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I eat little but feel full. Why? Reward $2
Created by carlasss, 1816 days ago, 1634 views

Feeling full after eating very little. What's wrong with my body?
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Aravi1816 days ago

Hi @carlasss
1) Such a thing can arise due to many reasons. Also it is common symptom for stomach cancer, gastroparesis,etc.

So Kindly visit a doctor.

2) Or for some people it is a common problem:

i)Bad food behaviors:

ii)By nature of person, such a person can try easy disgetive foods

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azzromyo1816 days ago

Hi @carlasss
this called early satiety but remember don't ignore this
and kindly visit doctor as soon as possible
read more here:

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Dipto1816 days ago

Well I think your digestion's not so good. Do you fell less hungry and eat less than an average person ? Find it out. If it is so then take something to improve your digestion. Also there might be something wrong with your tastebud. When you start eating eat bitter melon/bitter gourd/bitter squash at first. Then start eating all other items. It will make your tongue bitter and you'll like eating whatever you eat afterwards.

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Mirella1815 days ago

Hi @carlasss

I used to have the same problems but it isn't a thing that can cause big problems. First of all, it depends on the season. In the winter, we all eat more because we move less, stay at home because of the bad weather and have a lot of celebrations. Consequently, our stomachs become bigger and it can take more food. As far as the summer season is concerned, our range of motion grows and we need more calories to feel replete with food. That's the logical explanation about eating through the seasons. In your situation, the stomach can be constantly crouching. Start with adding more food in your plate but not abruptly, it should be a slow process. (add for about 50-100gr per serving). For instance, boiled rice combined with water in your stomach can help, because it would swell. Another option is to fasten your metabolism, there are special herbal pills which contribute to visit the WC regularly. I can suppose that your stomach just keep back the food and that's why there is no place.
P.S DRINK a lot of water

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yas1815 days ago

I understand you must be scared, but you shouldn't rely on the answers here. Visit a doctor as soon as you can. He/she is the only one that can reassure or help you further. I wish you lots of strength. Best regards, Yas.

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ZzMrXzZ1815 days ago

read this and make you decision:

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salaheddine1810 days ago

I have the same problem , i don't eat a lot but i feel like i ate to my max , by the way i'm still very skinny and when i went to my doctor , and after a quick diagnostic , he told me that i don't have any problem and it's just because stress of studies

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Meisterfleister1809 days ago

If you sit whole day, your body does not give the call out for food. One can do by with just coffee/tea with (a little) sugar in it I hear it's not healthy, but I live like this for 20 years, and my arms have not yet fallen off, and I gained zero pounds. :P
People tell me sugar let's one gain weight. I got a machine that can give me weight numbers if I roll my body upon it telling me they speak untruthfully :D
I should have weighted over 30.000kg by their claims, but my body has got the steady weight of 113kg for over 20 years :D. (I am not a short person. :P)
My logic tells me that the suggar just leaves my body by peeing. My weight measure machine backs me up on this. Atoms got weight, and only if they stay my weight will increase. Maybe one only accepts this logic if one has studied at Lab High Schools like me :O. Other just listen to people in white jackets telling you sugar let's you increase in weight. I guess I just take excactly the same amount of sugar my body and brain activity consumes then...
I take cane sugar. It's sweet as knockouts, so you only need about less than half of the fabricated white sugar.
Maybe that's the trick.

Then my brains..... I guess schizophrenia's just consume a lot of energy for the brains. Like 50 billion GHz radio transmittors :D.

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only_god1809 days ago

use salad with food &.use very good .

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SetupComputer1808 days ago

Buy a pregnancy test kit. You might be pregnant.

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ourlife1808 days ago

do the fasting
try it

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