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Which food is good for digest? Reward $2
Created by claire, 956 days ago, 1299 views

Is your digestive system also making you sick and fat? Can you help me?

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yangjikai945 days ago

Eight to help digestion of food

1 barley and barley malt

Containing vitamin A, B, e and amylase, maltose, glucose, invertase, allantoin, protein decomposing enzyme, fat and mineral. Barley of allantoin can promote the healing of gastrointestinal ulcers.

2 yogurt

Yogurt in addition to all the nutrients contained in milk, the prominent feature is rich in lactic acid, milk can be lactose into lactic acid. For the gastrointestinal tract of the lack of lactic acid enzyme or drink fresh milk, easy to diarrhea, can be changed to drink yogurt. Lactic acid can inhibit the growth of mold in vivo can prevent the use of antibiotic drugs in the dysbacteriosis. Lactic acid can also prevent the accumulation of spoilage bacteria break down proteins produced by poison and anti-cancer effect, yogurt mild diarrhea, can prevent constipation in the elderly.

3 apples

Apple can antidiarrheal, can purge. The tannic acid containing organic substances such as a base convergence, pectin content can absorb toxins. A simple pair of mild diarrhea, one could eat apple antidiarrheal. Apple contains cellulose can stimulate the intestinal peristalsis, accelerate defecation, so there is the role of defecation.

4 tomato

Contains rich organic acids such as malic acid, citric acid, formic acid, can protect vitamin C, so that the processing of the cooking process is not destroyed, increase the utilization of vitamin. Tomatoes also contain a special ingredient - lycopene, help digestion, diuretic, can assist the gastric juice to digest fat, lycopene can inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi, can be treated with angular.

5 orange peel

Orange peel to digestive role is mainly the containing volatile oil of digestive tract has stimulating effect, can increase gastric secretion, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis.

6 chicken gizzard skin

Also known as the inner wall endothelium corneum chicken stomach. Contains digestive enzymes and gastric hormone, and increased gastric acid secretion capacity, promote gastric peristalsis. Stomach hormone in case of high fever and easy to damage, it is better to eat raw food.

Papaya 7

Immature Papaya contains two enzymes, called protease papaya class, called protease papaya, the decomposition of fat into fatty acids can promote digestion and absorption of food.

8 Chinese cabbage contains a lot of rough fiber, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help digestion, prevent constipation.

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misho956 days ago

Light and healthy food will eventually make you feel better and better, and of course your health will deeply thank to you.
Try to avoid fast food and gift yourself the pleassure of taking the healthy and nice food that you deserve ;)

I would suggest You to take:
Healthy meats, fish, vegetables, integral cereals and fruits.

- Replace "bubble-drinks" for juices, lemon-water, etc.....
- Mint tea helps making a beautiful digestion :)
- Please, try to drink 2 litres of (mineral) water per day, walk at least 15 minutes and/or light exercise (if your Doctors agrees).

It´s for sure you will feel so much better and healthy (o^^o)

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Aravi956 days ago

Hi @claire
Try Millet. It will not only give you essential nutrients but also help you to reduce fats.

It really good for person who have digestion problem too.


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Aravi956 days ago

It is taste too

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raaj13956 days ago

try a glass of lemon and honey mix with some water daily will help you reduce fat.

Try to lessen your intake of daily food.(eat salad instead of the food you reduce).

Eat less fried food.

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charlielan955 days ago

Anything with a high amount of fiber, like multigrain bread or cereal, is good for your digestion in general.

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27harley955 days ago

Apples. The help digest your food and clean your teeth at the same time. I'm going downstairs right to get one out of the fridge right this minute!!

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claire955 days ago


Thanks, your tips seems useful. But I often belch, is it caused by bad digest?

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claire955 days ago


compared with some links I prefer to the suggestion from your own. thanks.

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claire955 days ago


Thanks, your advice seems good to lose weight, and the dyspepsia also worried me a lot.

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Aravi955 days ago

Hi @claire

Bro it is one of our south Indian traditional food. I need not to refer those link.

It's for your reference.

I myself followed it and lost 5kg in 4 months.

In my home we use millet when we are sick. We call it kambu kangi in Tamil.

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waslymarcelino955 days ago

Lemon with Honey Along with meals!!!

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ryanaxis953 days ago

hi claire :)
the food that is good for digestion is oatmeal,
best to eat oatmeal in morning and on breaktime.

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Dipto953 days ago

Check out ALL the links below. ALL of them provide valuable information for you. You will have COMPLETE information you need.

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maren951 days ago

Hello @claire

You must know that there no exist UNIVERSAL DIET or UNIVERSAL FOOD for all people.
Ich person have their own digestive tract with their predisposition for some food.
Some people like fat, some people like fruit with a lot of acids, some people like fruit with lot of sugar...

Somebody say to avoid fast food, and yes, that is correct. Avoid this. This is not healt not only for digestive tract.
Avoid COCA COLA and other pop drink. Someone say to drink 2 l mineral water per day??? Its crazy. Drink 2 l water or tea,
but why mineral? I don't agree with this.

Less bread, shpageti, pasta, and other noodle foods.
More fish, stoven goat meat, milk and chesse and avoid yogurt with high %fat
more fresh fruit and vegetables, drinks with sugar avoid as much as you can,
drink only natural juices, from your produces, if you can make it.
Maybe this can sound strange, but from pig you can get excellent dry smoky meat, and god bacon too.
Not health? Nonsense!!!
Just remember that everybody have different digestive tract.

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Alirio951 days ago

I like yogurt, it digests very fast, it contains probiotics, live bacterias that help your stomach. Also, you may combine it with cereal wich contains fiber, excellent for your intestines.
Have a good meal!

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maren951 days ago

Its true about yogurt, but there is two sort of yogurt, with high percent of milk fat and with low percent of milk fat.
Use with low percent milk fat. Avoid with high percent milk fat. Both have god probiotics and health bacterias for your stomach.

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pustoi11950 days ago

has the highest calorie fast carbs! simply eliminate all sugar and sweet, many of my friends helped. losing weight will become slowly but clearly, lose weight!

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ckoch946 days ago

well its not always ideal to worry about what we are eating. I've had bad digestion and acid reflux for ages. I started working on it with spirolena that helps a lot with digestion and burping, reflux and digestion. For the reflux I took a spoon full of raw honey for ages I've now quit that. At present I take black seed (black cumin) which is cheaper and better then spirolena (look it up) and I drink a little apple cider vinager at nite in juice I use Braggs brand. This also helps my allergies which are horrible at night. Give the black seed a try. Its pretty inexpensive and will help in many other ways. Its called the seed that cures anything but death lol.

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ckoch946 days ago

I think the raw honey cured everything and the black seed and apple cider vinager is maintaining it.

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mumi945 days ago

try fried garlic,

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devdutt756 days ago

hey friends follow the below link for benefits of water.

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