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Which is better, cats or dogs? Reward $2
Created by Rice, 1748 days ago, 2427 views

I live in the apartment, and I do not want to disturb the neighbors downstairs.
What should I raise?
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mismotley1742 days ago

Both can be good in an apartment but there are many factors to consider, such as breed of dog, you own lifestyle ( do you have enough time to take it out for walks etc.) Personally I find cats to be better in an apartment.

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Aravi1748 days ago

Hi @Rice

Both can fit your apartment life.

Kindly refer the below mentioned dog breeds that fit for apartment life:

Advantages and disadvantages:

Cat: Advantage is that, cat breed itself very clean then dogs. Disadvantage, may enter and destroy things in neighborhood, difficult to control as it may not stay inside home for long time and roam around large area, scratching is major reason for property damage.

Other advantage: Mice terminator.

Dog: Unlike can they stay in home/ garden area from longer time. They less enter crookedly inside others home. Disadvantage, makes dirty everywhere if properly untrained. Damage of plants, etc.

Other advantage: Active child entertainment.

Guidelines to breed dog/cat:

You breed cat/ dog you have to give proper training to avoid complaints from neighbor.

All the best.

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Razsaheel1748 days ago

Both are best in their respective places as a part of the Grand Design of the Nature.

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HunterTram1748 days ago

Кошки они Корыстные - любят тех кто их кормит!
Вот Собаки ето Друзья на всю Жизнь ! у них есть понятие преданности и дружбы
Вспомните хотя бы Хатико ! вот так !

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kamanalo1747 days ago

The amount of harm cat's do and can do is so immense that it should be unlawful to have them. Just considering the untold trillions of birds they have killed throughout the world leaves one with the impression that it is better to have mice and no cats then cats and no birds for birds do more for the environment than both cats and humans combined do.

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Rice1747 days ago

Yes, dogs are human best friend!

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luckiecharmz1747 days ago

I disagree. Cats are generally more quiet and more independent. You don't have to worry about barking or your shoes/items getting chewed to pieces. I personally am not fond of raising a dog without adequate yard space for exercise to suit their energy needs. Cats however do not need as much space and are easier to care for since they are litter box trained.

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Grumpy_old_man1747 days ago

In my experience it's a nice pussy over a dog any day

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Rice1747 days ago

Thanks for your reply.
Easy-to-feed is also impotent. we can't leave dogs home alone over a week.

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CoolCat1747 days ago

I think if you don't want to disturb the neighbors you should choose between cat or a little dog like Spitz, Jack Russell Terrier for example.

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zrodfects1747 days ago

I think a cat would be best, though dogs are nice too, but for how your living a cat would suit you best, plus cats are more friendly and sit on your lap and they tend to sit with you all the time, dogs can also do this but not many people prefer dogs up on the furniture, which is why a cat would be best, I also heard cat companionship helps with your stress, you can talk to your cat and play around with him/her and just takes the edge of things if your having a crappy day, look after the cat and the cat will look after your stress and lifts your spirit when you need most, cats know how hard a day can be... Do yourself a favour and get a cat, younger the better like a kitten so you can grow with him/her, another thing you can look back on in the future...

I got a kitten and now a cat and she is a funny little thing, I named her Kira :)

Good luck...

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azzromyo1747 days ago

Hi @Rice
there is nothing called which is better because every pet have advantages and disadvantages


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Rice1746 days ago

Thank you! Is there any disadvantage to have a cat? Such as cat hair everywhere?

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Rice1746 days ago

Small dogs are so cute.

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Rice1746 days ago

Hard to choose. Maybe I can raise a cat and a dog at the same time.

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nola4201746 days ago

dogs because they come when you call them. they are affectionate as to cats do what they wan and dont really care about their human owner or human family.

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larry21746 days ago

I prefer dogs. Because I can walk or run outside with dogs. Dogs need plenty of exercise, but so do people.

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zrodfects1746 days ago

Welll any animal that has hair/fur will be a problem, but just like a child you still need to look after them, wash them, clean them, it's all part of looking after your pet..

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16331745 days ago

Hi rice
This test can help you to choose which is better for you.

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fiona1745 days ago

You can have both, and they are not lonely.

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Rice1745 days ago

Thank you.

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ZzMrXzZ1745 days ago

If you don't want to bother your neighbor, then choose a cat because "Cats Require Less Maintenance". All pets require work, but cats tend to be more self-sufficient and less needy than dogs.

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alla1745 days ago

bouth of them are animals i love cat better than a dog but they say the best man s friend is the dog

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yas1744 days ago

I would adopt an easy, quiet cat from an animal shelter. You're happy, neigbours happy, cat happy....

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wvmayflower581743 days ago

I have had both cats and dogs. Cats are quieter because they do not bark but they have been known to climb and knock things off of shelves and counters. I have mini pins and they are very yappy especially when strangers come to visit. They bark loudly and often. They are very protective of their humans. Some cats like to be cuddled and others don't. As mousers they are great.

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BlackFoot1743 days ago

I love dogs and doesnt like the cats so much.....

It is your own opinion what yo like more......

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Mirage1742 days ago

both are good as long as they dont litter in house.

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mostafamaher1742 days ago

HI @Rice
i think the dogs is the best can find kind of them or dangerous
but cat has a disease in its hair
the disease is Toxoplasma gondii
and can make shzofrnia to its friends from people

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mismotley1740 days ago

Toxoplasma gondii is in not in the hair, it is transferred by the feces. Washing your hands after cleaning the litter box is all you need to do. Also, for the average healthy person it is not so dangerous but it is recommended that pregnant woman avoid cleaning the box. Having said that I cleaned my cats during pregnancy with no problems. I have never known or heard of a cat to cause schizophrenia.

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yellowbus09131623 days ago

I have 3 Dogs and 1 Cat....I love them all the same!! Dogs take more work!! Cats are easier to have.

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