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How to make running more enjoyable? Reward $4
Created by bluemoon, 1710 days ago, 2272 views

How to make running more enjoyable?
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Aravi1709 days ago

Run with friend/pet. Or keep nice play list.

You can try to race with friend/ brother / sister.

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BQB1710 days ago

Try listening to music

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azzromyo1710 days ago

Hi @bluemoon
1-run with friend or run with dog
2-smile while you stride
3-ditch gadgets and gizmos
4-think of the nice ,cold ;guilt-free drink you can have later
5-listen to the music (nice playlist)
6-run and walk
7-have a destination
hope this helps

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ZzMrXzZ1710 days ago

Run with a companion

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Trinity1709 days ago

Imagine there is someone chasing you? lol

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Draftrate1709 days ago

Organize competition with award 4 example
abon. on basey

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yas1708 days ago

Have you thought of choosing a form of exercise you actually enjoy? Maybe with a playful aspect to it. Makes it so much easier to keep it up!

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olja2255881708 days ago

Try to understand one thing: why you need to run.
Make a deal with somebody, play a game, while running (like: how much time do i need to run from this place to that?).
You should answer to yourself on one simple question: "Why i should do it?" and then when you will find and answer, you will find running very enjoyable.

Have a nice day. ^^

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bluemoon1707 days ago

LOL Imagine I am chasing a handsome guy.

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bluemoon1707 days ago


Although it is boring, Running is the best exercise for me. Simple and efficient.

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yas1707 days ago


Then I would simply accept the fact that it IS boring and motivate yourself by thinking of the results you're striving for. And of course, enjoy the feeling after when you realize you've done it again! Feel good about yourself because you have such great discipline! Run with a friend and have the most interesting conversation during the run (agree on a topic). Good luck!

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nihal291706 days ago

hey @bluemoon
you might visit these links to find out your perfect thing to make your running more fun


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