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What is the most expensive fruit? Reward $2
Created by heaven, 747 days ago, 1529 views

What is the most expensive fruit?

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Jeffnaija745 days ago

The first position of the world’s expensive fruits is occupied by the Yubari Melon of Japan. Cantaloupe is the thing you either love or detest. If you love then, you need to go Japan in order to taste this most expensive and tasty fruit of the world. It cost $23,000/Per Pair

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DavidT747 days ago

Hi, check this out !

The most expensive fruit is that strange buddha pears... o.o Looks so weird!

Have a nice day!

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only_god747 days ago

We do not have that money for expensive fruit.So do not think

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liuzhiyu747 days ago

Blue berry

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sapungnua747 days ago

Fruit of the Loom

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Aravi747 days ago


Yubari Melon is very expensive cost is 23,000 USD /Per Pair. But I will not even imagine to buy one.


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omarwa79747 days ago

I like all type of Apple.

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darrell745 days ago


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Dipto745 days ago

Oh brother it makes me feel sad & poor to see these fruit prices. if you wanna feel sad & poor too visit the links below :

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