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Shipping US import to Korea Reward $215
Created by charlielan, 919 days ago, 1282 views

I recently purchased some jewelry from a manufacture in New York and ask them to ship it to me in South Korea. Now it's being held at customs and I'm being asked to provide an importer's registration ID number to clear the package. Does any foreigner (non-Korean citizen) have any experience with this?
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Whiterabbit01919 days ago

You need to contact the seller in NY and ask them for the shipping details. They should have details of the importers registration ID number. Make sure you ask for that specifically otherwise you may have problems getting it from your customs..

Personally I've only ever had two problems when importing from a different country. the first time was when I served in Germany back in the 1970's as a soldier. I sent home several boxes of King Edward cigars (we were only allowed one box), which I was going to give to my father who unbeknownst to me was selling them to his friends at 50 pence a go, making a large profit. I used to take one box home every leave, but at the end of my tour I was being posted elsewhere and my father asked if I could get more than one box. I remember working at the local post office following my discharge, this was abut a month after i'd posted the cigars. The postmaster called me into his office and told me he'd received a call from customs and excise and realized it was me. I was asked to pay the full duty on the cigars, which amounted to around £40 per box (the cigars sold for £1 each at the local tobacconists and each box had 50 cigars in them). I'd sent six boxes over with various other items all boxed up and labelled personal items. I would have left the cigars, but the box contained all of my negative files of photographs I'd taken over several years, so ended up having to pay a fine of £240, which back in the 1970's was a lot of money.. The other instance was more like the situation you find yourself in. I purchased a game controller called the when a game controller called The Novint Falcon ( a haptic controller with force feedback) It was shipped to my home several years ago before it was officially available in the UK. I received a note from my local post office asking me to bring proof and identity and details of the order. this was initially a problem because I'd asked an American friend to purchase it because the developer and manufacturer of the controller only sold it in the US at the time. So the original purchase was made by an American friend of mine to mainland America, then it was repackaged and posted to my UK address. Once I'd received details of the order from my friend and a hefty import duty (costing me over £50 extra on top of the original postage. The item originally cost about £140. I paid over £100 just in postage and duty. The following year it was freely available via a UK intermediary. Grrrr.

I do hope you get it sorted easily.


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Aravi918 days ago

Hi @charlielan
The answer is yes. It is related to taxation. Kindly contact your seller in NY. He should help you.

Kindly refer this article:

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charlielan918 days ago

Thanks for taking the time to respond. I tried to contact the seller in NY but it does not have such information availlable to me. I am asking a local friend to resolve this matter through contact with Fedex in Korea. Apparently all they need is my name and passport number.

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