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Created by jackyjacky, 1144 days ago, 1070 views

I'm not a professional. When I read an article about Cloud service, I begin to worry about the security. That's my reaction to the new trend. Yep. I think it's the trend. So I'd like to put forward the topic here. Wish experts here could give us your thinking.
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Lakada1144 days ago

I think to store your digital data local at home its more secured at all, use a local Computer / Server !

Cloud Servers may secured too but i think they can sell your informations as well
i don't trust :)

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zrodfects1144 days ago

Cloud is pretty much like anything new that latches on, once it's here it's here to stay, since for example Apple uses iCloud for customers to store their apps and app saves etc...

Me personally would never trust a server or host of any type, as it is possible for hacking and malfunctional problems. like anything such as this, the developers are not held responsible for any loss of data as it is not cash of any sort they store so your kinda trusting the untrusted world.

I keep everything on an external HDD an I update to a new HDD every few years to avoid any faults, though this has yet to happen to me but it's worth maintaining new HDD's and not to find out..

at least with HDD you can move certain files to a USB for travel sake, where as if you have no net or for whatever reason iCoud goes on maintenance checks you may have no access temporarily which in turn wastes your time.

Cloud servers if needing more memory space you have to pay for it, it's just another way for developers secretly creating another means of a website host as a file hosting alternative because of loss of customers getting actual website space so they do this instead.. Dropbox is another iCloud service which I use sometimes to send files to my customer for my online work, but I have the basic 2GB storage, I will never pay for something that won't get used 24/7 so it is kinda like paying for more tv channels, your paying for a service your not watching while your sleeping or going to the shops, it's the easiest money making scam for companies, companies get your money while you alright paid upfront and you go off on a a holiday, while you pay for their holiday with their fees..

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Aravi1144 days ago

Hi @jackyjacky
Not only cloud, any system which is connected with network tend to get attacked by hackers. It is trade off between security and convenience.

If you required secured cloud, try good cloud services (which is paid one) then trying free services, which caused trouble. like SpiderOak, Wuala, Tresorit,

You can also find more details in the below article:


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CoolCat1143 days ago

Hi jackyjacky

Livin' in the technical progress and digital information era, using new programs, applications etc., we are all at risk.
I use Google Docs and Dropbox occasionally, but never keep a private information there.
Big media corporations who own cloud services collect too much personal data, so I still think PC is more secure.
I use FileZilla for file sharing, it's free and safer than any cloud service.

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Roberthardy144 days ago

With the help of the cloud model, you can have safe and secure data for your organizations. Impiger helping business people to achieve their goal by having the correct cloud model for the organizations. To know more details about this you can visit the blog

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