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Where can I create a simple website? Reward $220
Created by Joaquin2001, 593 days ago, 882 views

It's time for this 15 year old boy to change style! I want to create a website so I can put my tutorials about computer and mobile devices. I want it to be able to upload pictures, and everyone can comment below it! So, where is it? What is it? Tell me please...I can't wait to help people that is trying to find solution for their problems but they ended up failed.
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Aravi593 days ago

Hi @Joaquin2001
You can make a website through WordPress. The easier faster way.

Kindly find my previous answer:

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xret56593 days ago

hey there!
you will be happy to go to website officially this site can help you a lot with the website you want to built..
get a domain too helpfull for website advertisement..

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AtanasVa593 days ago

Hey there @Joaquin2001. I have a little experience in that sector, and I hope I can help you.
To me it sounds like you want something like a blog. You can make a free blog here:
or if you wanna go a little deeper you can try to do it with wordpress it's a little more complicated but wordpress has a lot more features.
This can help you if you decide to go with

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Atliax593 days ago

@AtanasVa Just what I was looking 4. thanks

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joieromie593 days ago is an online hosting service. Free membership works for personal use just fine, and out of all of the website designers I've fumbled through, their's is so user-friendly I stuck with it for my business needs too. If you haven't already found the best match for you, try, and if you need any help, my contact info is on my website (, feel free to email or text me!

Happy Designing!

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Joaquin2001593 days ago


Thank you, everyone. It seems like WordPress is the best for me. Still, thank you for the suggestions.

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joieromie593 days ago

My pleasure!

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AndyCool22593 days ago

Another recommendation for Wordpress. Wix offers nice looking websites. Yola also offers a site builder.

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Aravi592 days ago

Hi @Joaquin2001


I am glad that you got the answer you have looked for.


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maren592 days ago

About posts: is not safe is very commercial and there is future, its good choice, with lot options - I don't know about wix so I can't tell about wix

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Joaquin2001592 days ago

Ah! I accidentally downvoted your comment.

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maren592 days ago


Its not such important, this topic is ended, I just suggest my opinion to you to know where to go.
And dont forget, also is not safe.

Use wordpress. If you look on web, you will see that people search for wordpress developers.
So, start with this.

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Askvr592 days ago

I do recommend Wix, it's a great and professional option.

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Urban592 days ago

You can also buy domain and hosting, use WordPress to set up your website.

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Joaquin2001590 days ago

Really? But looks like I helped one people buy asking this. Thanks everyone, by the way. And I can clearly see is not safe.

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maren589 days ago


I think that my answer is not important because you get answer.
But anyway, I answered not for money or points, I gave my answer about some hostings,
I give my opinion, where to go and make simple site, or blog.

Using Wordpress you learn how to make sites for clients, for money. Wordpress experts can earn a lot money.

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Twilight573 days ago

@ Joaquin2001 the fastest and easy way to create a website in the form of a weblog. Offers many customization option including but not limited to:
- Themes
- Widgets
- Tag and Category clouds

Gives you up to three GBs of storage for your files.

But if you want to form a simple website for any kind of stuff, with online editor and optional domain of choice, I would suggest weebly.

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tatsharkf522 days ago

Use WordPress! WordPress is the world’s most popular tool for creating websites. WordPress is capable of creating any kind of website, from a simple blog to a full-featured business website. You can even use WordPress to create an online store

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ashleysummer400 days ago

Agree! WP is my option too!

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anhot399 days ago

Cool tips!

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WendyDisson319 days ago

Hi there,

you're trying to do a really good thing, so I'm gonna try and help you too. I would recommend either Wix or WordPress, as they are easy to handle, not that expensive (and offer free packages as well), and have some awesome templates. Here's more about both of them, if you're interested - [url= Good luck!

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anhot229 days ago

When it comes to creating websites, these WordPress themes are number one resource. I personally used one of these wordpress business themes to create a competitive website for my startup. It's really easy and effective way to set up a website.

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