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Coca Cola or Pepsi 5
Created by Misha1357900, 813 days ago, 1809 views

Coca Cola or Pepsi
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Aravi813 days ago

Coco cola ..........

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Pravy813 days ago

Coca-Cola all the way dude...

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azzromyo813 days ago

wow coca cola make my stomach talk hahahaha

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hanabi813 days ago

Coca Cola

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mismotley813 days ago

Coca Cola.

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zrodfects813 days ago

Coke for sure man, I can drink Pepsi but rarely have it, but Coke, I buy a box worth from time to time, and have a can or so almost daily, how people get fat from it is beyond me, i'm still average build and been drinking coke ever since I was a kid, I am not addicted it to though I have it everyday I just find it refreshing, regardless how much caffeine and sugar it has, during summer it is awesome, besides you can't put Pepsi in your Jim Beam :P

Not sure in other parts of the world, but here in Australia we have coke at "Mcdonalds" and also "Hungry Jacks" which I guess you could call it "Burger King" in the U.S. which I assume they use coke world wide, but you go to KFC which I also love but they give you Pepsi instead, most the time I get the family pack without the drinks since I have coke at home :)

True story, I am actually in the middle of a can of coke right now lol, when I saw this post I had to answer :P

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MyWay813 days ago

I can't taste the differences, but I choose Coca Cola.

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MyWay813 days ago

I'm curious why you did not get fat.

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zrodfects812 days ago

Well I only have one to two cans each day, some people drink the 2 or 3 litre bottles all day everyday that may play a big part, and ignoring lameless statistics the news put out there, but my thoughts that and I mean no dis-respect when I say fat people were already heavy or on their way and people blame coke, though there is no fat in coke but it contains sugar which technically sugar contains fat.

I guess i'm lucky that I am still normal build, I did exercise from time to time but never on going, but I would continue to do so if I ever hint of getting chubby..

Thanks for asking.

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danielhflores812 days ago

Water is better.

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igor811 days ago

Dr Pepper.The composition of the drink is the main cherry flavor, and another twenty-three secret components that make Dr Pepper is extremely popular.

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vsukvb810 days ago

Pepsi is very sweet so ... Coca Cola!

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mihamid810 days ago

coke any day lol

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CoolCat810 days ago

Does anyone drink Pepsi in 2016? :)
I prefer Coke too, it has less sugar.

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serg789809 days ago

Coca-Cola is best ever drink

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ambee1967809 days ago

Always CocoCola. But now I prefer Diet Coke.

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nunitak804 days ago

Sparkling Pomegranate Juice, homemade. Dry Pink Champagne on some occasions.

-- no sugar added please

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only_god800 days ago

for me not different.
.because this drinks is Harmful for body.

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Joaquin2001799 days ago

Coca Cola is clearly the best.

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andrea_lizeth799 days ago

I dont taste the difference hahahaha xD but hmm i guess Coca Cola

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Aircatcher799 days ago

Pepsi is kinda have a weird taste for me, my mom always add some salt to turn it into a "sweet" taste.
I try that, and now it tastes like an ocean water :/

But surely there is nothing wrong with Coca Cola
No need to add anything to make it good.


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Uness799 days ago

Coca Cola is The Best

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adminru799 days ago

Always Coca-Cola

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wendra798 days ago

Coke, however, I do like Dr. Pepper a bit better.

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omarwa79798 days ago

I choose Coca Cola.

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yuetau798 days ago

Always Coca Cola

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olja225588798 days ago

I prefer Pepsi, it's better imho
but if i should choose between Pepsi or Juice, i'll definitely take juice

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SlimSteve55798 days ago

I am a diet Pepsi fan, That's all I drink besides milk and water, 1 or 2 cans of Diet Pepsi per day

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Razsaheel798 days ago

I prefer plain water

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pustoi11791 days ago

they are equally harmful. matter for each individual taste.

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greggi789 days ago

neither are good for your health so I choose none

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Alirio789 days ago

Coke, every once in a while... Natural Juice most of the time. Do yourself a favor choose natural juices.

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khaledmus728 days ago

coca cola f nt available i go to pepsi.

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