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Why keep mobile phone half inch away from ear or body? Reward $25
Created by yas, 866 days ago, 1393 views

User Guides for mobile phones always contain the precaution that you should keep your phone at least half an inch away from your ear of body while making calls. Does anyone understand the reason for this safety precaution?

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Ron865 days ago

If you don't the massive amount of radiation from phone will fry your brain and you will end up a blithering idiot like Hillary. Haven't you seen her pictures when she is on the phone?

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ckoch865 days ago

lol its supposedly cancer causing. Recommend Bluetooth ear phone or a regular ear phone with the ability to talk and hear (they're made for phones).

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Pravy865 days ago

Yes yes I know.. It's so that you would not be able to hear the other person speak clearly in a crowded environment and spend more money trying and taking more time to understand them, as if they make the earpiece that loud enough to hear when placed away from the ear.
Its just like the corporate hack toothpaste makers do by making the mouth of the toothpaste bigger so that we will squeeze out more toothpaste than we need.

All jokes aside. I really don't know why and I don't care either. I'll die one day for sure. What's the difference if I die a day or two early? :p

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zrodfects865 days ago

Yes it is said that it gives you cancer and health problems, this would most likely be different to all as far as how much you use it to how prone you are of getting ill etc.

People also think that is why you must turn them on when your filling up your car with gas because of the radiation, it's rubbish on that one, the real answer since I worked in this field once is mainly due to old phone where the battery is fitted to the back, if this slides off and hits the ground on a certain angel those little prongs that make connection to your phone can spark and ignite the fuel, this is why...

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jetjacky865 days ago

to avoid it burning your skin. some phones over heat at a rate considered unhealthy for a person.

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Nigol865 days ago

To avoid accidentally heat of tissues of our bodys. Because some cell-phones can (by manufacturing defects or some other reason) work in ~2450MHrz (like mini microwave). The standard of GSM is 900/1800MHrz (Europe, Asia) and 800/1900Mhz (USA, etc). See how close value is? So answer is: mobile phone can damage your body causing heat of body tissues.
Sorry for my english - it's not my mother language.
Have a good day ;)

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Aravi865 days ago

Hi @yas
You are always amazing bro!!! All your posts are very informative and useful.

I understand that this is to avoid damages to tissue caused due to cellphone radiation and their harmful health hazards as explained in the below article. Further, I think that one should avoid all the wireless gadgets like Bluetooth, etc to max possible.

Further, it is advisable to use wired headphones.

Being frank with you, I would have not found this truth if you have not posted this question.

Keep up your good job.


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yas865 days ago

You are pretty amazing yourself! And apparently, highly intelligent to boot.

By the way, I am a lady... just doing my best to raise a little consciousness on our planet.

We should be careful with mobile phones and the radiation that they are emitting. Scientists are very much divided on this subject. But what is true will become clear in the end. Kierkegaard said: "Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards."

I do not own the truth, but I can feel what the ever-increasing electromagnetic radiation is doing to my own health. We'll wait and see what happens.

In the meantime, it is indeed best to use wired headphones.

Thank you for your contribution!

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yas865 days ago

Thank you for your reply.
Electromagnetic radiation is comparable to microwave. And we are also advised not to stand too close to a microwave oven...

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Aravi865 days ago

Hi @yas

Yes sis, I am too glad about my contribution.

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yas864 days ago

Best answer so far! But I want people to keep reading this and they won't if the question has already been answered. So I'll wait a little more before choosing best answer...

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yas864 days ago

One recent study everyone should be aware of (it concerns our health!):

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COLLO861 days ago

thi is why
salivary gland tumors
dizziness and migraines
less sleep and poor sleep quality
increases and decreases in production of specific proteins in human cells
decreased sperm count and quality
skin irritation, especially on the face (this is a condition known as electro hypersensitivity)
behavioral problems and increased chance of cancer tumor development in children.

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yas861 days ago

Yes! Thank you.

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pustoi11860 days ago

a relic of the earliest mobile phones. the habit of (just in case) print.

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Sparrowhawk1161860 days ago

Cell Phones are in the 5.8 (I believe, now) Ghz range. Basically, it's in the microwave range. The the amount of radiation in a cell phone is small, only powerful enough to get to a cell tower. Though it can not "cook" your brain, it can cause cancer, just like any high frequency EMR. With young people using them over a life time, it is beleived that possible helth problems could arise later on in life. So, a warning is labeled for them so that you do not put the device to close to your head. Speakerphone, wired headsets keep the device from your head. Why so high in range? Micro frequencies can get around obsticles, like trees and building better at low power and are clearer than lower frequencies. Most scanners can not get that high and codes are used for privacy. If you are older the risk is low. But with younger peoiple the risk is higher for over time, the health risks increase becasue oif increased expossure.

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yas860 days ago

Thank you for your insightful contribution.
Keep them coming! The more awareness the better.
The risk is higher for babies & children. Just less high when you are an adult, but the risk is there nonetheless.
We don't know how this will progress in the years to come.
But caution is advised.

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Sparrowhawk1161860 days ago

Yes. Cell phones back in 1988 were a novalty. However, studies have shown the dangers. Like all things that cause health problems, more stingent methods should be used to warn the public of the dangers... especially the dangers present. Cell phones have become a convenience and a fad. Like all fads, dangers arise... (cigarettes fro instance.) Companies market devices for money and profit. With no or inadequate shielding on the phones, the same problems with other items causing health problems are suppressed for the prophit gained. Its cheaper to make them the way they are. At one time, in house phones were the thing. Cell phones were used only for mobility. Now people are using them in the home. Strangely, a cell phone only goes to a the tower. Oncve it hits iit, regular land line takes over, the same way in house phones do. Ironic. If cel phones were used only for the convenience of mobility, while in house phones are used for it's purpose, less cell phone usage would happen. (Yet, even wireless in house phones use the same 5.8 Gig.) A label should be put on them like all hazardous materials warning the public, but much more profound instead of obscure. Or, the technology should be made safer. It would be a shame to wait 30 years to finally do studies showing the increase of brain tumors over the years to make people finally realise that something should be done about it..

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yas860 days ago

Hi @Sparrowhawk1161

I totally agree.
That cell phones or wireless devices can be hazardous to your health was en is kept secret because money and commercial interests prevail. In 30 years or so we will know the havoc it has wreaked. Finally, measures will be taken, but for many this will be too late.
In addition and in the meantime, many people are seriously addicted to their phones.
I am curious to know how this will develop. We cannot continue to give the telecom providers unlimited freedom. Eventually there has to be a turnabout.

Thanks for your meaningful contribution.

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yas860 days ago

Unfortunately, knowledge does not lead to behaviour modification. People continue to smoke, despite the cigarette packs warning labels! Of course, everyone should be free to make his own choices. And I would not want anyone to go without their mobile phones. But I think I should have a right to choose whether I want to expose myself to electromagnetic radiation or not. The way it is right now I don't have that choice. It's all around me, it even penetrates the privacy of my own home, thanks to my neighbours' WiFi and the cell phone tower just 1500 feet from my bedroom.

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yas856 days ago

Apple's own warning:

I would advise everyone to be careful and never carry your phone in your pocket.

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yas846 days ago

Why you should keep a distance between your cell phone and your ear/body:

1) Thousands of independent studies have shown that cell phone radiation can cause cancer and brain tumors.
2) No one can guarantee it is safe--in the long run
3) Telecom providers warn us to keep this distance, because they are anticipating lawsuits from people claiming health damage. But they do so in very tiny letters in the instruction manuals
4) Remember Apple itself warns customers never to carry an Iphone in your pocket!

It is remarkable that few people seem to be interested in the health dangers. Is it like smoking? We know it is damaging to our lungs, but the addiction is too great. Besides, for now, everything is still fine!

It is a known psychological fact that knowledge does not lead to behaviour change.

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yanka457837 days ago

Im going to keep this nice and simple no long answer needed. They say hold your cellphone from a distance because of the RADIATION. Cell phones have a lot of radiation and it can have a really damaging effect in our bodies. hope my very simple to the point answer helped. :)

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yas837 days ago

You are right. But people are always wanting scientific proof of this. Until it is too late for many.... Thank you for your contribution.

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