think that person should be like for you to change.

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pustoi111591 days ago

love without sex.

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omobolkem1591 days ago

The terms friend and friendship mean different things to different people and different things to the same people at different times. To think and communicate effectively about the topic, people find it necessary to use distinctions such as true friends, best friends, good friends, casual friends, work friends, social friends, and friendly acquaintances.
1. Take a genuine interest in others.
As we listen to others and show an interest in what is important to them, we begin to truly love and understand them. Every person has an invisible sign around his or her neck that reads, “I want to feel important.” Everyone has something to offer this world. We need to search for it, find it, and bring it to the surface.
2. Be a giver, not a taker
Ask not what your friends can give to you but rather what you can give to your friends. What can we give to others? How about a smile, a hug, a kind word, a listening ear, help with an errand, a prayer, an encouraging note, a meal? We can come up with many things to give others if we are willing to be attentive to their needs.
3. Be loyal.
Loyalty is a rare commodity in today’s world, but it’s an absolute requirement in true and abiding friendships. When we are loyal to one friend, we prove ourselves worthy of many.
One way we show our loyalty is through our words — or lack thereof. In fact, a key to being loyal is keeping a tight rein on our tongues. If we’re loyal, we won’t tear a friend down behind her back or share her personal story without her permission.
4. Be a positive person.
The most consistent comment I hear about what people want in friendships is this: “I want a friend I can laugh with.” We all want friends we can enjoy! People who consistently bring us down with their problems and complaints are generally not the ones we want to pal around with for any length of time. O f course, sometimes a friend will go through a difficult time, and we need to be ready and willing to hold a hand and provide a listening ear. But a friend in need is different than a habitual whiner. We want our friendships to be positive and uplifting — and that means we must be positive, uplifting friends ourselves.
5. Build on common interests.
What is it that brings friends together in the first place? There is usually something that draws us to others — a common hobby, a sport, a Bible study, a volunteer project, a children’s activity.
6. Appreciate the differences in others.
Each one of us is a unique creation. Mixed together we blend to form the body of Christ. The truth is, we will never find a perfect friend here on this earth (except Jesus). So let’s appreciate our differences, both the good and the bad.
7. Be open, honest, and real.
The word hypocrite originally described actors on a stage who covered their faces with masks to conceal their real identities. Today the word describes people who pretend to be something they’re not. True friendship cannot be built on false images,we must be true to ourselves.

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kindelee1591 days ago

Sincereness, trust, don't cheat, don't care too much...

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bootup1591 days ago

I agree with you. Common interest is not so necessary.

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ralphfurgason1591 days ago

steadfastness is the key

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ZzMrXzZ1591 days ago

Listen to the song "Count on me" and get the answer for yourself:

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darkestsoul6661590 days ago

''Honestly''.. That's all and everything is quite simple when you are honest with a friend or in any relation.

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mehome1589 days ago

Spend time with your friend as much as possible and be interested in his(her) everyday doings (joy, troubles, problems, etc.) to divide their with him(her).
But you can sure that he(she) is your real friend if you see mutual acts

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nishanthi1589 days ago

i think key of friendship is a understanding to each other

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Angel27161589 days ago

I find the most important elements of a friendship: trust and understanding each other without many words.

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only_god1588 days ago

is one word .Being honest in friendship....

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yas1587 days ago

Just BE the friend you would like to have.

That says it all.

Best regards,

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dukhnovskiy1579 days ago

Правда! Доверие! Помшь и понемание! так как ложь какойбы она не была вылезит на ружу и тогда точно потеряешь друга без возвратно!

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Admir1579 days ago

salam dostan dosti aval baiad bedoni ke chetor ba aghaye x moghabele shod dovom baiad bedoni ke to sharaiete sakht kenaret mimone mesal zamani ke tanhaii ya be pol ya chizi niaz dari ina baes mishe ke dost ro beshnasi ya be har jahat mokhtelef dost khod ra mitavan emtahan kard masalan age behesh begi mikham beram biron bege alan miam na inke hal nadaram ke age didi moshkel dare to boro pishesh injori mesl ab mishe aghaye x ke hama dost mast ro dorost shenakht

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maren1579 days ago

SINCERITY on first place, if you are not honest, how you can except to make god friendship?

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LWB1579 days ago

You have to be friendly first to other people

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Raf1579 days ago


Wihout it, friendship and surely love are impossible.

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atome1579 days ago

The key to friendship is respect for the friend (e). just listening not judgment.

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pustoi111578 days ago

1. Mutual respect. What does it mean to respect your friend? This means respectfully refer to him, to reckon with its opinion and recognize its positive features. Respect is manifested in words and in deeds. A friend to whom respect is shown, feels that his value as a person, respect for his dignity and help him not only out of duty.

2. Trust. Under the trust means confidence in the honesty and sincerity of a friend, that he will not betray or deceive intentionally. Trust does not mean the belief that one will never make any mistakes - we all are imperfect.

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Yuri1578 days ago

The most important thing in friendship, it is able to forgive and ask for forgiveness.

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Rak19781578 days ago

trust if you dont have trust you dont have anything . and reliable being there if or when they need to talk or relax or as a shoulder to cry on . or wsome one to enjoy life with

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Ravindra_21576 days ago


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OpenMind1576 days ago

Trust is the key to friendship.

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Noland1576 days ago

@OpenMind That true

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jammmol1576 days ago

friendship with girls : trust .
friendship with boys : madness >>>>:)

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toribio1576 days ago

friend... without friend, there is no friendship, only ship. If you have ship, no matter how huge, and no friends, you can not sail and wander to other places which can make you truly happy, amaze you with what they offer to you, the culture, the food, the experience, the people.. . You won't have unique feeling of joy and ecstasy in life, and most of all there won't be any meaning..

So it all boil down to this: the essence of friendship is a friend.. ;-)

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Atirudra1536 days ago

self knowledge

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