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How often should software be updated? Reward $2
Created by byebye, 1731 days ago, 2101 views

Do you think it is annoying to update software frequently?
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nihal291731 days ago

for softwares on ios and androids mainly once in a month is great .
for windows or OsX they gives the info about what are the new improvements are made to the certain program , the you can update .
for wise care i update it twice a month .
Antiviruses need daily or some times hourly updates to fight vireses , so make sure auto update for them are enabled.
have a nice day @byebye

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Pravy1731 days ago

Some softwares need regular updates to be working perfectly for what it was intended to do. Like Antivirus.
For most software you can get away without updating them but you will be losing some new feature or stuff.
I would recommend updating everything in one go I, e once a month all software should be updated.

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DavidT1731 days ago

Anyone that knows a bit of computers would tell you NEVER update if not really needed, what do you say people?

I have windows 7 since YEARS and never did them, my pc is always fast and responsive, i just update antivirus and thats all.. Phones also should never be updated unless u really have to . I make u the example of smartphones cause it's easy; At some point smartphones becomes slow and you have to rollback it into factory's setup to have ot perfectly working like before, that's because you're wiping all the updates

So yes, updates are never essential until your software works fine. ;)


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SetupComputer1731 days ago

as often as possible.....

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maren1730 days ago

Like @DavidT say, only anativirus can be regulary and recently updated. Most of software don't need to be updated, this update have only spyware control, and don't have some essential change for software.

My neighboro have Win XP with less than 600 MB windows folder.

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ha141730 days ago

well it can be annoying if somehow made your pc instable like with pc cleaning tools. I your applications are freeware then you can update them them, now if you are dealing with sharewares and if the new paid upgrade version does not offer for you important features then you dont have to update.

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Aravi1730 days ago

Hi @byebye

I regularly update software for smooth functioning and keep my self updated with new features. I keeps a common software upgrade platform to make it easy and I disable update option.

You can try one that suites you:

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wheeler811730 days ago

I update when the manufacturer has an update. I upgrade only when my License expires. If the software is working don't buy a new one. This would ne an expensive venture. Their are no specific rules, except those you make for yourself.

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nelsonkyee1727 days ago

Certain programs use update to check for piracy. If your program is not authenic they will anounce it or even disable it. Microsoft allow even not authenic Windows upgrade to Windows 10. Also some manufacturere use update to make money. Some times even your program is authenic bur after upgrade, you have to pay again and cannot roll back unless you delete it even remove the remenent files and re-install the program. Some programs after update it will conflick with other programs in certain environment. For example Adobe Flash the latest version can work only in Windows explorer not in Chrome.

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