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Is it good to enable "unknown sources" on Android? Reward $4
Created by bootup, 1599 days ago, 3208 views

Is it good to enable "unknown sources" on Android?

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Aravi1599 days ago

Hi @bootup
I don't think it is good. You may even get some virus app in your phone if this option is selected. Further, it depends on you that what type of app you want to use. If you want to use 3rd party app, you need to select this. But you have to be careful with your mobile and all type of pushes which can come from sms to whats app to websites. The solution for this problem is to use good all rounder antivirus app in your mobile phone.


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ha141599 days ago


Whenever you install an android applicaion, it is best to to know if it comes from a reliable source, some official (whatsapp) always publish the APK on your web site before that in the Google Play, and are reliable. Applications from APK Mirror, there are usually no problems.
If you install applcations not signed like cracks and if you trust that then go ahead, depending on the application you may open doors to malwares.

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zrodfects1598 days ago

I would never allow this option, you should only download through the google store only, enable this opens up unlimited amounts of possible threats, you may not see it straight away but it can happen at any moment, people can then hack your device to get your information.

So my suggestion would be to leave it disabled..

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angelbabe1598 days ago

"unknown sources" could also install unknown malware and viruses. Best to be safe, and source Apps from somewhere like the google store.

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wfinnin1597 days ago

If you are fully aware of the publisher of the apps you are interested, and are up on your security, activate the "unknown sources", download and then immediately turn it of.

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Jeffnaija1597 days ago

This leaves security-conscious Android users and developers with a dilemma. Do you accept a situation where Google is your sole supplier of apps, or do you
open yourself up to content from elsewhere, along with potential threats? It’s a decision only you can make.
The easy answer is to say that this is how Google makes money off Android, which it provides as an open source operating system for manufacturers and custom ROM makers to do with what they please. Google gets 30% of the money when you buy something from the Play Store.
But there’s much more to this decision than profit motive. Pumping all software from a single, trusted source is a way to keep devices secure. Developers create apps and upload them to the Play Store. Google checks them for viruses, malware, and anything else the company would consider malicious. Then it allows that app and updates to pass through to users. Out of the box, devices can only get affected by bad apps if the code manages to bypass Google’s safeguards.

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SetupComputer1597 days ago

By default, you should not enable installation from "unknown sources".

However, this prevents you from fully customizing your android device. If you plan on rooting your device, you will have to download custom .apk installers, and that will require you to installing from "unknown sources".

Also, there are options for installing other apps which are not on Google Play, so you can enable installation from "unknown sources".


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Dipto1597 days ago

It's no big deal to have this option enabled. There are some sites and softwares other than the google play store that allows you to install apps directly on your android. For example , I don't use google play. Instead I use "1mobile". It's a software by which you can download any app. However the summary is if you always use google play store you don't have to enable this. If you don't it should be enabled. This option's enabled in my android. Till today there's no virus or any software problem in my android. Good Luck.

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jetjacky1596 days ago

i think its good, its a matter of being careful, that is all.
their are times when app store don't have the app you're seeking for, but when you sort the internet you could find it in some websites. this is one of the reason its necessary for you to have it allowed.
in the area of virus, you install a good antivirus application that would hlp scan the apps once they are installed.

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pustoi111592 days ago

It is correct, but does not give 100% guarantees.

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Muzammil1565 days ago

It is not good to enabe "unknown sources" but when we download an app (.apk) from a site other than play store, then it has to be enabled to install the app. The app may have viruses. if you trust the site where you downloaded it, then you may enable it. But don't forget to check "allow one installation".

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Togekiss_40111557 days ago

Oh! That depends on what site you are on! The one's I know are safe are Google Play and, just switch that off only when installing something that came from a site you trust, the file it blocks when switched on is the .apk files, switch it off temporarily to install the software and turn it back on immediately. BUT, before you install anything I recommend you get an antivirus security suite like Avast antivirus before downloading anything. Was this helpful?

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it9computers1556 days ago

Yes, you will not hurt anything leaving this setting on, despite common misconception if you leave this checked malware is not going to just pop up one day. Make sure you only download software from trusted sources and do not agree to install anything that you did not intend to and you will be perfectly fine. if you have questions about trusted sources send me a reply.

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alla1546 days ago

you can enable it when you want to install an app from unknown sources just it is good just make sure that the app is downloaded from a trusted site
because some apps are used to spy on android users

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DenisZA1540 days ago

not really, but if you download from trusted sources you can turn this feature

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jeetkml1539 days ago

Yes, it's good if you download from trusted sources or scan your apk file trusted anti-virus + anti-malware then run or install but you may be victim of malwares or bloatware if you installed from un-trustable or pirated sites

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milewap1499 days ago

It is good because many good apk,donth egzist on google play store!For example TubeMate apk this is link official,site for this apk!With this apk you mei download video or convert video to mp3 format,from YT site!That app is noth virus android is basicly working on Linux,so dont ned antivirus apss!On my HTC Desire X i donth have any antivirus app,only problem on android is apps!I min wich permisions developer(s) give to an app,there is problem!However with TubeMate,i never hawe problems.

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