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Do you have a firewall application on your computer? Reward $2
Created by tears, 696 days ago, 1134 views

If yes, which firewall are you using?
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Logicz1hunid696 days ago

Hi, @tears
Avast Antivirus, the free version. It's best free firewall application for me so far.

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Aravi696 days ago

Hi @tears
Everyone, will have firewall in their PC. As it being supplied as one of the mandatory software with any type of modern o/s.

I use quick heal antivirus. It manages the firewall settings.


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maren696 days ago

Nope, I'm only one who protect my PC.
There no antivirus, no firewall, even no windows firewall active firewall.
Sometime's is better protect PC without antivirus.

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ZzMrXzZ696 days ago

If you really want to protect your computer, I suggest you turning off your firewall and install a third party Antivirus

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SetupComputer695 days ago

Yes. I use Windows Firewall.

Different from other suggestions, I don't recommend turning off your firewall. To explain, a firewall is basically a software that filters all incoming and outgoing communications to or from your computer. Each software has its own preferred port. Different software might use the same port, or might create its own port of communication [to the internet]. It is very dangerous to turn off your Firewall since you won't have a security check when a software creates its own port.

An advantage of a firewall is that it filters communication without consuming a significant amount of processing or memory.

For compatibility, use Windows Defender, the free and reliable antivirus from Microsoft.

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TechnikFreak007695 days ago

Yes, I do. I use the windows defender.
Here are some pros and cons:

+ Mostly no compatibility problems
+ It is lightweight
+ For normal use of the PC you are protected enough
+ It is free and easy to use

- For companys or other important works on your PC you should get another Firewall; recommended to use NO freeware
- Not every attack to your PC is averted.
- Just base funktions.

I hope I could help you!

P.S.: I use the defender over years and I got never attacked, so i very trust it!

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wendra695 days ago

Yes, right now my firewall is by BullGuard. I still have 2 years left on my account there. It works OK, no compatibility problems. Additionally, I also use MalwareBytes & MalwareBytes Anti-Exploit. I recommend both of those programs.

It's great that many security softwares have free or trial versions to use them to check them out.

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ambee1967695 days ago

Avast free antivirus or Windows Defender do not have a firewall application. Windows firewall is sufficient to me since I access internet via wifi which has a hardware firewall. If u want more protection try Comodo free firewall. It has a lot of advanced features. But it may also slow down u'r net.

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PauliPariah694 days ago

Have been using ZoneAlarm for years, their free version is the best safety device you can use. Anti-virus programs are NOT firewalls! (I use Malwarebytes Pro as a spyware defence, & ZoneAlarm comes with a great anti-virus program). I loved the product so much, I forked out for their Extreme Security as soon as I could afford it

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JamesP377694 days ago

No i do not should i

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serg789694 days ago

Yes I Have .I am using Antivirus Nod 32 9 Version

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wendra694 days ago

Windows Firewall Control extends the functionality of the Windows firewall.
Read more at MajorGeeks:

Assorted firewall software on MajorGeeks:

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nihal29692 days ago

Yes @tears , i am using Glasswire as my firewall , so i can keep a tab on what applications are doing in the background.
it ois nice application , user friendly and free for one device..
hope that helps

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drtom03692 days ago

The best choice for me has always been ZoneAlarm (the FREE version).
A paid version is also available, which is probably even better.

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MAKEROFMONY2692 days ago


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