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Wise 365 and how does screenshot work Reward $2
Created by Jazzman, 923 days ago, 1028 views

I would like to know if Wise 365 products is compatable with my antivires Mcafee ?
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Aravi923 days ago

Yes ...............

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CoolCat922 days ago

Yes, Wise Care products are compatable with all antiviruses.

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raaj13922 days ago

yes it works with Mcafee.

For screenshots press PrtSc button on your keyboard when you want to take screenshot.
Open paint and Ctrl+V(Paste) and save as .jpg

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xilolee912 days ago

Hi jazzman. :)

Mcafee and wise care 365 are compatible, because this last one isn't an antivirus.

The following are general advices for all brands of cleaners (i.e., not only WiseCleaner products):
- It is a good rule to do a full system image before using these types of programs.
- It is a good rule to create a system restore point before using these types of programs.
- The first time you run a cleaner application (that cleans files or registry keys/values), you must carefully check the results: if you think they should not be removed, exclude them.
- The subsequent scans aren't less important: you should always check all results.

In your case: if Wise Care 365 finds mcafee items, till mcafee is installed, you should exclude them.
When you'll uninstall mcafee, you'll also remove mcafee items from the exclusions, you'll scan your pc with Wise Care 365 and you'll remove all of mcafee items.

Hope this helps.

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cristiano123911 days ago

your the...

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healthsafe905 days ago

I and my wife have 2 desktops, 2 lap tops & a netbook. {no smart phone:) ]
All on win 10 or 7).
You can't run Win Def on 10 cause MS hates anything better. You can on 7.

Wise 365 is losing lots of customers cause their Free is too good. If you have C leaner and wise - you get best avail & free. Wise 365 free is great with McAfee.

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