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Which is the best Xbox 360? Reward $2
Created by danielhflores, 1703 days ago, 1493 views

Best Xbox 360
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Aravi1703 days ago


I will vote for Slim. Its been made to stop Red Ring Of Death and is wireless.

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Pravy1703 days ago

Does it really matter? The newest one will always be better than its predecessor.

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Aravi1703 days ago

Hi @Pravy

Yes you are correct, I haven't tried other.

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azzromyo1703 days ago

Hi @danielhflores
for me i prefer this one:
hope you like this dude

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zrodfects1703 days ago

Any Xbox360 would be fine except the very first generation since every second one had the red ring of death and had to be repaired, anything after that is fine, don't worry they would be hard to get hold of anyways, stick to a black console and you can't get rolled, don't bother with the bullcrap 4GB model, get atleast 250-300 minimum.....

The first model slim is nice but the latest and current slim is ugly as hell, and seems cheap....

Don't listen to others to get an Xbox One which is the newer Xbox, there is nothing wrong with the 360, it's cheaper cause it is older, there are more games to choose from at this point, they still make games for it..

I have an Xbox One also but I am a collector, but I actually still play my 360 more, mainly because I have 150 games for it.

So to sum up, buy any black console and your fine, stay away from 4GB models, ignore the latest slim but the previous slim is nice, but again both will work fine, still your choice.....

What someone mentioned above this is the best slim out there:

Thought don't jump on this straight away, look around to a cheaper one, to me this is highly over priced, you can get a good used one for $100...

Hope this helps

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pearl1659 days ago

The new one is always the best

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Badtouch01265 days ago

my advice would be to just not buy a 4gb Xbox... as the memory will tend to run out, towards the end mircosoft brought out a few new versions of the 360, I've had the second gen (white and big... with a hard drive the size of a small island) which red ringed after about 5 years, and then brought myself a new gears of war console... which made fancy noises lol

I'd say it doesn't really matter they a run the same just choose one that looks nice!! :)

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