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How to make a website Reward $5
Created by abdelrahman, 1707 days ago, 2508 views

I want to make a website
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Aravi1707 days ago

Hi @abdelrahman
This is the tutorial you need to follow to for wordpress. Follow Tyler Moore to know more about wordpress.

And follow azzromyo's video for web hosting:-

You rocked as usual bro.....

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Pravy1707 days ago

Assuming you want to make it yourself.
First you need to buy domain & hosting for your website. There are multiple options you can choose from.
1) Buy domain & hosting from hostagator and use their website building tool to build your website.
2) Learn a coding language like HTML Or php to build custom websites.
The process of building a website is easy but need technical know how to some extent.
If your planning to outsource the whole process, then there's where you can outsource the whole website building for as cheap as 5$.
Hope this helps and happy building. :)

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Aravi1707 days ago

Hi @abdelrahman

Step1: Design and Develop your website

website development comes with many handy way.

1) Traditional way: Through Website development languages Languages. Html, CSS, PHP, JS, AJAX.

2) Modern ready made tools provided by many web hosters,

3) Modern advance development methods through frameworks like Yii2/ larveal, etc. But climes some knowledge of development language.

4) Third party ready made tools: Like wordpress- which will take few basic knowledge about web development.

** Each method have their own advantages and disadvantages.

step 2: Get it verified and certified with W3C. Because google blocks nearly 20% website yearly in their search engine. This is the same with other web search engine service provider. Your website should be adhering to standard specification. Should not be as copy of other website/ its content, etc. Otherwise, you will find that you will have a website in server but no search engine displays that.

Step 3: Get it hosted from a web hoster like bigrock, etc. They nominal charges yearly bases. Most of the web hosting company provide facility of verification and certificate for websites for some nominal charges.

step 4: Maintenance: This refers to keeping your website visitor happy to return to your website. You may wish to make some changes in the website, change your post, fix a bug, etc. all comes in this part.

Optional: step 5: you may not like to spend for yearly subscription to web hosting company. You can't avoid it, but you can earn and pay them. Try Google AdSence to earn some money.

Optional: step 6: A commercial website may get their website SEO to attract customers.

You may skip step 1 and 2 by visiting a web developing company. Step 3 may be fulfilled by them too. But step 4 is non-skip-able. A non technical person may employ a person for the same.

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abdelrahman1707 days ago

Hi @Pravy and @Aravi is there any simpler ways?

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Aravi1707 days ago

First I need to know about your technical background. Kindly share that.

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Pravy1707 days ago

@abdelrahman Sorry dude but this is as simple as it gets. Just like @aravi said somethings are skip able but the rest you need to be from a technical background to build it yourself. My best bet would be to use services from if your on a budget. If not better outsource the whole thing and pay them for building, managing stuffs and you can coordinate with them accordingly.
P.S if you don't mind me asking what kind of website do you wanna make.. Maybe I can help you with that.

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Aravi1707 days ago

Hi @abdelrahman

You can try wordpress for simple designing. But not accepted by all the client.

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Aravi1707 days ago

Hi @Pravy
Thanks bro.....

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Pravy1707 days ago

@Aravi anytime.. :)

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azzromyo1707 days ago

please watch:

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azzromyo1707 days ago

thank you bro just little

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ha141706 days ago

you can make free with google blog to start
Blogger Getting Started Guide

Set Up Your Blog With WordPress: The Ultimate Guide

A Beginner’s Guide To Building Your Own WordPress Theme

How To Build Your Own Website In Minutes Without Any Coding Skills

10 Ways To Create A Small And Simple Website Without The Overkill

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vsukvb1706 days ago

There is a free program for website - view her

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Abdulrahman1141701 days ago

We can make a website using :




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TrekkieJim1701 days ago

There are programs out there to help you make a website.

If you want to learn from the ground up. There's a website that's been out for years.... Check it out.

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VvalSpring1336 days ago

It's actually not hard, you just need to pick a web builder and start creating. I would recommend Wix, but you should definitely check out a couple of others too, here for example
it's a great source, there's pretty much everything you need to know about web building. So, good luck!

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anhot1335 days ago

It all depends on your skills and budget. What's your experience in web design? If you're new to web design, read some hacks and tricks on the Internet. Read this article - . It's incredibly informative as for me!

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