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Does age matter in a relationship? Reward $2
Created by hanabi, 1705 days ago, 2174 views

Does age matter in a relationship? Is age just a number?

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Atirudra1705 days ago

Not really

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omarwa791705 days ago

no its just a nuber . but is that number more than 20 year or more , her is the problemme.

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azzromyo1705 days ago

Hi @hanabi
there is age called mental age to do what is true
here is definition of the mental age:

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Aravi1705 days ago

Hi @hanabi

It is not true in most of the case.

Age is a number which number of years spend by a person after born.

People may treat you according to your age. But relationship, ideal don't have any impact of age irrespective to affection and love between relationship.


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jigsawsmoker1705 days ago

not really

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yas1705 days ago

That depends on the persons involved... Some people are mature at the age of 25, others still aren't at the age of 40 or 50! Some people are old at the age of 30. Some can be 70 and still young at heart. You cannot answer this question in general terms.

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ZzMrXzZ1705 days ago

Age is just a number and not a measure of compatibility. When you fall, your not falling about age. When you are building a relationship, you're not building an age. Relationship is a matter of compatibility and not of numbers. There are younger people with matured thinking and there are older people with childish thinking.. Its not about age, its about maturity and compatibility. As long as you are both happy then age is not a hindrance..

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tegridar1705 days ago

ЛЮБВИ все возрасты покорны.

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nm1705 days ago

not at and my boyfriend, we have been together for some years now.but he is younger than me.all what matters is love and compatibility.i love and respect him a lot.

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hanabi1705 days ago

I do think so.
Age has nothing to do with the working of ur relationship. the quality of relationship depends upon the quality or mindset of people involved in it.

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Hassanali1705 days ago

it,s depend on who your are with if you with someone who think about age than age matter to him/her but other than that age quite no matter in a relationship

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yas1704 days ago

True! And if it concerns the relationship of someone else, it is not our place to judge or say....

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mouse641704 days ago

no it doen't matter at all my husband it 10 yrs older than me and we have an awesome relationship

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maren1704 days ago

Its depends from ages of partners. If is partners young, age can be matter in relationship.
But when partners became in some age (some here called it mental age or mental maturity) age is not important.
From my personal experience, I have relationship with one divorced wife, she was older couple decades from me.
Ages is not matter in this relationship. And this not only one.
Enjoy in life.

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gmiguelps1704 days ago

In the natural order, age does not matter for either sex after puberty. In a relationship age only matters in the sense that the experience one has of life are similar to the other. However that does not mean if the y have totally different life experiences that the relationship won't work. What matters most is that you each believe in the same core concepts about life. If not the realtionship will have severe problems. You need first to be starting together from the same place in heart and mind.

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olja2255881704 days ago

Well, depends from the different in age. I mean, if its 3-5 years (girl 16-19/ boy 20-24) so i guess it's not that bad. But if guy is younger - run. I was a victim of relantionships, when guy was younger than me on 3 years. It was... bad, for real. I feeling bored almost every time when we were together. :D
But when man loves woman and their age is like 30+, so in this case age is just a number.
I hope you got what i've tried to say.
Have a nice day. :P

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JUSTICEGAMING1703 days ago

In my personal opinion age doesnt matter but there shouldnt be a huge age diffrence in a relationship but thats me

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JUSTICEGAMING1703 days ago

that was well worded my dude

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BlackFoot1703 days ago

It is just a number nothing more, because love don´t know any age..........

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lilchucklez11703 days ago

Yes and no.

Depends how old at the time - eg I have a male friend in his late 30's who dated a female who was 17. The maturity level on her part was on the lower scale; mind games etc. She was the one who chased after him, not the other way round. Needless to say it was on/off again relationship that has seen its last days.

Other people factor into things. You need to take into consideration what others will say and do. If you are the older one dating a younger one, will your friends and family act differently? How will that affect your relationship with them, and your relationship with your partner? and vice versa- if your partner was the older one.

I myself have been part of the younger female, older male - 17 years difference. It was extremely hard. Not to mention he had 5 kids, an ex and the whole package. Both families played hardball, and believe me they made their opinions known.

I am 30 and have not long celebrated my 2nd year of being married to a 23 year old guy. We have had absolutely no problems in the age dept. My hubby is more mature than most at his age.

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pathofpeng1703 days ago

If it matters then yes, if not, then no. Walk the walk and see where the journey leads........

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danielhflores1703 days ago

provided that finds love.

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Mirage1703 days ago

I think it does, Love can be blind but relationship is more than love so yes i think not only age but age difference matters too.

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denismoss1703 days ago

Yes i think so

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hanabi1703 days ago

Good point

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mismotley1703 days ago

I think it can make a difference, but it would depend on the age of the people and how big the difference is.

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Ahmad_mansour1697 days ago

I think it matter
5 or 7 years is quite enough
so they can understand each other and can think in the same way

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MAKEROFMONY21697 days ago

no it does not the only thing that matter is are you happy in this relationship if you are so you have to move on

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serezha1697 days ago

It all depends of your own attitude to this question... I don't mind. My wife and I are the same adge. My mom are older then my dad. My wife's grandmother was younger then her husband more then 10 years.
So in my oppinion, if you're happy the adge does NOT matter!!!
Good Luck!!!

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27harley1690 days ago

Yes it does. Age does matter. Why? Because eventually one partner will try to relate to the other based on things that they've gone through in their lives. If the other partner has no clue about what the first one is talking about, a disconnection is formed. For example, let's say that, at a party, in the presence of the couple's friends, one partner starts talking about the overall influence the Woodstock music festival (in 1969) had on resultant society. If the other, much younger, partner has no idea about Woodstock or has never even heard of it, a cultural disconnection is formed. One or two of these events may be absorbed by their commitment to one another, but over time, these disconnections accumulate into collections of things, events, people etc., that leave one partner, basically, out in the cold. In turn, the relationship suffers and no amount of patience, tolerance and consideration can mend the difference established by time. In essence, one partner has spent much more time interacting on the earth and in society than the other. And this difference eventually causes every couple to break up. The solution? Date/marry/ live with someone who is within or close to your own age group.

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maren1683 days ago


No, is not! Read my answer and my life experience!
You will see that ages is not important in relationship!

Just like I say, I have a lot of relationship with womans who are couple decades older from me (about 20 yrs older)
but its not important, we have great relationship, we have great moments.
Enjoy in life and don't ask for ages.

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MASaint1681 days ago

If the woman has achieved a certain level of maturity, 20-27, she will benefit from a relationship with a man 20+ years older than her. She can learn from his experiences and enjoy his maturity, his established position in life, his ability to provide for her, etc.
This age difference in relationships, younger woman and older man, was a natural part of humanity for hundreds of years. Woman mature faster than men, this is an established fact.
I have had two relationships where the age difference was 20 years or more and my wives benefited greatly from this and although we are not now together we are still close friends.
So No, age does not matter in an adult relationship and Yes, it is just a number.

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kelliejb1681 days ago

when someone is under the age of 18 and the other is over, then it becomes a problem. if your both over 18 then do what you want

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Atirudra1624 days ago

after 1 y old not at all :)

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