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What's the best thing you can buy for under $10? Reward $2
Created by beststar, 1612 days ago, 4230 views

What's the best thing you can buy for under $10?

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only_god1612 days ago

donot buy .10 $ invest on hyip site.with high profit but with risk.

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LukaK1612 days ago

A lot of icecream :)

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only_god1611 days ago

good .chocolate ice cream

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zrodfects1611 days ago

Oooh, I could get a nice KFC meal for $5.00 so that would give me 2 nights of meals :P

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Aravi1611 days ago

HI @beststar
It depends on which country you stay.


If you are in USA you can try the below thing in the link.

In India I can buy A quality bleat. (1 USD = 67 INR)

In more poor country like Vietnam (1 USD = 22416.50 Vietnamese Dong). You are a rich.

**Kindly note that the above mentioned details are for pure educational purpose only.


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Yuri1611 days ago

In my country the best I can be bought for ten dollars, a 3 kg of meat for barbecue

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Hoshikawa_Momoko1610 days ago

Umm, jackpot up to $1,000,000? Maybe not. How about, no, no. Oh, how about some drinks?

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VierGraves1610 days ago

Something that could potentially help you make money - you could get 100-250 business cards through vistaprint or staples
Otherwise, given my situation, I would probably spend it on some bread, peanut butter and some jelly, have some left over money and get a snack. You could also give said peanut butter/bread/jelly to homeless people and it would help them with nutrition for a good while.
Honestly, I'd spend it at Taco Bell and be decently full for about four days off of their dollar burrittos they have right now.

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nunitak1610 days ago

Bear is choosing tomato soup, 8+ cans, lately, trying for best would include spinach greens or cut salad mix used fairly promptly (USA only).

But I will check back to see what I might have been missing.

A winning Powerball ticket = better by far, if and only if you select the luckiest numbers.

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bhoodiman1610 days ago

Fresh fruit and veggies, Feed the body and the mind.

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ckoch1607 days ago

I like buying information online of all sorts amazon has cheap books for kindle which you can download for free on any puter. They have a lot of free stuff. You'll have fun looking through all the different kinds of info they have. I LOVE MAKE MONEY INFO. I usually buy that but have bought others too. Its great.

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Cgoding1606 days ago

coffee and a donut

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JaDinkalage1606 days ago

1) a meal for someone in need, or 2) a set of guitar strings for myself

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CoolCat1605 days ago

You can get 10 nice one-dollar bills :)

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michaelweaser1605 days ago

you could buy $10 in bitcoin crytocurrency, and than you could invest it, or put it in a bitcoin interest account because bitcoin gets better interest than a regular bank.

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andrea_lizeth1605 days ago

With 10 in my country i can buy hmmm... things like flashs, expensive hamburgers haha, so much CANDYYY :D, even some shoes :v

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SetupComputer1605 days ago

My suggestion for you @beststar is to buy a flash drive (or thumb drive) within $10. This is useful for sharing files with your peers, especially if you are being careful with regards to the spread of malware. Also, if you lose it, there's nothing much to worry about.

You could also buy a foldable umbrella for $10, so you can use it anytime for your convenience.


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vsukvb1605 days ago

Prayer New Testament (Bulgarian)

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igor1604 days ago

Lottery ticket

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yas1603 days ago

Give it to someone who needs it more than you do. Any good deed will buy you a ticket to ... a better next life.

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yas1602 days ago

Give me 10 dollar and I'll show you...

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rewas1599 days ago

I would find honest information products, have invested $ 10 and there would be increased to the maximum

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Aravi1598 days ago


Too tough.....

$ 10 is very small to invest as per my location. What is your location.

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pustoi111597 days ago

buy marijuana)))

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Jeffnaija1597 days ago

You can buy #1,990 Nigerian Naira at the rate of $10

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Jeffnaija1597 days ago

You can buy DSLR Camera USB Drive at $10.00, ideal for the photographer friend who just can’t stop going on about lenses and tripods and camera accessories. This will complete his accessories collection for sure. ($10.00)

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Flashwind1596 days ago

There is an option!
To buy a harmonica, to play on the street. subway,.. to give a concert on the Broadway, in the Carnegie Hall...
... to buy and to friends ice cream, drinks and...

... but before a concert it is necessary to learn to play a harmonica!

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gene45641596 days ago

a hooker and a can of md2020

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greggi1595 days ago

organic fruit and veggies good investment for health

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nguyenthanhsang1575 days ago

give your mom and make sure the mother will buy you anything you like, it can cost more than $ 10 but the rest of your mother paid only $ 10 :)

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yanka4571574 days ago

You can get these excellent pair of earbuds to listen to great music at a fraction of the price people compare these inexpensive headphones to higher end headphones like bose jaybird etc just cos something costs more doesn't mean its the best,... for less than $10 these are a great in ear headphones with great sound quality it will feel like you are jamming on a $100-$200 pair of headphones lol

The normal price is $7 for this one (8320) its on sale for $2.99 you're very welcome at these great prices you should pick up another pair in a different style so you have 2 different earbuds for the price of 1 :)

and here's the upgraded version both are great but they say the 8320 sounds a little better but the 9000 series one is more comfortable i would get both lol

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rageye011552 days ago

a map to get out of any country you do not want to stay in

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Meow1467 days ago

You can pay to the homeless man for the information about rich people walking around and rob them.
Or you can buy a gift and spend some time or even life with one more humanbeing :)
You can even use 10$ to light up a torch and guide humanity through the fog of ignorance.
The priorities is yours and the decision is on you.

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tppackage11461 days ago


I would say socks something you always need.

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tppackage11461 days ago

Paper for your printer.

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