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I need help with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT-P7500 20
Created by Joaquin2001, 932 days ago, 2214 views

Recently, I installed CyanogenMod 10.1 with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean for my damn Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT-P7500. I also flashed the compatible GApps. The purpose I installed this custom ROM is so I can get an Android that has a minimum API level of 17. I also installed it for a little bit more performance. When I want some more performance, I'll focus to the CPU. So, I go to Settings, and then Performance, and then Processor. There, I noticed that the Maximum CPU frequency can now be overclocked up to 1400 MHz. But I chose 1200 MHz because I'm afraid I'm frying the CPU by choosing 1400 MHz. But in CPU-Z, it says my CPU's maximum frequency is 1400 MHz (NVIDIA Tegra, by the way). So, what should I do? Stick with 1200 MHz and assuming CPU-Z is wrong or just go to 1400 MHz? One more thing, most of my Samsung devices had their CPU clocked to lower than the maximum frequency that they can handle. Can anyone tell me, why is Samsung is doing this too?
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zrodfects932 days ago

I would never recommend going full specs, this can obviously fry the system, Samsung will also rub their hands together when you send it to them because of it...

I also don't recommend modding tablets to run at faster speeds when most of the games are programmed to run at a certain speed, no mod would alter that, since the frequency is already set, when it does alter the speed your pushing the system to do what it is not meant to hence risking the tablet, I have both Galaxy Tab and iPad and never need to to run faster, it's not like your going to run 4k resolution GTA5 on it, so games would at times be unplayable at faster speeds.

Need faster console, I recommend stick with an Xbox One or a PC...

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Aravi932 days ago


The CPZ is showing correct result.

CyanogenMod offers overclocking in safe range. This overclocking will give you slight speed more then the non overclocked device.

Kindly note that you can overclock a device beyond certain limit. Which is 1400mhz (safe range) for NVIDIA Tegra.

GT-P7500 uses Nvidia Tegra 2 T20 chepset

Refer this artical.

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Joaquin2001931 days ago

@zrodfects But certain games in that tablet lags a little bit. When changing to 1200 MHz, there's a noticable increment in speed. So does that mean I need to stick with 1200 MHz to lower risk of frying the CPU? Oh yeah, like I said, I modded the tablet because it was lack of system.

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Joaquin2001931 days ago

@Aravi So CyanogenMod flashed the right boot.img with the right settings for the tablet. And CPU-Z is always true. My default Maximum CPU frequency is actually 1000MHz in default, by the way. That's why I asked why Samsung clocked the CPU lower than the maximum frequency that they can handle. But like @zrodfects said, theu do it for safety. It does not look like safety to me. A lot of Samsung devices lags, and I assumed it was the CPU clocked too low. Why can't they just clock it to the maximum frequency that the CPU can handle?

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zrodfects931 days ago


It is not always the system too, you have your $40 cheapo tablet and then you have your $500+ tablet with better specs, technically games are designed on a PC which some are programmed to work on say Facebook etc, where as now we have Microsoft Surface tablets that are home PC capable specs to run your every day gaming apps flawlessly...

Speed, CPU, GPU, ram etc all must be at compatible speeds with each other in order to have a stable device, at the same time keeping manufacturing costs down, games are not made to suit tablets, tablets are made to suit games, some high end games require better specs due to graphics and music, how many sprites appear at any givin time simultaneously, there is no point having say 4000Mhz when you only have say 1gb ram and less or same for graphics etc, it will jump and stutter all over the place because one process is done because it is fast then you have a slower process to open and run certain things in ram or background to catch up, this is why all specs from frame rate to audio and video etc has to be working at around the same or simular speed to have a flowing gameplay experience,

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nihal29931 days ago

hi, @Joaquin20013
1400mhz is the highest frequency ,i donot recommend to do so , stick to 1200 mhz its the best for both power performence and battery performance. and get a custom rom in the link :
and keep in mind the performance increase is not worh the risk in tablets/phones , it can handel 1200 mzh easily .

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Joaquin2001931 days ago

@zrodfects I see. I know that to get full performance, not only the CPU must we optimise, the RAM and the kernel must also be optimised. Don't worry about that, I just need to know about how much can I overclock the CPU, and it did make positive effect on this tablet.

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Joaquin2001931 days ago

@nihal29 Thank you for the advice. I already installed CyanogenMod 10.1 and I am already impressed with it. So I don't really need anymore custom ROM. But still, thank you.

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