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Cleaning--Do you think cleaning as a nuisance? Reward $2
Created by jackyjacky, 1119 days ago, 2172 views

Any thinking about daily cleaning? guys..... :(
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CoolCat1119 days ago

Actually I don't think it's a nuisance for me because it has already become a habit. Sometimes it is really hard to force yourself to do it, but I don't have to clean every day, I do wet cleaning weekly, general cleaning once a month and annual spring cleaning. My main secret is simple - just put each thing in its place after using.

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Aravi1119 days ago

Hi @jackyjacky

It is not advisable, You can clean the temp files daily. But if you clean all the system files daily, it will result in degenerating the performance of the system.

Try to clean weekly one or once in 15 days.


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yemioke1119 days ago

well, it is optional, it depends on how you percived it. if you see it as nuisance, it is, and if see it other wise then that is how it is.
you have all right to follow and choose the path you want and view it they way you like and it is to you.

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yas1118 days ago

To me, cleaning is a necessary nuisance, but the result is always worth it....

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ZzMrXzZ1118 days ago

No, laziness is a nuisance

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shibuza1116 days ago

I cleAN 2X daily, after boot (and yes, it's not clean at boot) and usually at shut down. And after a marathon I-net session, even during the session if things slow down a bit. Only have 8 Gb memory.

For quick cleaning I use
360Amigo System Speedup
Wise Care Pro (an Xmas freebie from MajorGeeks)
Jet Clean
Cloud System Booster 3.6.45
Ccleaner Slim 5.17.5590
System Ninja 3.1.3

These all run in 20-30 sec together simultaneously ... I run pretty clean. But if your sloppy & dirty, it can use some time & cycles.

And a big league clean I use (these are slower and more aggressive)

Panda Cloud Cleaner 1.1.8
Toolwiz Care
Defraggler 2.20.989
IObit Smart Defrag
Anvi Smart Defender 2.4
Advanced Systemcare (another freebie giveaway)
Baidu PC Faster

These are mostly all free from Major Geeks (I love these guys)

Daily cleaning... Pay me now or pay me (BIG TIME) later.

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jackyjacky1113 days ago

You are my idol. I enjoy the result of cleaning and I have to do it , but way to enjoy.

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jackyjacky1113 days ago

Thank you . I learn a lot from you. The info is useful.

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jackyjacky1113 days ago

What's your cleaning habit, mate? Could you pls tell us some? :)

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ZzMrXzZ1111 days ago

I have no cleaning habit, but I dont like a dirty house. Everytime I wake up in a dirty house, my body's covered with full of dirt because I sweat much during sleeping time. By the way, I hate the feelings of not finding something when I need. That's why I call laziness is a nuisance. If you have a reason for cleaning, you won't see it as a nuisance anymore

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ricspa1072 days ago

cleaning is a must. to keep body mind and spirit healthy... just like the body it does need regular cleaning. Cleaning for me has become a therapy... once I see it clean. I always think of my childhood times with the nuns, that used to say I have to be proud of the work I do... regardless the job. It done by me it has my signature it better be the best job ever.

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