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How to recover photos from Android phone after factory reset? Reward $2
Created by walker16, 742 days ago, 2322 views

I have made my Android phone go back to the factory reset by mistake, and it erased all my photos, my valuable photos are all deleted........ I feel extremely frustrated! Can you tell me how to recover these photos after factory reset on Android? Anyone knows? Thanks.

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nihal29735 days ago

try this if not rooted =
try this if rooted =

keep in mind 1.Stop using your phone right away. 'cause every time you add a new file may mean that the picture of a deleted file is taken. In other words, there is no coming back when the data are overwritten.

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zrodfects742 days ago

You could try these.



NOTE: This is not guaranteed though but you can try, I hope these work for you and sorry for the mistake you made, I can understand how P'd you would be, with luck these may be of some help to you

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walker16742 days ago


Have you encountered the same issue? Do you use the program which you recommend to me?

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luckymicky777742 days ago

if you have an account with google (ie gmail address) and are using google photos app then by logging in to your account , (for instance going to the google photo app it will prompt you for your account if not logged in) you should see your pics, otherwise check any online cloud you might have stored your pics in, box, dropbox, etc...

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zrodfects741 days ago


No I never had this issue, I normally get photos off my device straight away anyways, I don't normally store photos,videos, the odd music or two that work with games that's about it.

Just thought these might help you, I have only heard they work but for who and for what reason I do not know, some people might be able to save their work some will not, but there is no harm in trying if the photos are really worth trying to get back..

Good luck.

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ha14741 days ago

Android photo recovery software
Free Trial Android phone photo recovery software and recover lost, deleted, or formatted photos from android smart phone before it's too late.

Recover Pictures after Factory Reset on Android

How Avast recovered 'erased' data from used Android phones

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Aravi741 days ago


Kindly try the below software. It is easy to use.


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SoftGuitar741 days ago

I would recommend going to the I-Cloud or check the MSN cloud if you have a hotmail account.
They maybe there already and you ay not even know it..

Jesse Jr.

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ckoch741 days ago

did you put anything on facebook? you might find some there. I had no idea you could retrieve deleted stuff off a android wow

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walker16741 days ago


Thanks, but I can't find them either. I don't store these photos in online clouds. Terrible.

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walker16741 days ago


I have tried some software, but all of them need to pay for getting back all the photos, I wondered whether there is a free one to get all my photos back. Thanks.

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walker16741 days ago


Unfortunately, I didn't put them on my Facebook in the past, but that will be a good idea I will take from now on. Thanks.

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walker16741 days ago


Any free software to help me get all my photos back?

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AnnieChow741 days ago

If you did not backup them before, I think data recovery tool can be a good choice.

Have a look at this guide,,

you can follow this tutorial to recover lost photos, and you can also recover other data from your android phone with it.

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walker16740 days ago


Tried to use it but failed again, I stored my photos in my phone instead of memory card, in this case, is it possible to get them back? Thanks.

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ha14740 days ago

MobiSaver for Android Free 5.0

some application on google market needs root access or you cant use them to recover deleted photos prior the installation of the application.

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AnnieChow740 days ago

Yes, but you need to root your phone, what phone do you have?

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Aravi740 days ago

Hi @walker16

Kindly find the below software link:

Kindly root your mobile root and try to scan.


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ckoch740 days ago

what kind of phone do you have? the brand

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walker16740 days ago


My phone is Samsung, root it? but it has been back to the factory settings. Thanks.

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walker16740 days ago


Samsung, thanks.

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ckoch738 days ago

Your brand of phone has a set of its own tools also go to the manufacturers site for them. If your phone is under warranty they may be able to help you at support as well.

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walker16737 days ago


Thanks. But it is not in the warranty period. I have tried some software to get these photos back, but they can only recover the photos which are stored in the memory card. How about those photos stored in my phone? Can't get them back?

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ckoch736 days ago

to be truthful I never thought so because they warn you if you reset it will be gone forever, its like losing programs when your hard disk fails. sometimes you just have to swallow it and backup next time. I lost everything on a few external hard drives and once I lost all my websites its the nature of these electronics it happens to everyone. get a dropbox and when you are not busy upload new photos to it you will always have your photos. still they can be lost, live and learn, again you can always put some photos you want to share on facebook too then those will be there.

As a last resort at the manufacturers site search to see if they have a program for restoring photos in case of reformatting the drive. You never know if anyone can retrieve them it would be Samsung.

I'm sorry for the bad news I know how you feel.

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ckoch736 days ago

btw just in case you don't know you can use samsungs tools even if your warranty is out.

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Gbnnjtg732 days ago

Photos loss happens unexpectedly. Samsung Data Recovery may help you a lot to retrieve phoots from Android phone memory or SD Card. It is a program with human-based designs which is quick and easy to use. And the software support many Android devices such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG and Sony.

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zerenosa731 days ago

Accidentally deleted files (photos, videos) off your Android phone or tablet such as HTC M8, Samsung Galaxy S6, LG G3, Sony Xperia Z3 etc. To you, those photos and videos are more valuable than the phone itself. Well, be no worry, you can get them back.

Android photos recovery can recover deleted/formatted files from Android devices without taking out the SD card or CF card inside the Android phone or tablet. This program has a strong ability that not only can retrieve deleted photos from Galaxy s6/s7 and videos, but also can recover contacts, text messages, and other data.

See here:

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Leadersofts731 days ago

There is still tool to recover photos after factory reset - Leadersoft Android Recovery Master. Read more details from:

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interesting730 days ago

google play type in data recovery or corrupted data recovery, try a freeware, or several, should do the trick.

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SakinBeen730 days ago

simple; instagram facebook, twitter. I save with backup

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Togekiss_4011726 days ago

Try hooking it up to your PC with the Wise File Restoration Wizard installed, try to scan the device with that, if it doesn't work try using a kind of software that can scan mobile devices.

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walker16726 days ago

Thanks, but I stored my photos in my phone not in PC. I don't think that will be helpful to use wise file restoration.

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Iassjga690 days ago

Samsung Recovery got more choice for you, if you lost photos from phone internal memory and sd card, you can choose it recover them. And you can use it recover data from SIM Card .

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saraamy685 days ago

Well, don't worry, you can still recover your lost photos before they were covered by new data, so stop using your phone and use an android data recovery app to help,

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Erikkl676 days ago

Photos can be recovered before they are overwritten by new data, the more you write data, the less likely you’ll be able to retrieve the lost data.

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nhkvn667 days ago

login to account gmail If you active synch photo and video everything will store online here.
If synch not active you can use a software to recover
some software here

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timothymartin2639 days ago

it's hard to get back all lost data back after your phone was restored to factory setting. you can try following method to find out those files that are not overwritten.
1. Connect your phone to computer via USB cable.
2. Download Android Data Recovery to your computer. Install and launch it and you’ll see the interface below. Click “Refresh Device” and the software will recognize storages on your phone.
3. Select the storage device where deleted photos were stored and click “Next” button to start scanning.
4. Preview and recover deleted photos. Select photos you want to recover and click “Recover” button to save deleted photos on computer. It takes time to complete scanning based on the size of selected storage device, please wait patiently.

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Mobbay594 days ago

Samsung Data Recovery is powerful tool that can be used to restore your deleted pictures, videos, contacts and messages from all kinds of Samsung device, including Samsung phones and tablets.And it also supports recover data from HTC,LG,Sony etc.

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Julio2016594 days ago

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AngelinaMary563 days ago


Hello. This is an annoying probilem. However,don't worry. I will recommend the program for you. That is Android Data Recovery, which can only recover photos, but also restore audio, videos, messages and so on.

Here is the article for guiding you how to run this software:

Warm tip: RecoveryTool Studio offers money back guarantee. You can get rufund within 30 days after you purchase our software. Send us Email if the product can't fix your problem.

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PakRayon545 days ago

You can also try iReparo for Android which can recover all kinds of data lost due to deletion and factory reset on Android phone. Follow a guide for data recovery after factory reset:

iReparo for Android provides a special feature: you can set photo formats before scanning phone so that the program will find your deleted photos more quick and accurate.

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