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Are U really happy ? Reward $25
Created by Atirudra, 1705 days ago, 1647 views

Are u really happy ?
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azzromyo1705 days ago

yes i am because i do what i want

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Hassanali1705 days ago

no buddy i am not happy

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Aravi1705 days ago

Yes, happy !!!

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pakhtakor1705 days ago

yes. I'm happy, because life is interesting!

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MAKEROFMONY21705 days ago

yes i am because i have every things i need to live happy i have you gays

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Pravy1704 days ago

Isn't happiness depending on one's state and mind?

If your asking then me personally, have some days in which I feel blessed to be born and some days where I just want the world to end with me.. Such is my happiness..

" Happiness is the luxury of living & It's damn expensive "

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vsukvb1704 days ago

If you really want to be happy you must have the peace of God. Because happiness is not in the temporal and the eternal!

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abdelrahman1704 days ago

I am happy but sometimes, there are are things that make me sad but what makes me happy is I do not think about things that makes me sad I think about things that makes me happy and that's what make me happy

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Atirudra1704 days ago

you are all right friends , its different to different people and they state of mind -consciousness. Bless ya and feel content and good

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MAKEROFMONY21704 days ago

Im happy because i live as i like and i am sure that my way and my bath is good and clear to move on in life having a good and bad times that what make life intresting you have to see forword and take lessons from your past so you do not fall twice

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svln1696 days ago

sometimes I am happy, sometimes not.. as all people

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27harley1690 days ago

No, not really. When I look back on my life, I see all of the mistakes I made and feel foolish for making them. When I look forward, I see nothing worth caring about. The end is near.

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