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Is it posssible to recover my photos from a crashed computer? Reward $5
Created by hellen, 1541 days ago, 3012 views

Unfortunatedly, my computer crashed! I took it to repair, but when I picked it up today and found that there is no photos in it. Is there any way to recover my photos? They are very important for me. Any suggestions? How?
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Icewerks1541 days ago

You can try the Data Recovery of Wise Care. Just run the program, select which drive your photos were saved before it crashed. On the Input Keyword field, click the down arrow to select which type of data you want to recover, then click scan. If this does not work, you can try other softwares like EaseUS Data Recovery Software ( Any other thing, just shoot your comment here so I can help.

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madey1541 days ago

take out the hardrive, and recover using this apps (portable/ no install needed) through another computer.
find this apps on

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NicolasX211541 days ago

The first thing to do is not add other files on that drive where was the photo.
Then if who repair your pc didn't make a low level format, we can do something. For first download Piriform Recuva at --> on an other drive. Install it, ever on an other drive (any pendrive work good) and run it. For change the destination folder during installation you must click on Advanced --> Next --> change destination folder with button browse and finish installation. After run, click on next, choose pictures, click on next, choose the drive where was the photo, check "Enable Deep Scan", and then click on Start. Wait for finish. Select the photo can be recover and click recover. Choose ever an external drive for save your photo for not overwrite the cluster on disk. I hope i helped you. =)

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LUKE1541 days ago

I use Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery.
U can sownload here

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aurban1541 days ago

Try Recuva:
Download the free version and install the software.

1. Open Recuva. "Recuva Wizard" will appear.
2. Click "Next"
3. Click "Pictures", "Next"
4. Choose the location where your photos were stored. Click "Next"
5. Click "Start"
6. If the program did not find your photos, run the wizard again and check "Enable Deep Scan", then "Start".
It will take a very long time but I am sure that Recuva will find at least some of your photos.

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garik19881541 days ago

yes you can even if you cant acces on windows try hirens boot cd

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NicolasX211541 days ago

@aurban that is the solution that i already post. What sense post again?

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SarahB1541 days ago

As Aurban suggested recuva is good but may not find them. You can also try an external hard drive reader to see if you can repair or find those photos but most often then not they may be gone forever. Before you do anything with that HDD take it to a pro and have them try to recover what was on it.

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Tod1541 days ago

@NicolasX21 aurban just wants money so bad)

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hellen1540 days ago

Thanks for that. BTW, I wonder whether the software your mentioned is free.

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hellen1540 days ago


Ok, I will have a try. Thanks.

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hellen1540 days ago

Appreciated for your clearly instructions. I will share the results with you after having a test.

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Icewerks1540 days ago

Hellen, both are free. And you can try checking other softwares too in the net that are free for personal use. Hope you'll recover your files/photos.

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hellen1540 days ago


Sounds great! I will try to do as your said. Thanks!

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jagodejo1540 days ago

Hellen, please try free Recuva from Priform Ltd.

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btscarlett1540 days ago

No help for you to recover, but what you need to do for future is setup a gmail and google account. It will backup your photos for free. You will never lose them. It's on their server.

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fiverrdesign41540 days ago

You can use the

The best!

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HatsuneMiku1540 days ago

You could restore your computer to a earlier point when u still had the photos this worked for me

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cacherscout1540 days ago

use the program recuva and search for the file type that you saved the pictures in (i.e., *.jpeg)

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sam.pinnacle1540 days ago

You can use wisedatarecovery, Recover My Files to recover. I was able to recover my files not all but atleast 90% of them using wise data recovery.

So its worth trying.


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hsherm1540 days ago

There is another option you can use, but it's VERY "selective" when it comes to what you're looking for. It's called "Recover". It comes with your computer, but it should never be used lightly. If part of your picture's data is in a bad sector, RECOVER will mark the whole sector as bad, even if it still has some useable space in it. You will need to know where the pictures were located, and the name(s) of the pictures; as "wild cards" (I;e, *.jpeg, *.*,...) are not allowed. Anything that is found will be given a new name like "File 00000". You will then need to look at each item found and rename it. As you can tell, this is a very basic recovery program. No "bells or whistles", but it works. The programs that are available are far more "user friendly", but I thought I'd share this one as an option.

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trjens1540 days ago

Helen, I have used Pandora Recovery with great sucess. Here is the link to the download:

There is lots of information and guidance to help you along between the Cnet site and The product page. Hope this helps.

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bilke671539 days ago

Something to check. Did the tech that redid your computer do a Factory install or a Consumer copy that is not Branded to the Computer Brand. If he used a consumer copy go to My Computer, Open up the C drive and look at the list on files. If one says Windows.Old or anything other than plain Windows open the file by double clicking on it. Go to the file listed as user and check each folder that is listed. If he used a Consumer Copy and a Clean Install (Advanced) it will save the old copy of Windows. Hopefully he did not do a Format of the drive prior to the install of the Operating System.

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zamzuri1539 days ago

the best software i recommend it Icare data recovery 4.5.2 ..the software have an option either to recover in normal mode or format most of your data recover still have name on the recover file unlike others during recover the file or picture the recover file only come out with file number and no name on the picture or file..try it..

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hellen1539 days ago

Hi All,
Appreciate for your help, Got it. I am trying to recover them as your suggestions. Thanks again.

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hellen1539 days ago


With your help, I have recovered all my photos. Thanks.


I tried your method too, although I don't mark it as the best, it is also helpful. thank you all the same. comparied with your two methods, I perfer to the first one from Icewerks.

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WiseCleaner_admin1539 days ago

Hellen has marked your answer as the best and finished her payment.
If you don’t have Paypal account, please set one ASAP. We will transfer the reward to you within a week.

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zamzuri1539 days ago

your welcome .. :) im glad you recover it..

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Icewerks1539 days ago

Glad to know that it worked... Have a great day hellen!

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hijosdelinternetpuntocom1539 days ago

knoll on tract --aquires thub nails then blown them up--- I can do this for free m- if you wish 503-984-4112

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nazim1535 days ago

ya try mini partition tool to recover everything

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Qasim1521 days ago

Restore from your backup

It has to be said.

By far, the easiest, fastest, and most stress-free approach to data recovery after a crash is to simply restore the data from your most recent backup.

Backing up is the closest thing to computing’s silver bullet and cure-all.

Oh. You don’t have a backup?

Well, then things get iffy.

At a minimum, I hope that you’ll learn from this experience and put a regular backup plan into place as soon as possible to protect yourself from a repeat of what is, in the worst case, a disastrous loss of all your data.
Don’t use the hard drive

I’m not certain what you mean when you say that you did a recovery, but if your files are missing after the recovery, then this is not a good thing. In fact, I’d venture to say that at least some of your files are lost and gone forever.

It Crashed Again!The problem is that a recovery that involves something like reinstalling the operating system from scratch will almost always erase and overwrite whatever was on the hard disk. That means that your installed programs and your data may be overwritten by the newly installed operating system.

The good news is that it’s possible that some of the data was not overwritten. However, continuing to use that hard drive decreases the amount of data that can be recovered with every moment that it’s used.

Hence: stop using it.
The alternative to using it

The safest approach to recovering files from a hard disk drive is to connect it as an additional drive. That might mean installing a new primary drive in your computer, or it might mean using a second computer for the data recovery process.

The easiest approach is to place the hard drive into a USB enclosure and connect it as an external drive.

Don’t use that drive for anything but your data recovery efforts. In fact, don’t even place recovered files back on it until you’re absolutely certain that you’re done. The process of copying back even one restored file can render some as-yet-to-be-restored file unrecoverable.
Recovery steps

In your shoes, these are the steps that I’d consider performing to recover lost files:

Start with search. It’s possible that your files have not been erased or deleted at all. Perhaps your recovery was an install of Windows that preserved all of the files on the disk, but set up a new, empty “My Documents” folder. You might expect your files to be in this folder, but as it’s a new, empty one, they’re not. Use the windows Search function to search the entire hard disk for one or more files whose filename you know. If found, examine the containing folder and you may find more of your documents. Copy them to a safe location.
Run CHKDSK. Specifically, “CHKDSK /R” in a Command Prompt window (possibly run with administrative privileges in Windows Vista or Windows 7). If the file system has been corrupted by the crash, it’s possible that CHKDSK may uncover lost files. If it reports that it has fixed something, repeat the previous step of searching for your files.
Run SpinRite. If CHKDSK reports unrecoverable read or CRC errors, then you may want to consider running a disk surface recovery tool, such as SpinRite. It’s not free, but depending on the data that you might have lost, the cost could be very reasonable in comparison. After SpinRite completes (which can take hours), search for your files again. Note: SpinRite can be excruciatingly slow over a USB connection. If you elect to run SpinRite, you’ll want a direct connection internal to your PC or perhaps an eSata connection if the computer and drive support it.
Run Recuva. Recuva is a free file recovery utility that scans the currently unused free space on your hard disk for files and file fragments that used to be stored there. Any files which were deleted by the recovery process, but not overwritten by subsequent use of the hard drive should, in theory, be recoverable by Recuva.

If your files haven’t been recovered at this point, then chances are that they are gone forever.
One last straw to grasp at

If you have a large budget (I believe we’re talking hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars) and the data that you’ve lost is that important to you, then it might be worth contacting a data recovery service. Make sure that they do more than what I’ve just described (many basically do pretty much the equivalent of the list above).

Specifically, ask if they attempt to recover data that has been overwritten. This requires special tools and techniques not available to the average user and would be the reason for contacting them and using their services.

If all that they do is recover deleted files, then you’re quite capable of doing that yourself as outlined above.
Above all, learn the lesson

Whether you successfully recover your data or not, there’s a key lesson here that it seems everyone has to learn once, the hard way.

Backup your data.

I know, I know,. It’s not as easy as it should be and people like me harp on it constantly, but I can’t overstate the importance of an up-to-date backup.

Backing up is the closest thing to computing’s silver bullet and cure-all. A good backup can save you from an amazing number of failures, errors, malware infections, and computer crashes.

If your important files are in one and only one place, then they’re not backed up.

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anhot508 days ago

The same issue! I am trying to recover some photos that I accidentally deleted from a my laptop. Can anybody tell me of any useful free software to help me do this? A good friend of mine recommends me to use Disk Drill ( ), but it's too pricey for me. I really hope that a free recovery tool still can work for me.

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Rose8151 days ago

Yes, as far as I know, it would still be possible to recover your photos on your crashed computer through some Data Recovery tool, and you might click here for more details:

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