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How to get sweat stains out of a white shirt? Reward $2
Created by byebye, 1732 days ago, 2729 views

Do you know the easiest way? And don't copy from the Internet. Thanks.
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Logicz1hunid1732 days ago

Hi @byebye
Chlorine Bleach can do the job. All you have to do is mix a 1 or 2 cork full of chlorine bleach to some water (lets say a bucket), add the stained white clothes and leave for a hour+. Then try getting out the stains by washing (focus more on the stained parts).

Hope this helps.

Have a nice day!

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yas1731 days ago

The easiest method is to use dishwasher rinse on the stains, then put the shirt in the washing machine. Let me know the results... Good luck! Best regards, Yas

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Aravi1731 days ago


1 cup vinegar
1/2 cup baking soda
1 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon hydrogen peroxide


Soak for at least 20 minutes in Vinegar water.

Squish the shirt gently

Mix together the baking soda, salt, and hydrogen peroxide until it forms a paste. Apply the paste gently rub.

Wash it in clean water.

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rottingdog1730 days ago

Hi sweat is mildy acidic once acid etches onto something it is impossible too remove. Answer buy a new shirt. cheers

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SoftGuitar1713 days ago

I put my t-shirts through two wash cycles and add plenteous Cholorox.
Prior to the washing I spray "Spray N' Wash" to the collars.

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yangjikai1713 days ago

1. the rice water stain method: with the rice water, you can remove, also has a bleaching effect. 2. the method of salt soaks: available concentration of 10%-30% salt water solution for 10 minutes, then wash with SOAP, you can remove it. 3. ginger stain method: cut the ginger into powder, on sweat-rub, then rinse with clean water. 4, vinegar soaks method: spray a little spray bottle in the sweat of vinegar, just a wash, is particularly good. 5. the ammonia stain method: using an ammonia with dipping a solution of 4 parts water into, you may go to sweat. If this is a new stain, such as washing method: 1. salt, ginger stain method: available after the brine concentration of 30%, water ginger rub, rinse well. 2. wax gourd stain method: put a piece of wax gourd mash, into bags, juice squeezed out and used to scrub sweat clothes, then rinse with clean water. 3. the method of ammonia salt soaks: available 10:1:100 of ammonia, salt, rubbed clean water into solution. Finally, rinse with clean water. 4. the borax solution to stain: a 3.5% solution of borax washing, or washed with acetic acid, 3%-5%. If your clothing is white fabric, as follows: 1. the method of sodium thiosulfate solution soaks: old sweat stains on the white fabric, available 5% sodium thiosulfate solution removed. 2. the alcohol stain method: using alcohol to clean sweat clothes, flush with water. 3. the method of hydrogen peroxide to the stain: 3% slightly heated hydrogen peroxide, used to wipe the perspiration of white fabric, act quickly and evenly, wipe with clean water after rinsing clean.

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