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How to get rid of exam anxiety? Reward $4
Created by colin, 868 days ago, 1145 views

Did you used to suffer some degree of anxiety when preparing for a test? Are there any ways to get rid of it?
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Pravy868 days ago

I had a case of such anxiety. During my board exams I came across the exact question which I had prepared the day before the exam and was unable to write a single line of the answer.
Many people have different ways of coping with anxiety.
The best is to be well prepared for the exam. This is the main reason why people get anxiety attacks during exams.
Secondly if you have prepared well, try and relax as much as you can before the exam by doing activity you love. Eg music, exercise would help.
If you have tried everything and still get uncontrolled anxiety before exams. Better seek medical attention in form of counseling and medications.

I say the last method because for me personally counseling has helped me overcome my anxiety.

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Yuri868 days ago

It is best to help prayer to God.

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yas868 days ago

1) Make sure you are well-prepared for the test. What better way to ensure succes?
2) A good night's rest will also help
3) Eat healty, no junk food!
4) Take Bach Rescue Plus (see link below)

5) Be smart and turn off Wifi when studying! Studies have shown that people in WiFi zones perform poorly. WiFi affects your brain. Why do telecom providers advise you keep your mobile phone 0,5 inch away from your ear or body?

Best of luck,

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Aravi868 days ago

Hi @colin
I have only one major suggestion, you never read at last movement (before one hour). It will make you drained more and make you more anxiety. I always follows this.

Try to read from the beginning instead before a month.

Try to solve the sample question paper to gain more confidence.

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raaj13868 days ago

Try meditation or yoga if you can.

Take a good sleep before exam and never leave anything for the last moment.

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srgtun867 days ago

Personally, I started learning to matura exam when I though it is too late ( 2 months before exams). I was broken but one thing that started and kept me going was thinking "that I will give full of myself and whatever happens I did what I could have. I gave my 100%". this way I could focus on learning and it calmed me down enough to stay strong. I did very well on exams (maybe because im talented :PP ).

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nuklin867 days ago

I will advise you to source for and digest past question papers, scan through if you cannot read thoroughly, all the pages or slides of your class work. Inquire what kind of questions are likely to come out from your older students. Again, join reading groups and ask questions you don't understand, also go online google topics you can get hold of, learn the basics. Finally, be prepared to write all that you know about a topic whether relevant or irrelevant to you, just keep writing and exhaust your knowledge because you never know which point will attract the lecturers attention and marks. Goodluck!

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only_god865 days ago


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Dipto865 days ago

The only way to get rid of exam anxiety is to do your duty. And as a student your only duty is to study well. It doesn't matter what you try like meditation , yoga or visit psychiatrist it won't help you unless your mind is tensionfree. No one can cure you unless you cure yourself. You have to study hard and believe in yourself that "I can , I've not skipped my duty and I've done everything that could be done. Even if I can't win this time next time I will strike harder. I am the one most able. If anyone can I can. And if I can't no one can. There is no one better than me. And so no one can stop me from reaching my goal."

Apart from what I said above , on the day of exam I personally read this and it helps to stable my mind :
Just read the translation.

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pustoi11862 days ago

Eat dark, bitter chocolate.

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colin861 days ago


Eating chocolate? Why?

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pustoi11861 days ago

It promotes the production of endorphins (happiness hormone).respectively, you are less worried.

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colin859 days ago

Eating chocolate can bring happiness hormone and make me feel less worried. thanks. will have a try before examination.

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vsukvb859 days ago

It is most important to pray to God. It determines everything. Study and pray! It is!

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