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What's the bravest thing you have ever done? Reward $2
Created by superhero, 880 days ago, 2106 views

What's the bravest thing you have ever done?
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Aravi880 days ago

Hi @superhero
Noting brave,

Just donated 2 time my platelets to a leukemia patient(a child). It took 2 hours to drain out my entire blood in cycle and filtered out my platelets, for that patient. To save that child, I donated second time within 2 weeks.

1 time volunteered 1 time blood donation too.

I don't thing that one need to be brave to do that.

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monroe880 days ago

Jumping of a 3 storey building on to a dried fodder below when i was 8 yrs old, and then riding my bike standing on top of the rider seat when i was 20 yrs old.

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superhero880 days ago

You saved the child's life? You are awesome!

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vsukvb880 days ago

Within 11 years heroin. Last year was intravenously. I believed in the Lord Jesus Christ, who sojourned me out of darkness into his light! And now vech 11 years'm a normal person thanks to the divine power of the Lord Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory. He died for my sins, and for yours and if you believe it will have forgiveness of sins and eternal life. Even here on earth will have peace in your heart and a true hope! Glory God I have a true testimony to my life for His existence, His power and His Majesty!

translation with google translator

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Aravi880 days ago

Hi @superhero

Sorry, that child's cancer was too strong. So, that just help her to live for 3 week.She is RIP now. You can too try for blood donation yearly. It is actually will help you improve your health status too.

Been a super hero is not so hard in real life. Just don't haste to do the write thing at write place.

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ffurtado880 days ago

extended my marks in my marks sheet for the first time ever and wen I felt guilty about it and the bravest thing that I did was ,I told it to my parents. And then there was a disaster at my house... :(

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yas880 days ago

Doing good and not telling anyone....

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w76b880 days ago

Admitted to myself that I was an alcoholic.

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Lecars47879 days ago

I got married!

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superhero879 days ago

How brave you are!

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BigKahuna879 days ago

1971 the Multnomah county sheriff's and the Dunham family used six year old Terry Wagar to pose with a Multnomah county sheriff officer that was acting as a photo double to frame a neighbor of the Dunham's as a pedophile!

1972 the Multnomah county sheriff's and the Dunham family was abusing seven year old Terry Wagar and was subjecting this child to adult movies at local movie theaters and forced this child to sit alone in dark theaters and to watch sick movies such as the Basket Case while the sheriff's took close up photogenic photo's of the child's face!

1973 the Multnomah county sheriff's and the Dunham family poisoned Don Wagar and Harold Wagar and Terry Wagar when they found out Terry Wagar still remembered what the Dunham's and the county sheriff's did in 1971!

1974 the Multnomah county sheriff's and the Dunham family got the whole Wagar family gang-stalked and the Wagar family was repeatedly poisoned and the children of the Wagar family was getting beaten at their schools!
Don Wagar lost his job from being too ill from being poisoned and he was being gang-stalked and had no idea as to who to turn to for help!
Harold Wagar was being gang-stalked and beaten up and falsely accused of crimes of which he was never given a trial over and he was poisoned very badly and he was committed by the Multnomah county sheriff's without any form of trial and this is how the county sheriff's covered up the fact Harold was poisoned!
And Terry Wagar was also being poisoned and gang-stalked and beaten up at school and was in shock and scared over all the people that was ganging up on him and his family!
The Multnomah county sheriff's and the Dunham family set Terry Wagar up to be shot at one week after Harold Wagar was taken from Terry Wagar's home!

1990 Terry Wagar is an adult and finds out his wife Joan Wagar's first boyfriend's best friend was Kurt Dunham, and this is after Terry Wagar is married to Joan Wagar and they have kids together!

2000 Terry Wagar's wife Joan Wagar got a job at the Multnomah county jail kitchen as a prep cook and she began having sexual affairs with people in law enforcement!
Multnomah county sheriff's recruited Joan Wagar and her side of the family as well as Joan Wagar's oldest daughter into a sting operation in order to finish off the Wagar family on Terry Wagar's side of the family!
After working only a month and a half at the county jail the sheriff's launched their sting operation, on this same day they told Joan Wagar to quit her job at the county jail to hide her connections to authority's!
On this same day they also filled out multiple seventy two hour notices to take over the surrounding apartments surrounding Terry Wagar's and Don Wagar's apartments as well as Terry Wagar's mother Valerie Quigley's home and fill these apartments/homes with plain clothed sting operatives!
On this same day the Multnomah county sheriff's brought in a double, a look-a-like of Terry Wagar and assigned this double to target Terry Wagar's mother Valerie Quigley!
And on this same day the Multnomah county sheriff's rented a house a couple blocks away from where Terry Wagar lived for Kurt Dunham and his family to move into!

The Multnomah county sheriff's paid Joan Wagar and her side of the family to turn Terry Wagar's yard into a playground with large swimming pools and a large trampoline, the Multnomah county sheriff's gang-stalked and harassed Don Wagar who lived on the other side of town, and the double the sheriff's brought in was befriending Valerie Quigley and was pressuring Valerie Quigley to sell her home to buy a motor home so that the two of them can surprise Terry Wagar with a visit!

The Multnomah county sheriff's was directing Joan Wagar's oldest daughter Shawna Wagar to perform for their video surveillance cameras, and the Dunham family was targeting Terry Wagar's two younger children at their grade schools!

Right after Terry Wagar found out the Dunham family moved a couple blocks away from him, he got a surprise visit from his mother and this double was with her!
The double arraigned for him as well as Valerie Quigley to arrive in Portland flat broke, and they both asked if they could stay on Terry's property!

Terry Wagar reluctantly agreed, Terry Wagar is currently surrounded by plain clothed sheriff's in the surrounding apartments, his yard was turned into a playground by his wife, county sheriff got a double of Terry onto Terry Wagar's property!

While this double was on Terry Wagar's property the Multnomah county sheriff's put up a fence next to Terry Wagar's property line and while the fence is only half finished the county sheriff's staged a car explosion thirty feet away from Terry Wagar's property, and the double was posing next to the car immediately after it exploded and posed for photo's!

Terry Wagar kicked the double off his property and that's when all hell broke loose, the double battered Terry Wagar's mother Valerie Quigley and she lost her home over that, and three weeks later Joan Wagar poisoned Valerie Quigley and at the same time on the other side of town the county sheriff's poisoned Don Wagar!

Valerie Quigley's 911 call was covered up by police/sheriff's and not acted on by police/sheriff's, and a couple weeks later Don Wagar warned Terry Wagar he was poisoned by plain clothed authority's!

Three days later Don Wagar was murdered, a Multnomah county sheriff contacted Terry Wagar and hinted the sheriff's were responsible, and for five days straight Terry Wagar was getting threatening phone calls fron the officer's that murdered Don Wagar and they were blackmailing Terry Wagar with threats and demands!

Terry Wagar did not knuckle under to these demands, and that's when his wife Joan Wagar arraigned for Terry Wagar to find out the county sheriff's have the Dunham family targeting Terry Wagar's children!

From this point forward Terry Wagar feared his daughters would suffer the same crimes he and his family suffered in the 1970's and he is being blackmailed by these organized sting operatives/kid-killers!

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wvmayflower58879 days ago

The bravest thing I have ever done is beat cancer not once but twice in the same year. I was bald for 2 years. My whole right chest opened due to 3rd degree burn from the radiation treatments. I had to have two series of chemo treatments. I faced my cancer bravely and I was determined not to let it steal my joy. Cancer robbed me of my hair and body parts but it did not steal my joy and sense of humor. I am not the first woman to have cancer and I won't be the last.

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zrodfects879 days ago

Mine would be trying to be the best dad I can be for my beautiful kids, it's scary and prone to make mistakes of raising techniiques but at the end of the day do the best you can.

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Ahmad_mansour877 days ago

face my enemy with a big smile
not anyone can do it

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DavidT877 days ago

I told my gf that she's fat

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yas876 days ago

Just a few things. Confront the man who assaulted me. Being ill for 22 years and never giving up hope. Helping people whenever I can despite own impediments. Helping someone I hate to get better. And of course, never priding myself on it. The motto is: Just BE.

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Meisterfleister876 days ago

Cold turkeyd an epic addiction ages ago.
It was a 3-day battle between body and soul.
3 days of shaking like it was Kelvin.
The soul won.

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Hoshikawa_Momoko873 days ago

Shot a snake when I was 12. I'm not shooting precisely so I shot like 5 times to hit that snake. That gun, Nambu Type 14, was actually belongs to my dad. He didn't even know the bullets were wasted. I feel like wanting to shoot something again. *grabs a gun and shoots her computer with on the screen*

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rembanad870 days ago

the bravest things I did are:-

-dance in front of the congregation
-once a policeman caught me in a small wrong and he told me to pay a bribe.I told him to take me to the police station for me to pay it.

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Cgoding870 days ago

stopped drinking everyday and learned from my mistakes.

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nuklin870 days ago

I was alone in the middle of the pitch. My attacker was a renowned defender who had a huge influence on any striker he came across, and not just that, he was regarded as one of the most experienced on the pitch. And so I got this ball, it was just me and him by my side. I knew it will get to a point where I have to tilt in his direction to net the ball but that didn't bother me. At first, for me, all I wanted was to push the ball and get help from a scorer but just at the thought of that, my coach said to me"you can make it," immediately, it dawned on me that I was alone and no help was on the way. As if I was reinvigorated, I sped off, and making a turn to the left, from my position on the right, I struck the ball hard enough to pass through the goalkeeper who stretched to a surprising elasticity, to no avail. the ovation was insurmountable and the cheer and applause were so thunderous that I realized the hero in me. It was a good counter, a powerful netting, and an expression of....

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27harley870 days ago

Bravest thing I've ever done? I beat up two college-aged idiots (males) who were just about to rape a young girl (13 years old). One guy was holding her down while the other one was about to enter her. All three people were naked. This occurred in a frat house. I was looking for the bathroom and opened a bedroom door instead. The girl was screaming because one idiot kept hitting her in the face. It didn't take long to figure out that this was a rape or gangbang. Both guys were rushed to the hospital after I got through with them. The young girl survived. She was not sexually assaulted but suffered facial bruises. Both guys were kept in the hospital for 8 days until they were well enough to endure our county jail.

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