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Flashing back IMEI to Mediatek devices Reward $210
Created by Hoshikawa_Momoko, 959 days ago, 17542 views

I have a Mediatek device which is bricked, so I unbrick it by flashing back the stock ROM. I forgot to backup my damn IMEI, so after flashing and powered on my device, it has an invalid IMEI. I tried to use SN Write Tool to flash the IMEI number, but it keeps failing, giving this error:


What is the problem and how can I solve this? Is it the database? I picked my database from here: I picked MT6582 since my device is MT6582. Is it the driver? Currently the driver that is shown in Device Manager is MediaTek USB VCOM (Android) when the device automatically booted to meta mode due to SN Write Tool. Is it me? Well, I put the right database in both MD1_DB and AP_DB. And I also turned of my phone first, clicked Start, enter IMEI number, and connect my phone in turned off state and then it automatically booted to meta mode. Right after the progress hits "Start searching kernel com port handshake...", then the big red FAIL comes along with the above error. Is there any solution?
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Joaquin2001958 days ago

@Hoshikawa_Momoko I discovered this today, maybe I'm the first boy to find this method, oh.....I think I should this in a website. So, everyone's method is working, all of them is not wrong. The META_MAUI_DB_INCONSISTENT means you chose the wrong database. I would recommend you to use the database that comes along with the stock ROM you used to unbrick your device. The database that you should choose should be the one with APDB in it's name and must be put at the AP_DB slot in SN Write Tool. There are two files with APDB in their names, pick the one with the largest size, usually more than 150 KB. Now the one that you chose wrongly, the MD1_DB. This MD1_DB file usually starts with BPLGU in it's name. Some stock Mediatek ROM doesn't put this database outside the ROM like the APDB, instead they put it inside system.img. What do we need is to extract it out. Let me show you how to take it out of the system.img:

1. Download this tool:

It's called EXT4Unpacker. This one will be used to extract the system.img.

2. Extract this tool to somewhere in the drive. Now open ext4_unpacker.exe.

3. Now you should see three buttons beside the "Image file:". If you hover your cursor on one of them, there should be a button saying "Open ICS/JB/EXT4 image file". Click it. A window will appear. Now open your stock ROM's system.img.

4. You will see your /system directory. This is how exactly you see it in any root explorer in your device. Now head to /system/etc/mddb. Now, we can see the MD1_DB file, with BPLGU in it's name. Right-click it, and choose Extract. Choose where to extract the MD1_DB file.

Now, you just need to select the extracted file as the MD1_DB file in SN Write Tool. Do what you did, and it should be working. Hope that big, green PASS appear in front of you.

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Joaquin2001959 days ago

I once did this successfully. And I think your driver was causing your problem. I remember the driver has CDC in it with the name. I'll try to find it if it was the driver that is causing the problem. I really think you should use MerapiTool. MerapiTool doesn't need any special drivers to be installed and can flash not only IMEI number, but also WiFi MAC and Bluetooth address, and maybe more. MerapiTool was also called as VolcanoTool. You can find it right here: Just need to scroll far down to the ground. Currently, the latest version is 1.3.8.

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Joaquin2001959 days ago

Oops, actually, the latest version is 1.4.7. You can download it here: The first link I gave that time shows update history and download area.

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Aravi959 days ago


Kindly refer this article


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SetupComputer958 days ago

That's illegal though

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Hoshikawa_Momoko958 days ago

It seems like I need to install VolcanoBox first. Can you give me the link? I can't seem to find it directly.

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Hoshikawa_Momoko958 days ago

Installed the right driver, now is Android Gadget VCOM Driver. I checked the "Connect Smart phone into META mode", clicked Reconnect, and connected my device in turned off state, and then this error appear:

[ 10] Invalid input arguments, please press [Reconnect] button to connect with target

I can't flash IMEI easily. And I can't find any solution for this. Any ideas? Anyone?

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Hoshikawa_Momoko958 days ago

No, it's not in my case. I unbricked my device, and I lost my IMEI. I want to flash IMEI so I can recover it. I used the IMEI number at the back of my phone at the battery slot, so it's not illegal for me.

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ha14958 days ago


Check this article
Restoring your lost IMEI in MTK phone

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Aravi958 days ago

Hi @Hoshikawa_Momoko
Sorry for the delay in response.

Kindly try the troubleshooting steps mentioned in the below website:-

Or try to restore IMEI

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Hoshikawa_Momoko958 days ago

Thank you, @ha14 I'll make sure I give it a try.

Thank you, @Aravi I'll try your links.

And thank you too, @Joaquin2001 You sure like to type a lot and always give a detailed, non-copy-paste steps. I'll give it a try and good luck for your website.

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AniWorld956 days ago

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