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Captain America: Civil War or X-Men: Apocalypse Reward $2
Created by sunrise, 953 days ago, 2265 views

Which is better?
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yogiseph953 days ago

Both were pretty good movies, but by far X-men Apocalypse was better. I expected more from each one, but Captain America was the bigger let down. It barely had anything to do with the Civil War series.

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olja225588953 days ago

Both movies are good and absolutely different, so we can't decide which one is better.
But each of them is definitely worth of your attention.

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MohammedAttia953 days ago

I highly recommended you Captain America: Civil War

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Aravi953 days ago

I think X-Men: Apocalypse is more good

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waslymarcelino951 days ago

certainly Captain America: Civil War!!!!!!!. The film features the T'Challa character, the popular Black Panther, the first time in a Marvel movie. He is one of the first heroes of African origin in the world of comics.

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charlielan951 days ago

Captain America. None of the new X-Men movies have Patrick Stewart.

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DavidT950 days ago


Or spiderman.

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omarwa79950 days ago

x- men is the best.

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darrell950 days ago

i liked captain america civil war better then x men apopclypes...thought the x men was kind of boreing...good show but nothing like civil war.....alot of action in civil war.

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Andy1982949 days ago

ok civil war.....alot of action in civil war.

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ryanaxis949 days ago

hi sunrise;)
for me civil war

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Alirio947 days ago

You have to see both films! they are equally good entertainment, nice special effects and based on Marvel Comics

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Cgoding927 days ago

Captain America

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