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Best method for learn English??? Reward $2
Created by only_god, 1723 days ago, 2191 views

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xilolee1715 days ago

Only reading won't work, because of the missing accents pronunciation.
As already said:
1) full immersion in USA, UK or Australia
2) find English friends, in real life or in internet, and try to speak with them in English ONLY
3) Listen and watch only English (usa-uk-australia) songs and films
4) Read only English books, comic books and so forth

I have to learn it better, so do I...

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Yuri1723 days ago

To live and work with English.

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hgskov1723 days ago

If you want to learn basic words, i suggest the app/website 'Duolingo'. To be conversational, immerse yourself with english speaking people. Watch cartoons too. Helps well.

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Pravy1723 days ago

Watch a lot of English TV shows. You can start by relating their speech and actions. Then start copying their lingo and then start copying their accent. That's how it's worked for me all these years.

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maren1723 days ago

Watching movies, TV shows, translating movies into your language from English and after from your language to English.
Also, you have youtube channels for learning English, just search this:

Also, try with

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sapungnua1723 days ago

Be borne in England to English parents and go to school in England

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Aravi1723 days ago

Try to watch English movies +English tv show + try to speak in English + hear to English music.

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paulcline71723 days ago

Start Sleeping with someone who speaks English ... you will be very motivated ... and fluent in no time :)

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Dipto1723 days ago

The most crucial point is to "Think In English". Our mind is restless. It always cycles something. Whatever you plan to do plan it in English. Watch English movies , cartoons etc. Read English novels. Ask your friends to talk with you in English. These will improve your English a lot.

Read : 1) Dracula by Bram Stoker
2) Amphibian Man by Alexander Belyaev
3) A Christmas Carrol by Charles Dickens

None of the books are very long. So you shouldn't get bored.

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houcinedz1723 days ago

trust me, try this site :

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olja2255881722 days ago

You should stay alone in America or England for about 1-2 months.
Or if you cant do such things, you can watch movies on english or with english subtitles.
It not that hard, you should have a strong wish to learn thid language. :)

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nunitak1722 days ago

Easier when you start with KIDS Books, any language.

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only_god1721 days ago

in sleep????

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only_god1721 days ago

right. but stay in US and UK It's not possible for me

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olja2255881721 days ago

yes, then, as i said, you can watch serials/movies/youtube or use for chating with people from different countries. It's not that hard to learn language, if you are really want to do it.
Every method is efficient. :)

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only_god1721 days ago

very well.

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olja2255881721 days ago

i hope you will find good methods for yourself. have a nice day! ^^

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hernik1721 days ago

I learned english mostly from listening english music and translating it into my language.

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ShelleyT1721 days ago

By full immersion!! Surround yourself with as much English as possible (friends, movies, books, magazines, games). Make it fun - nobody likes learning a language if it's boring.

Or do what my husband did...marry an English native speaker!! :o)

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robertking1720 days ago

I think you learn online through website.

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Zigonza61720 days ago

English movies with english subtitles, works 100% :D

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darkestsoul6661718 days ago

Stay 1 year in Britain.

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IoJupiter1716 days ago

Read.......anything our country publishes.

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Aircatcher1715 days ago

Read english books, if you're not interested in reading, try to watch some of your favorite english movies or tv shows with the preferred english accent, it actually helps me a lot

Also seek some apps that you can spend to learn for around 15 to 30 minutes every day, such as Memrise or Duolingo for example, so it doesn't disturb your daily works.

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only_god1715 days ago

this is very hard..want easy method.

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Kenjiraw1714 days ago

You can start to do something you like in english, like play game in english, your interface in english, spell description for exemple, learn with that. Or you can watch movies and manga with english subtitles, manga scan translation in english, software in english, try to talk with your friend in english. You can imagine yourself in a situation that other people only speak english and imagine what to said :)

I start to learn with all my games in english and playing in english speaking servers :D

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jpals1618 days ago


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jpals1618 days ago

I found free website one of the best dating / make friends website while language & culture exchange ,here is a bit with similar face,twitt,insta ,you can post what you like to share about your life style ,music , chattings , all members are really qualified nice person, I love " LetsPal" communication

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